Tata Motors showcase 1.2-liter turbo-petrol ‘Revotron’ engine

Posted on: Jan 20, 2014 - 3:39pm IST

Tata Motors announced a new family of engines called ‘Revotron’ and showcased the first engine in the series – a 1.2-liter turbocharged MPFI petrol engine – in Mumbai this afternoon. Tata Motors does not specifically state which product this engine would find application first, but said it’s designed for the compact car segment from a global approach.

Tata REVOTRON engine live image
Tata’s 1.2-liter Revotron engine is the first MPFI turbo petrol in the Indian small car segment.

The 1.2-liter unit, the first MPFI turbo, features an Advanced catalytic converter for reduced emissions. The four-cylinder unit has a 75mm x 69.5mm Bore x Stroke dimension producing 85 PS @ 5,000 RPM and 140 Nm between 1,750 – 3,500 RPM. The engine employs two valves per cylinder and will pair with existing gearboxes when launched. Tata however say new gearboxes are on their way.

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The engine features a water-cooled turbocharger with low inertial turbo wheels, asymmetric pistons with PVD coating, stiffened cast iron crankcase, silent steel construction oil sump, 8-hole injectors, and is capable of meeting future emission norms.

Tata also say the engines offer ‘superior noise performance’ and multiple driving modes the driver can choose from.

We’re expecting more details in a short while, so check back for more updates.

Tata Revotron engine official images

Tata Revotron Image Gallery

Tata Revotron Engine – Specification sheet

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Tata Revotron Engine launched – Press Release

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20 thoughts on “Tata Motors showcase 1.2-liter turbo-petrol ‘Revotron’ engine

  1. Dr. Nayak says:

    If you are designing a 4 cylinder engine in 2013-2014, why not have 4 valves per cylinder and cylinder deactivation for improved power and fuel efficiency?

  2. Gaurav says:

    Ford managed to pull 92 bhp & 170 nm torque from smaller 1lt engine with turbo. Tata’s 1.2lt turbo petrol figures on the other hand are identical to suzuki’s 1.2 conventional petrol. Only thing to make this engine gather some respect can be some exceptional mileage which isn’t looking to be the case sadly. Disappointed so far.

  3. MVK says:

    Just 85 PS? If i remember correctly, Ford 1L ecoboost engine produces 125 PS

  4. Ramesh says:

    85 PS from a 1.2 turbo. Thats too less. The non-turbo K series engine from Maruti produces the same power output.

  5. sweta says:

    direct injection is the way ahead. it benefits over the entire range of engine operation as compared to a turbocharger that is most effctive only in a smaller band of engine revolution.

    obviously, at best is when both are combined. like in the skodas.

  6. sandy says:

    Though 85 bhp from a 1.2 l Turbo sounds like nothing, but the rest of the write-ups about the engine’s make and characteristics sounds impressive. Need to be seen how it behaves in real world when compared with K series, Kappa, i-vtec and other under rated 1.2s.
    BTW, do we witness the similar thing(as described in the post) from ivtec and K series? What kind of mileage do they claim?

  7. Milo says:

    Sounds good……

  8. Aravind says:

    Why they need a 1.2 l turbo engine for small cars? Ford use 1.0 l turbo engine for ecosport..

    1. Sreekanth Jayadevan says:

      It is based on the 1.2L Xeta engine. For a 1.0L engine they have to work from scratch.

    2. atul says:

      Ford Ecoboost is a new generation engine and not cheap. Tata need a petrol engine for their cheaper Indicas so they decided to turbo charge this older petrol engine of Xeta to match the power figure of Suzuki and Honda’s smaller NA petrol engines.


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