IAB Report – Audi A3 Sedan lined up for mid-August entry

Posted on: Jun 20, 2014 - 4:48pm IST

Audi India will introduce its entry-level car, the Audi A3 Sedan, in the second week of August, sources confirm to IndianAutosBlog.com. Audi had stated in March that it was four months away from having the product in showrooms.

Audi A3 sedan front three quarters at Auto Expo 2014
The A3 made its Indian debut at the 2014 Auto Expo.

Dealers of Audi India told IAB this month that they had initiated the communication with prospective buyers. Bookings however are not slated to officially commence before the car’s launch.

The A3 would be available with a 2.0-liter TDI (diesel) engine only at the time of the launch, outputting 150 hp and 340 Nm, dealers said. Though the 1.8-liter TSI (petrol) has been testing in India, dealers said it won’t be available initially.

The 2.0-liter diesel engine, familiar from cars like the Laura, Octavia, Superb and A4, will be coupled to a 6-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission. A manual transmission variant is not in the running during the launch phase, though Audi has the option of introducing it for a lower entry price in the future, as it did with the Audi Q3 S.

Audi A3 sedan dashboard at Auto Expo 2014
A 2.0-liter TDI (diesel) variant driven via a 6-speed auto gearbox would launch initially.

The A3, dealers say, would come in two variants – Premium and Premium+ – with a sunroof, Xenon Plus headlamps and an upmarket sound system reserved for the top-end variant. On-road prices of the A3 will be in the region of INR 30-35 lakhs.

Audi A3 Sedan at Auto Expo – Image Gallery

Audi A3 Sedan at Auto China 2014 – Image Gallery

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3 thoughts on “IAB Report – Audi A3 Sedan lined up for mid-August entry

  1. guru g says:

    Thank you Mr. Shrawanji.

    I deifnitely see Octavia as a superior package to Audi A3 for people who do not care about showing-off but show their intelligence by selecting the smart choice.

    It is sad that skoda marketing in india is not giving the good positioning for the brand and the products.


  2. guru g says:

    Mr. Shrawanji,

    Can you please confirm if A3 is based on the same platform as the bigger Octavia?

    Then why is it almost double the price of the superb Octavia???


    1. Hi, yes the platforms are the same, the engines are the same, and the A3 is smaller than the Octavia. The positioning of the Audi brand (far above that of Skoda) and the willingness of people to pay a premium for an Audi are two answers I can think of for your question.


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