Report – Tata Aria to get increased output and added features

Posted on: Mar 1, 2014 - 11:24am IST

Our friends at have published brochure scans of an improved Tata Aria which is believed to go on sale in a short while. The official website has not been updated yet.

2014 Tata Aria engine and features brochure

While the engine is the same 2.2-liter unit, it gets VARICOR technology that uses a single mass flywheel (as opposed to dual mass flywheel on the current Aria). The power and torque outputs stand at 150 PS (up from 140 PS) and 320 Nm whereas the fuel efficiency has improved to 15.05 kmpl (up from 13.7 kmpl) in the ARAI driving cycle.

2014 Tata Aria features

Feature content on the 2014 Tata Aria is higher with dual parabola headlamps, Harman music system designed exclusively for the car, clear lens blinkers and new body graphics added to the list. The car would continue selling in Pure, Pleasure and Pride (AWD) variants.

2014 Tata Aria with body graphics

On the 2014 model, the maroon body colour is discontinued and the crossover is presented in three shades – Pearl White, Quartz Black and Arctic Silver.

Features that were available at the launch continue to accompany the car, namely 6 airbags, 4 disc brakes, ABS and EBD, dual AC, cruise control, all-wheel drive, multimedia navigation and Bluetooth telephony.

2014 Tata Aria variant classification sheet

Pricing details are currently unavailable, but reports say that the vehicle will be in showrooms by the end of March.

Vehicles that compete with the Tata Aria

Toyota Innova facelift front-endMahindra XUV500Force One front

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17 thoughts on “Report – Tata Aria to get increased output and added features

  1. naveen says:

    this is best car in luxury in this price

  2. veera says:

    need some cosmetic changes. no sportive look, not only improving inside skin panel should recqire changes on skin panel.service giving to aria customers is just like as trans port vehicle owner from dealer side.once taking test drive thre is no fallow up.should improve both on design side and dealer side…
    few dealers not having problem solving skills for aria vehicles

  3. sandy says:

    Nice as always. I’ve nothing to complain about this product since its launch – liked the futuristic sleek design both inside-out, practicality, built and underpinnings. I don’t know how much sales figure may increase due to higher power output, since the mentality of Tata making Nano as worlds cheapest car, Indica n Indigo as Taxi, commercial vehicle, trucks etc. is still embedded in peoples mind.
    But I’ll definitely get disappointed if Aria fails the expected high score in NCAP.

  4. Deepak Chablani says:

    Shocking ! Why are they re launching Aria without any substantial design changes? People were expecting BIG from Tata’s after seeing the Zest and Bolt and now, this is going back to the old ways !!!

    Need to get a modern, contemporary and aggressive design for Aria before its re launch. The current one is too conservative, mid and subdued for Indian taste.

    Just hoping the news itself is wrong !

    1. Bhargava says:

      Dear Mr. Deepak Chablani,

      I understand your concern. It is very true that people’s expectations on Tata Motors were raised post arrival of Zest and Bolt.

      Tata Motors has embarked on a complete overhauling strategy under the leadership of (late) Karl Slym. It was named – ‘Horizonext’. Horizonext strategy extends from the year 2013 to 2020. It is a multi-phased and four-pronged strategy.

      Tata Aria is currently at the Phase-1 of the Horizonext strategy and the there would be NO significant design changes during the Phase-1. (It is important to note that there is NO guarantee that Tata Aria would be carried / not carried to the Phase-2. Tata Motors, at it’s own discretion may carry-forward or abandon any of the current vehicles as it evolves over the Horizonext strategy.)

      About Horizonext:

      Four Prongs:
      1. Intense Product Focus
      2. Focus on World-Class manufacturing practices
      3. Enriched Customer purchase Experience
      4. Consistent Quality of Service


      Phase-1 (2013-2014): Launching Improved and Enhanced versions of the current portfolio, while working towards the next-generation product pipeline

      a. New Tata Indigo ecs – Refined CR4 engine – advanced F-Shift Gear box – Duo Float Suspension – all new NVH package
      b. New Tata Sumo Gold – CR4 engine – Dual AC – Bluetooth/USB connectivity – High performance clutch – Improved mileage
      c. Tata Nano CNG – Tata Nano Twist
      d. new Tata Indica – dual tone Interiors – new TA65 transmission with Smart-shift
      gear technology – new Dual Path Suspension
      e. Explorer edition of Tata Safari Storme
      f. The new Aria (please see the Horizonext logo on the brochure)

