IAB Picks – 6 MPV models fast approaching the Indian market

Posted on: Feb 26, 2014 - 2:29pm IST

The utility vehicle market has the fancy of every automaker in India. Renault India has made a living by selling the Duster to this market, enjoying an 8 percent share in the UV segment from 0 percent within 18 months, whereas Ford has managed to shift to a comeback lane with the EcoSport which makes up for over 50 percent of the company’s sales.

Meanwhile market leader Maruti Suzuki used the MPV segment to make up for volumes it lost with smaller cars as well as transform its image of being a small car expert to being a prospective threat in premium segments where it has failed repeatedly.

Maruti Ertiga Altair front three quarters
Besides adding numbers and strengthening its export arm, the Ertiga removed the stigma that brand Maruti can’t sell big cars.

Growth in the MPV segment hasn’t proved to be as renewable as the SUV segment. Vehicles like the Tata Aria, Chevrolet Enjoy and the Nissan Evalia that broke new ground in technology, value or affordability, faded quickly. Manufacturers have not used these failures as a meter to judge the segment depth, and regard the MPV as an avenue for growth in the long term as families that graduate from a hatchback where cars are sold by the millions, may shift to another brand of vehicle with three-row seating to travel with grown-up children and in-laws.

Having a people mover is a top priority for every car manufacturer in India, as we explain in this story.

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16 thoughts on “IAB Picks – 6 MPV models fast approaching the Indian market

  1. kumar says:

    you have left out the Nissan evalia revamped version and the Ashok Leyland Stile which are capable of strong competition among all the above as they are the real 7 seater Mpvs and based on the award wining design on which platform even Merc is built. With now Nissan selling it directly to the dealers they could pose trouble for others.

    1. Hi Mr. Kumar, the list only covers vehicles that haven’t been launched yet. The Evalia and Stile are existing MPVs.

  2. Alok Arora says:

    One question – how many of these MPVs will come in AT or AMT or whatever as long as it spells automatic. I would buy ertiga any day as soon it has AMT!!

    Like to know whether AT will be in petrol or diesel or both in Honda Mobilio.

    1. prolever says:

      Im not an indian. Amt is very good in fuel efficiency but the maintenance is the hardest part. Amt gearbox is very expensive.

    2. GB says:

      Even without the fluid coupled torque converter, the AMT suffers from torque built up lag. This is sure to deter fuel consumption during practical usage.
      AMT does have 1 salient advantage though. The selector lever can move to dashboard freeing up space for a bench type front seat.

  3. Mohit Verma says:

    TATA movus average is a huge improvement…

  4. GB says:

    Raja, excuse for being naive but I don’t find any of these MPVs as amusing as the age-old omni MPV! Its sub 4m shell for 1, then its frugal 3 pot mill, its RWD, its 3 row seating and best of all its price,reliability and pocket friendly maintenance. The relaunch of the hi-roof version with a tiny 3 pot diesel mill will make for a very interesting MPV 😉

    1. Ameya says:

      I don’t think the Omni was ever a RWD. Also, if you are so interested in a similar MPV, try the Venture made by Tata. Same thing which you are longing for except maybe the sub-4m part.

      1. GB says:

        Thx Ameya but the Venture with its BOF chassis and 4 cyd engine weighs some 1400 KGS!! That engine too is a primitive indirect injection type and the power steering is not even electric assisted. Excuse but the venture for me is more like 1 of those half-leg adolescent stage of a development vehicle. The venture though seems to be a sub 4m 😉

        The Omni has always been a RWD monocoque layout. A combination still matched only by few other car-makers.

        Happy motoring!!

  5. Bhargava says:

    Indian Automobile market conditions a very unique! Our people lay more emphasis on the buying price of a vehicle. I wish there comes a day when our people change their perceptions on the personal transportation and view their Cars/SUVs/MPVs as an extension to their own personality, – as a protective armor that protects their loved ones and as a good companion that takes care of us during our limited life-time on the earth.

    I never imagined the Honda Mobilio will compete with the Maruti Ertiga. I understand the fierce competition, but I feel sorry.

    Manufacturers are helpless when the consumers are so harsh on the pricing – to the exclusion of all else, including the ‘Safety’ parameters which is so fundamentally essential in the automobiles.

    It is also heart-breaking to see some very good Cars/SUVs/MPVs that are fundamentally excellent in terms of Safety, Comfort and Technology to lose the market war in the Indian market just because it does not have some funky design or just because it is not “popular” or just because my neighbor or colleague didn’t buy it.

    People need to stop relying completely on the hearsay, and start making their OWN choices and decisions. We also need to take the time to test-drive the vehicles, see the specifications, feel the connection and do the research before we buy a vehicle.

    We may imagine a world with out internet but we can never imagine a world with out wheels – and I would like to say that investment(s) on automobiles forms some of the most important investments we will ever make – during our brief journey on the earth.

    1. GB says:

      Great words from a very experienced man!

      The below note however excited me more than it worried me 😉

      “Manufacturers are helpless when the consumers are so harsh on the pricing”

      1. prolever says:

        meanwhile in Malaysia, They buy the car by brand. n dont think about the spec given. old Honda city in malaysia with abs airbag cost almost 90K(use the currency converter). But people still buy it because of the brand. Kia pun Forte and Hyundai Put Elentra around 80K will full spec, eg 6airbg, ESP and other, but the sales still cant take over the ugly vios.

      2. Bhargava says:

        Thank you! Sorry for the late reply.

  6. Raj says:

    Thanks. But any facelift in coming months?,Because I am planing to buy.

  7. Raj says:

    No word about Eritga Altair launch price etc

    1. Hi Raj, the Altair was brought to the show just for the exhibition and there appears to be no immediate plan to introduce the car.


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