Report – Tata Movus to get better clutch, brakes and reduced NVH targeting Tavera & Xylo

Posted on: Jan 18, 2014 - 2:44pm IST

Tata Motors will fit the Movus with a set of both newly developed and improved parts in order to make it compete against the Mahindra Xylo and Chevrolet Tavera. The Tata Movus (Move-Us) is the rebranded Sumo Grande that will start a new innings in the commercial market. says that the Movus will use Tata’s 2.2-liter VariCOR engine that is doing duty on the Safari Storme, returning a fuel economy of 15.2 kmpl (up from the current 13.55 kmpl). The launch of the Movus, it is speculated by the site, will mark the end of the Tata Sumo Grande moniker altogether.

Tata Sumo Grande DICOR
IAB readers were asked to expect a repositioned Sumo Grande in 6 months in June last year.

According to the site, the Movus will get a new clutch assembly that promises an elongated life of 100,000 km. The MUV retains the Grande’s suspension setup – double wishbone system at the front and cost-effective leaf spring at the rear. It will come in four seating configurations (seven, eight and nine seater variants), one of which would be captain seats for the middle row, says the site.

The Movus gets thicker brake linings that will improve the life of the brake discs and reduced NVH capabilities thanks to redesigned body mounts. It also gets a cable type door latch, which the auto industry worldwide has been adopting for ages, to effect better door closing and reduced noise penetration.

Other notable improvements are a clutch pedal with reduced operating effort, longer lasting fuel filter, timing belt with extra durability and an improved rack and pinion steering system.

[Source – Motorbeam]

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7 thoughts on “Report – Tata Movus to get better clutch, brakes and reduced NVH targeting Tavera & Xylo

  1. marcel says:

    Tata movus is great….. move by tata this muv have a great potential n for comfort its best one should drive……

  2. Ramesh says:

    The upgrades are good, especially the engine upgrade. Unfortuntely most buyers will see it as a Sumo Grande with another name. As usual with Tata too little too late. Sad from a company with such potential.

  3. Ramish says:

    TATA should first chop off 4-5 inches from the top first, Huge bodyroll. They could also take some design ideas from RR Evoque.

    I feel Grande is one of the most underrated cars in India.

  4. Ken Gregory says:

    I believe it need more upgrading. But the design of this car gives me good feelings. I like it.

  5. nitin gupta says:

    another blunder by tata by positioning the car against taxis like tavera and xylo….something definitely wrong with marketing department…no tries whatsoever for taxi image improvement..

  6. Dhananjayan says:

    Seriously needs a huge upgrade!

  7. Milo says:

    Good move …


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