Report – Indian Government to soon conduct crash tests for all new cars

Posted on: Jan 27, 2014 - 8:39pm IST

A report on the Times of India suggests that the Indian government is set to mandate crash tests for all new cars to be launched in India. The report says that the project has a lead time of 18 months and that the tests would be conducted at a facility that is being set up in Chennai.

Ford EcoSport NCAP test press shot
The Ford EcoSport’s Euro NCAP test for reference.

The Road Transport Ministry, the report says, has begun the process of setting standards for the New Car Assessment Program. However, as with most government projects, the foundation work of fixing speed limits and other parameters for the test are yet to take place.

The timing of the minister’s announcement is interesting as the Global NCAP ratings is soon set to come out with their ratings for some of the most popular compact cars in India.

The tests will be carried out at the National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project that’s under construction in Chennai. The project has been plagued by delays and has missed its deadline a few times. Once the facility is complete, however, it will carry out frontal car to car crash tests, sled tests, full vehicle crash tests and angular car to car crash tests. The facility will also be able to measure loads on the impact block with a load cell wall.

[Source – The Times of India]

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2 thoughts on “Report – Indian Government to soon conduct crash tests for all new cars

  1. Ananya says:

    When is the government making compulsory scrapping vehicles older than 10years from the present 15years/

  2. abuna ventana says:

    a very very welcome move…..
    apart, ABS and Airbag should also be made standard..


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