      Phase-2 (2014-2016): Launching next-generation product pipeline based on current platforms, while working towards developing new platforms and new segments

      a. Zest – The next-generation compact sedan based on current X1 platform (modified)
      b. Bolt – The next-generation hatchback that’s peppy and sporty, based on current X1 platform
      c. Nexon – The next-generation Mini-SUV that is said to create paradigm shift in Human-Machine-Interface (in its class) along with radical design changes
      d. Further updates Not Available/Revealed

      Phase-3 (2016-2020) Launching the completely new set of vehicles across the portfolio based on new platforms and designs – these cars would be for the global markets as well

      Phase-4 & beyond – Further details not available/Revealed

      Key people at Jaguar-Land Rover have high respect and gratitude for the Tata Motors and are ready to help (on the technical front), if Tata Motors is ready to seek.

      Note: The individual phase timing estimates were based on assumptions, but the year 2013 – 2020 timeline was officially announced.

      1. Bhargava says:

        I forgot to include the following launch during the Phase-2 of Horizonext strategy.

        >> REVOTRON – The All-New-Generation Turbo Charged Petrol Engine from Tata Motors. <<

  5. Aniket Vaidya says:

    It should be a proper 7 seater this time
    And should have reduced weight
    Flexible seating
    And an Auto manual trans.

  6. Bhargava says:

    Tata Aria is the humble – gentle giant, and an unsung hero in the Indian Automobile History. This Crossover always has a special place in my heart because it stands as a testimony to the fact that Indian Automobile manufacturers has reached global standards within three decades – while the global manufacturers were in the game for over a century – which is quite an accomplishment and pride for the nation.

    Safety features:

    > Aria is one of the few crossovers in the world with a reinforced body over frame construction. This construction provides the car the rigidity and robustness required for Indian roads and multi terrain operation.

    > Aria’s chassis frame members are made through a new generation technique called hydroforming which makes the frame lighter, stronger and more rigid – offering frame stiffness and torsional rigidity.

    > Standard, Side and Curtain Airbags along with the state-of-the art body construction along with the crumple zones forms a protective cocoon keeping you and your family safe during collisions. – It also features dual zone collapsible steering.

    > Aria has All-Wheel-Drive option with Electronic Stability Program and Traction Control System.

    >Aria has 235/65 R 17 tires and ALL Disc Brakes featuring ABS with EBD

    Apart from class leading safety features, Aria hosts a lot of comfort and convenience features that are barely found in the competition.

    Aria has all those features that are missing even in SUVs that are more expensive. Examples: Ford Endeavor – Toyota Fortuner – Nissan X-Trail – Mahindra XUV 500 – Toyota Innova

    There are some interesting and unique reasons why good cars under-perform in the Indian market, most important among-st them are:

    1. Consumers almost never take the time to actually experience the product or know the facts first hand – and relies excessively on the hearsay or the opinions of their colleagues or neighbors or relatives which tend to be incomplete or biased or naive most of the times. Popularity also plays a major role in our market. – Our consumers are more inclined to buy a popular car even if the competitor is offering a better value car. Example is: Dzire vs. Amaze

    2. Consumers have unrealistic expectations in terms of pricing which lays tremendous pressures on the manufacturers who loses the freedom to launch more platforms or designs. The manufacturers either have to leave the market or play safe being conservative. The consumers in the United States enjoys a wide spectrum of options to choose from – because the market dynamics are different in the U.S.

    (Please excuse me for any typo errors – I am in hurry)

    1. Dhananjayan says:

      Well said sir!
      I also quite like the Aria!
      The exterior design has severely let it down.

      1. Bhargava says:

        Thank you, Mr. Dhananjayan !!

    2. abuna ventana says:

      yes.. u r right.. But..
      I took TD of Aria too many times before my car purchase. They offered only the base variant, that too ugly and dirty TD vehicle,..
      But finally I purchased the XUV without even TD it.. That could be ridiculous actually… maybe if they provided me a neat top end Aria for TD, i should have purchased that.
      For Aria, there is something missing in the “wow” factor..

      1. Bhargava says:

        Dear Mr. Abuna Ventana,

        I am sorry about the bad Test Drive service experience. In the future, should you face any Test Drive service issue (that’s not resolved at the local dealership), please contact Tata Motors directly at –

    3. Mohit Verma says:

      Very well said…
      They stiil need some cosmetic changes and correct marketing.

      1. Bhargava says:

        Thank you, Mr. Mohit Verma !!

  7. visakh m vijay says:

    no change in style…. again going to be a flop…

  8. Mohit Verma says:

    Good Move Tata….


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