IAB Picks – 5 things we know about the Maruti Ciaz

Posted on: Jul 22, 2014 - 3:20pm IST

Not wanting to be disheartened by poor performance in segments outside the B-Size, Maruti is planning a comeback in the mid-size sedan category with the Maruti Ciaz this festival season. Here are 5 things we know about Maruti’s upcoming Honda City rival.

1. Design inspiration from the Chinese Suzuki Authentics concept

Suzuki Authentics front three quarter at the 2013 Auto Shanghai
The Ciaz takes styling inspiration from the Authentics.

The Ciaz takes styling inspiration from the Suzuki Authentics concept that was shown at the Shanghai Motor Show last year. The concept was shown in India at the Auto Expo this year as the ‘Concept Ciaz’, and it materialized into the near-production Alivio sedan at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

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9 thoughts on “IAB Picks – 5 things we know about the Maruti Ciaz

  1. ahamed says:

    must go for a higher engine or its again a debacle for maruthi ,don’t believe my words wait and see

  2. Dr. Nayak says:

    Guys and gals, you can complain all you want, but if they price it at 5 to 6L you will be sorry for all the comments that you made. At US$ 9 to 10K this car will be a fantastic buy anywhere in the world. Then again who am I to tell these commonsense lacking/ill-informed IIM MBA’s to price it right?

    1. Kartik Rai says:

      Hi all,

      Yes, 5 to 6 L will be too ambitious expectation. MSIL would price it between 7-10 considering the market competition.

      They certainly can price it lower, provided they do not have to pay salaries to their marketing guys. Good cars sell by virtues not advertisements. Proven performance is an advertisement by itself.

      But Maruti, very sorry..you are confused

  3. ravin says:

    I think in all photoes maruti ciaz on internet are of model outside the india as flat tires are shown in images … if they are of india then ground clearance will be biggest issue on the indian roads ..on bumps chesis going to touch …

  4. Balwinder Singh says:

    Five things which I know about Maruti Ciaz:

    1. Production version will no way closer to Concept.
    2. It will have interiors straight lift from Swift car family.
    3. It will start rattling even before what you are expecting.
    4. Service and spares will be costlier then the competition but people will buy it presuming low cost of maintenance (Typical Indian Mentality).
    5. Fate will be same as car it is replacing.

    1. ravin says:

      I didnt get u as production model will be differ from concept …in which way ?? look ?

    2. Kartik Rai says:

      I completely endorse the view point of Mr. Balwinder Singh.

      The Indian buyer has matured over the time now, must credit the European auto makers in creating awareness. Who says that a thing that sells more is better??

      We have a segment of buyers who hate Maruti for their poor built quality (both interior & exterior), dated design methodology, absolutely un-ergonomic driving and passenger seating, rattles that occur within a year,…and so on…

      It is only the legacy that is keeping “Maruti name” alive. Maruti’s policy has never been to introduce products with safety & comfort eccentricity, but, just sell..sell..sell anything. boosting the Indian mentality of “owning a car” , not caring if it is a car or a tin can with wheels.

      I vote for VWs and Skodas, apart from the herd.

      1. Mudit Srivastava says:

        you forgot to mention fiat punto and linea have a great build quality better than most of the cars of twice their price..!

  5. manoj katyal says:

    Price must be 5.75-9.5
    Car sales must be 4000-5000 cars per months


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