IAB Report – 2014 Honda Jazz NOT launching in India before Jan 2015

Posted on: Feb 25, 2014 - 1:18pm IST

On the sidelines of the production roll out at Honda’s second car plant in Rajasthan yesterday, Honda India announced that it will launch the 2014 Honda Jazz in the last quarter of the next financial year.

As a result, we will not get to see the hatchback launch this year, as Q4 FY 2014-15 begins from January 2015. For this year, the only all-new products from Honda are the new City and the Mobilio MPV.

Honda Jazz Front three quarter live
The Jazz had its Indian showcase at the Auto Expo 2014.

The new Jazz went on sale in its home market of Japan in September last year. Post its Japanese debut, the Jazz had an Indian showcase this month at the Auto Expo 2014. For India, the Jazz will be available with a petrol and a diesel engine. The petrol motor would be the 1.2-liter four-cylinder unit seen on the Brio and Amaze. On these cars, this engine produces 88 PS and 109 Nm of torque.Β It is offered with 5-speed manual and automatic gearboxes.

The diesel engine for the Jazz would be the 1.5-liter i-DTEC engine, which on the new City and Amaze, produces 100 PS and 200 Nm of torque. The diesel engine comes with a 5-speed manual on the Amaze, and a 6-speed manual on the City.

Honda Mobilio front three quarters left at Auto Expo 2014
The Mobilio will launch in the July-September period this year.

For this year, Honda India will concentrate on launching the Mobilio MPV, which is slated to go on sale in the July-September period. Based on the Brio’s platform, the Mobilio is a three-row seven-seater designed to rival the Maruti Ertiga.

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40 thoughts on “IAB Report – 2014 Honda Jazz NOT launching in India before Jan 2015

  1. sanju says:

    M also want to buy a new Honda Jazz mid of this year .
    But honda doesnt launch jazz ….its really disappointed me , delaying the Jazz release its a big mistake for Honda India.

    1. karthik reddy says:

      have been waiting for so long….good car but i need to get a car,,,so im going for swift diesel….hond aaaa too lazy to launch….thts the reason fr poor sales record in india.

  2. Sujeet says:

    The news of Honda Fit launch being postporned to Q1 ’15 is really disappointing. I am eagarly looking ahead & was planning to have one by mid this year. Lets hope for some miracle to happen. May someone communicate the eagerness in the potential buyers for Fit.

  3. arasu says:

    Am I the only one who still wish honda should have released vezel

    1. Mayur says:

      I am wid you…w8ing 4 vezel to launch.

  4. Nelson says:

    Well lets wait and watch if delaying the Jazz release is a mistake for Honda or a master stroke, anyway more takers for Grand i10 for the present

    1. Gopi says:

      Delay in Jazz would be a big loss of customer base for Honda.

  5. uday says:

    do u hv an idea about the ground clearance and size of the wheels of jazz india?

  6. Sivaram says:

    Hi Anjan,
    I am planning to buy Jazz in mid of this year. As Honda is launching in last quarter of next FY (Jan to March 2015), I am planning for alternative for Jazz. Can you suggest us the alternatives for Jazz.
    I am thinking of Grand i10/Brio/Polo.
    Suggest me the alternative for Jazz.

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Sivaram,

      The Polo is due for a facelift in the middle of this year. You can check out spyshots of the refreshed Polo which seems to come with a new bumper and headlights. You should ideally wait for the refreshed Polo I feel. [http://indianautosblog.com/2014/02/2014-vw-polo-facelift-spied-india-120063]

  7. Vignesh says:

    Hey Anjan…really disappointed to know that Jazz is not launching this year πŸ™
    I was planning for my first car mid to late this year and was eagerly waiting for Jazz. Now Im totally confused if I should be waiting for over an year. How wud I know if it is worth the wait??
    Was this officially confirmed or is this a Scoop?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Vignesh,

      Honda India has made it official that the new Jazz will launch in the last quarter of the next financial year (Jan-March 2015). This was announced by the company.

      1. Vignesh says:

        Thanks Anjan…I guessed so, but wanted to be sure.
        Do you have any news about the Auto option in Jazz? Will it sport the torque converter box currently used in Brio / Amaze or the CVT used in City? Any clue?

