Report – Base Tata Zest to get less powerful 75 PS diesel engine with FGT

Posted on: Jul 17, 2014 - 10:47am IST

A report on Zigwheels says that the base variant of the Tata Zest diesel will output 75 PS (73.94 bhp) and will come with a fixed geometric turbocharged (FGT), unlike the regular variants which make 90 PS (88.73 bhp) and come with a variable geometric turbo (VGT).

Tata Zest Diesel F-Tronic AMT Review lights on
The base diesel variant of the Zest will produce 75 PS and not 90 PS.

While both variants will use the same 1.3-liter Multijet diesel engine, the base variant with its reduced power state will miss out on features seen on the mid- and high-end variants. Features such as the Harman music system, alloy wheels, projector headlights and foglights are unlikely to be offered on this variant. Also, the 75 PS variant would get only a 5-speed manual gearbox, whereas the 90 PS version would be offered with a manual and an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

The entry-level Zest could have its appeal in Tier II and Tier III cities as per the report.

Tata Zest Diesel F-Tronic AMT Review engine
The 1.3-liter engine will get a FGT instead of a VGT.

To recap, the Zest launches in India next month with a petrol and diesel engine. The petrol motor is Tata’s new 1.2-liter turbocharged engine making 90 PS (88.73 bhp) and 140 Nm of torque.

Read our review of the Zest diesel AMT and Zest turbocharged petrol.

Competitors: Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze

Expected Price: INR 5 – 7.5 lakhs, ex-Showroom

Tata Zest – Image Gallery

[Source – Zig Wheels]

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7 thoughts on “Report – Base Tata Zest to get less powerful 75 PS diesel engine with FGT

  1. Amala Singh says:

    TATAs are doing nothng wrong with this. But please dont confuse people with the variant suffixes (XMA, XT..etc.) Please follow Maruti which has standard L, V and Z. I fully agree that TATA bashing has become a fashion.

  2. Ayyappan says:

    I’m afraid if there’s anything wrong with this move. Isn’t it normal for manufacturers to offer engines in different state of power for the same model ? Even if Zest is being offered at 75 bhp for the base model, what’s the big deal in it ? Dzire offers 75 bhp and Xcent offers 72 bhp for all its variants, isn’t ?

    And the feature list for base variants, isn’t normal for manufacturers to follow the rule of more for the top variant and less for the bottom variant ?

    I find all this blind Tata bashing funny.

    Accept it, the Zest looks good inside out, atleast from the pics and the specs looks good too on paper.

    1. Ramesh says:

      Totally agree with you. They are providing different options for the customer. Eventually the pricing will decide whether this option will sell, otherwise people will prefer the 89 bhp version.

      What’s wrong if the taxi trade also uses the Zest, as long as Tata can maintain good quality and after sales service. The fact that there are a lot of Swift Dzire taxis, have not effected the sales of the car.

      I think people should stop having this blind hatred for Tata and if we compare a car, we should compare a car of the same segment and equivalent competitors. While in other countries auto options are available on all versions, in India most companies offer that only on the top versions. Same is the case with ABS, airbags etc. So why criticize only Tata. This is the first Tata car that many people are really looking forward to after a long time.

      1. Bhargava says:

        Very well said, Ramesh! I agree with you completely!!

  3. Yuva says:

    This is just gonna be a absolute mess from TATA. Launching a bare-bone basic model will appeal only to the taxi segment, which is the only thing they aren’t supposed to do right now. Taxi-maker image is a long haunted thing with TATA, they had a chance to change that image with Zest and now they blew it….. Royally.

  4. Acer says:

    Tata Motors have learnt absolutely nothing from their past misdeeds. This product will also fail as all of their past endeavors.

    Tata is trying to reinvent themselves now and the need of the hour is to wow potential customers and you do not do that by skimping on features out of spite.

    Why would a Tier 2/3 customer buy their car if it does not have significantly better features than the competition – namely Swift/i10/Figo – and comes at a significantly discounted price. If prospective customers were willing to buy $#!t with the Tata logo, would they not have done so already.

    They should take a leaf out of
    (1) Hyundai USA of the nineties
    (2) Ford USA & India of 2008
    (3) Honda USA of 2012 and …

    … load their cars with features unheard of in the segment. With todays technology proliferation, most items do not come at a significant cost burden as compared to low rent alternatives.

    Some examples
    1. All versions should come with a rear view camera. Versions which do not have a touchscreen display can have the display on the rear view mirror
    2. All versions should come with an Auto AC. Higher versions can have dual zone Auto AC
    3. All versions should have the AMT option at a cost difference. Why would you not take a customers money if he wants the base version with vinyl seats and no touchscreen but wants to pay the AMT premium.
    4. All versions should have ABS, 1 airbag and 5 torsion reel seatbelts (yes, the rear middle seat must have a genuine seat belt)
    5. All versions should come with alloy wheels. Vary the size/design for higher versions. There is minimal price difference with steelies anyway.

    But to do the above would require a different mindset from the current. It would require having a deep seated respect of the customer. It would require humility – something that desi executives do not possess. And why would they, nobody at Tata Motors is has ever faced consequences for the colossal failures of the Nano, Storme, Vista, Victa, yada yada yada. Why would they change.

    And that ends my rant.

    1. Bhargava says:

      I don’t know if you live in India, but Maruti Suzuki Alto was a market leader in the hatchback segment. It doesn’t have at-least one point that you have mentioned above. Same is the case with Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Dzire. How did they manage to be a market leader despite that?….. Welcome to the Indian Automobile scene!!


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