Spied – Tata Falcon 4 (Vista facelift) interiors revealed

Posted on: Jan 4, 2014 - 2:09pm IST

The Tata Falcon 4 (refreshed Vista) is preparing for its debut at the Auto Expo next month, and these images from Overdrive reveal new details. According to sources in Tata Motors, the Falcon 4 will get thoroughly revised exteriors and interiors, though the platform and overall dimensions of the Vista will be retained.

Spied Tata Falcon 4 Vista Facelift interiors
The steering wheel of the Tata Falcon 4 seems to be inspired by that of the i20’s.
Tata Indica Vista D90 dashboard
Interiors of the current Tata Vista for reference.

The image above shows a pre-production stage of the Falcon 4’s interiors. As you can see, Tata has ditched the large diameter, four-spoke steering wheel of the current Vista for what seems to be a Hyundai i20-like unit. We can also see the integrated controls on the steering wheel (which again seem to be inspired by the i20).

We notice a revised instrument cluster featuring silver enclosures for the speedo and tachometer. Since this is a prototype, some parts like the driver side AC vents for example are not present. However, like the current Vista, the Falcon 4 will retain the dual-tone black-beige interior color.

Spied Tata Falcon 4 Vista Facelift front three quarter

The Falcon 4 is reported to have been styled by Tata’s European design center, with Pratap Bose as the lead designer. Some design elements, like the taillights, will break the tradition (like the Christmas tree-like layout), following a new direction.

Spied Tata Falcon 4 Vista Facelift taillight
The Falcon 4 will ditch the traditional christmas tree taillight design for something new.

While the diesel 1.3-liter Fiat-sourced MultiJet engine will be carried over from the existing Vista, the petrol motor is believed to be an all-new unit. We speculate this engine to be a turbocharged 1.2-liter four-cylinder motor outputting about 100 bhp.

[Images from Overdrive]

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22 thoughts on “Spied – Tata Falcon 4 (Vista facelift) interiors revealed

  1. chiuyaoo says:

    Sporty! Tata has finally got it. But copied from i20 and the white on the steering looks slightly cheesy

    1. tata Manza says:

      Good move from Tata, people who speak negative about the product are dumb ass who have put there hard earned money to get a foreign model with less quality, pathetic service and high cost of ownership.

  2. gopi says:

    Steering looks Cool!!!

  3. shamanth says:

    interiors are from tata manza not vista.. vista’s speedo is above d dash

    1. Sushrut says:

      @ Shamanth, This is where the change is. That is indeed face lifted Vista. They have moved the console to more conventional place. But the plastic looks shiny and the colour choice is debatable. It looks cheesy and definitely not to the taste of many folks.

  4. Milo Cruise says:

    It looks like people have taken oath to curse TATA Motors without seeing the final product.

    1. Prashant says:

      Agree with you Milo…

      Maruti make all those craps which even does not meet basic safety requirements but people still praise their designs..

      1. Dhananjayan says:

        Now sir, how can you say Suzuki’s cars does not meet any safety requirements? The Swift has scored 5 stars! That shows you cannot judge the fact.

      2. Prashant says:

        Sir, look at alto.. it even does not meet basic safety norms..

        & all the vehicles which has launched in India are stripped down versions..

      3. Dhananjayan says:

        Only some extremely low and old cars of Suzuki are unsafe like the Alto and Omni. Rest all others are safe enough and remember, no car is safe if you don’t use the seatbelts or any safety feature in the car properly. That said, Tata also has the immortal Indica for a bad example of quality and safety (I own one). I also support Tata (for some new improvements and comfort and space factors), but never give such negative remarks for a whole company. I also have been a Maruti hater, till I got to know about them more and recent products.

      4. Prashant says:

        Agree with you.. Indica was first attempt by TATA ( I also own it). but later they have improved a lot on Vista Manza Storme & aria..but people still does not talk about that..

        But if it has done by Suzuki they would have praised like anything.. I also agree that some products meet NCAP ratings like swift..but their specifications are different than India..

    2. sivha says:

      Well said Milo cruise. I am the owner of indigo e-cs. I bought it before 2 years assuming it as compromise. Later when I had chances to drive the so called hot technically sophisticated cars I found that my car is no way inferior to these cars. In fact better than than those in some areas. Indian mind set :-). Nothing can be done.

    3. Dhananjayan says:

      Completely agree with you, although one can see there are some i20 like elements.

  5. Arpit Goel says:

    look at the interiors of Falcon i can say that its mostly inspired by Hyundai i20 , common TATA have some common sense. TATA badge is looking so outdated,,,did anyone dreamed about Evoque having a TATA badge on steering wheel. why don’t TATA change the front grill? even you carry same old funda of creating ugly rear and even lights like Christmas tree WTF…do you still believe you gonna hit the sweet spot in indian market. TATA cab walo ko hi khush karegi. 1.2 Liter engine with 100 BHP. that makes sense but again it will be over priced. TATA go home you are sick.

    1. Sushrut says:

      Add to that shiny plastic and dual tone which is garish. TATA is going to lose out big time. I dont understand how this design is even approved by Slym or Mistry. They are screwed and soon will shut shop.

  6. Nikhil says:

    Honestly, I donno what TATA has been telling people about extensive redesign..

    Do you guys really so something “EXTENSIVE” here? I for sure dont. Changing the steering wheel does not mean extensive interior redesign.. The annoying hump shape of the exterior body still the same decade old basic design.. The protruding headlamp,bumper design etc looks like a collage work of a 12 year old kid..

    What the heck has TATA been doing all these years? Have they slept off or what? Look at the competition for god’s sake.. Look at Hyundai’s designs.. and they OWN Jaguar Land Rover.. How difficult it is for THOSE GUYS to design a decent all acceptable design, leave alone something striking like Evoque..

    This is the final straw for TATA.. People already have a bad image about them and if they dont change now, the impression will be imprinted on people’s minds which will be hard to remove.. Like how the Panda was the do-or-die for Fiat in Europe, Indica is for them in India.. Good luck TATA or you will be always known as a “TRUCK MAKER”

  7. rao says:

    i appreciate tata motors change in design language said that its only an make over to current vista designing an all new car even on existing platform takes time but in future tata motors should inspire its design language from concepts like megapixel which i think its affordable quite premium design language for the indians

  8. Jishnu S V says:

    For the first time am seeing a good steering wheel in a Tata car. Hope everything is at par with the competition. All the best Tata Motors.


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