      2. Anjan Ravi says:

        Hi Vignesh, while the 1.2 petrol package includes a 5-speed automatic, we cannot be sure if Honda may go the CVT way or the traditional automatic way.

      3. Deepu says:

        Hi Anjan Ravi

        The official announcement says Jazz diesel is not planned until Jan 2015. But does Honda have any plans to first roll out the Petrol variants first and then the Diesel ones?

        i’ve been waiting for the release since the old Jazz time. Further delays is seriously testing my patience here. I can see that it is the same with others too! This could have been a sales decision by Honda to continue milking the Amaze and City’s sale success. But for the Jazz enthusiasts like me, it is a huge setback!


    2. uday says:

      According to me if you can wait till the end of the year, why not for another 3 months? I am presently driving i10 and found it less reliable than honda. i10 wobble a lot due to soft suspension as do other hyundai cars. Interior space utilisation is not at par with honda. e.g. cup holders at the front are oddly placed near the gear handle with larger cup holder near the gear handle leading to tussle with the handle when you place a 1 litre water bottle etc. I am having a honda unicorn bought in 2005 dec and still no defect cropping up, am getting bored with my bike because i need not have to go servicing frequently nor sell it because it is so much in good condition. Engine sound is as good as new. If you dont believe me, go and ask any other honda owner.

      1. Vignesh says:

        Uday…I dont have to get a second opinion regarding Unicorn as I own one and absolutely LOVE it… πŸ™‚ its been 7 years and no notable issues or maintenance except the periodic services.

        My initial plan was to buy my car in Jun-Jun 2014 and once I heard abt Jazz being planned for next FY, I thought it will be launched at a timeline similar to the New City i.e. bookings open in Nov and delivery starts in Jan. My plan was to pre-book once launched and take delivery ASAP πŸ˜› Too much planning one would think, but I trusted Honda and was absolutely in love with the Jazz.

    3. uday deka says:

      Hi vignesh, want to share more with u. Me too was waiting for a honda hatchback in 2008-09 period but jazz was launched much later with a premium price. Brio came much later. I had to opt for i10.
      Now am waiting for honda compact suv but vezel will not b launched in india, but a brio based suv xs1 will b launched in future which is too only in concept stage. My situation is back to square one. So planning to buy upcoming jazz. Senior friend of mine told me enjoy car this age instead of waiting to become older when my taste may change!

      1. Vignesh says:

        So Uday, what do u suggest? Are you gonna wait for the New Jazz to release next year?? I am pretty sure I will.
        I am yet to purchase my first car. First car will always be special r8.
        I was initially contemplating on Grand i10. Even though it had good reviews all over and users are also very satisfied, something somehow stopped me from finalizing on that and yes, I was not in any hurry. That is when I came across that Jazz is coming back. I had previously read that Jazz is one of the best hatches in India and failed only because it was priced bad. I was not particularly impressed by the looks of the previous version but Im in love with the looks of the new one. Currently my heart brain everything is pointing only towards Jazz. So I am waiting πŸ™‚

    4. uday says:

      hi vignesh, when i was contemplating of buying my first car, my seniors were advising me a buy a second hand car initially and use it for sometime. So, after i bought i10, i realized they were correct. My i10 body kissed walls, post lot many times. I felt bad till i came to terms to reality in about 1 yr. I am just sharing my experience. Hope u don’t mind. Since u hv 1 yr with u, u can use that to increase ur reflexes. u can use someone else car like ur dad, friend etc. If u hv already done that, please pardon me.

      1. Vignesh says:

        Totally agree with u Uday…I learnt driving just a cople of months back and after that I am driving my dad’s Dzire (which was also a second hand) whenever time permits and yes that is to improve my reflexes πŸ™‚
        I do not have an idea to buy a second hand car though. I will use this Dzire to hone my skills and may be when Jazz is launched next year, I will get one for myself πŸ™‚
        Thanks for your concern and advise!!!

  8. Amit says:

    Any news about honda launching an automatic in diesel for the new city ?


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