Report – Next gen Xylo, Quanto engineered in North America by Michigan-based tech team

Posted on: Jul 29, 2014 - 5:12pm IST

A report on the Economic Times states that Mahindra has started working on the next generation Xylo MPV and Quanto (chopped sub-4 meter Xylo). Engineering work on these cars is not taking place in Mahindra’s Chennai-based Research Valley, or at Nashik, but in North America.

Mahindra’s North American Technical Center (MNATC) has recently hired 50 engineers from companies like Chrysler, GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan and Tesla. Put together, these engineers bring a total of 600 years worth of experience in design and development.

Mahindra Xylo Dolphin Grey color
The next generation Mahindra Xylo and Quanto are being engineered in USA.

The engineers have varied exposure from working in projects like the Explorer (Ford), Grand Cherokee (Jeep), F-150 (Ford) and Model S (Tesla). The team is led by Rick Haas who reports to Rajan Wadhera.

The team at the North American center have started work on the new Xylo and Quanto which are expected to enter the market in 2017. Post this, the center will undertake two new global projects, one of which would be a global SUV scheduled for a 2018-19 launch.

New Mahindra Xylo Competitors: Honda Mobilio, Maruti Ertiga, Chevrolet Enjoy, Toyota Innova

New Mahindra Xylo Expected Price: INR 8 – 11 lakhs, ex-Showroom

New Mahindra Quanto Competitors: Ford EcoSport, VW Taigun, Tata Nexon

New Mahindra Quanto Expected Price: INR 6 – 8 lakhs, ex-Showroom

[Source – Economic Times]

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4 thoughts on “Report – Next gen Xylo, Quanto engineered in North America by Michigan-based tech team

  1. Joy says:

    I don’t think Mahindra will be generous in spending on R&D. They will try to be frugal and end up with a product which can’t compete Koreans/Japanese. Spending like a thief and expecting like a king looks funny. Indians know their mentality; thats the reason they don’t trust Indian Automakers. Ssangyong seems to be quite ok (& its Korean) but presenting it as a premium brand is up for debate. Yes, Rexton is priced lesser than Fortuner & Pajero Sport. But people are not thinking it as competitor for these models. Rexton should have been priced 3-4 lakhs lesser. Bringing inferior products and saying competitively priced is just a joke. Wake up Mahindra. What are your brand managers doing? Are you paying them competitively?

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Whether Mahindra’s investment in Detroit will have any contributions to the company only time will tell. Mahindra’s cost of development for a new platform is approximately Rs. 400 to 600 Cr (US $66 to 100 millions), but the same thing costs close to US $2 billion based on the data from the big 3 US automakers. I don’t think the guys who developed Ford F 150, Dodge caravan, Ram pickup or car/trucks of similar size and features can contribute anything new to Mahindra other than act as a mentor to junior engineers in India. Auto industry has dramatically changed, and the new mantra is small, beautiful, and ultramodern look that Detroit tries to copy from the Asian or EU counterparts. Automobile industry is turning more like an assembly operations of an apple phone, where you do not manufacture anything but just assemble components based on designs. The entire R&D is done by the component industry which is controlled by the large transnational corporations.

    One thing is for sure these engineers will be busy in sexual harassment training, gender bias training, workplace violence training, work place hazard training, and hazardous material disposal (radiator fluid, Engine and transmission oil, solvent/oil soaked rags, gasoline/fuel, spent fluorescent lamps and batteries).

    1. avsatishchandra says:

      I think you are a bit of the mark Dr. Nayak. Though I would agree with you that costs of development will be extremely high in the USA compared to India, it maybe possible that Mahindra is doing some polishing work for the chassis, the engine and possibly the aesthetics. R and D is not done by the component industry. It only participates in the making of components to the specifications given out by the OEM. As far as sexual harassment, gender bias and workplace violence trainings are concerned, it is done by the HR, not by engineers, unless of course you are using some really convoluted logic in saying that those engineers will train Indians in how to harass sexually, or create violence at work place etc.

      Also this thing of small, beautiful and ultramodern is not adopted by the Europeans or the Asians. VW is a shining example of this in Europe and Daimler, BMW, Fiat etc are not exactly boutiques. Neither is Toyota in Asia or for that matter Hyundai, Nissan and Honda are what you seem to think they are. But it is an interesting post, which seems to be an expression of sentiments which are swadeshi and videshi. Guess we could call your concept swavideshi.

      1. Dr. Nayak says:

        I was trying to convey the message that the engineers will spend significant amount of time on nonsense issues (little humor) other than real work of designing, and has little to do with HR. Also I differ with your statement that the R&D is done by the manufacturers and not by the component industry. Every major subsystem whether it is airbags, antilock brakes, or fuel injectors, they are all developed by transnational corporations and the OEM just gives specifications and conducts system suitability trials.
        “new mantra is small, beautiful, and ultramodern look that Detroit tries to copy” is about the car/truck models (compared to what was give as examples in the article, like development of Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee , Ford F-150) and has nothing to do with size of the corporation.

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