This is it! – All-new Honda City revealed, launches in January next year

Posted on: Nov 25, 2013 - 1:08pm IST

Honda Cars India has conducted the world premiere of the next generation Honda City today in New Delhi. The vehicle is announced with a 1.5L i-VTEC petrol engine (same as the current City) and a 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine (with “No.1 Fuel Efficiency and Top Class performance”). Its market launch will be held in January next year, and production would begin at the Greater Noida plant in November, for which Honda is adding a third shift.

New Honda City press shot

In the presentation that preceded the car’s unveiling, Honda said 50% of its sales for its car division is now coming from emerging markets such as India.

Honda terms the new City’s exterior as a ‘Sleek Crossmotion Exterior’ while the interior gets a ‘Layered Floating Cockpit’. The car features a low and sleek front face with an aerodynamic bumper. The rear features a combination lamp and a lid lamp. Honda promises class-leading interior space and an interior with high-quality textures.

New Honda City live image side view

The vehicle’s length is the same at 4,440 mm, while the wheelbase extended by 50 mm to 2,600 mm. The width is retained, but the shoulder room and the headroom is up by 40 mm and 10 mm respectively. The tandem distance is improved by 69 mm and the knee clearance is up by 70 mm. The chassis rigidity is up by 24%.

Talking about the feature content, the new Honda City receives a 5-inch monitor on the dashboard with in-built handsfree communication, and Aux, iPod, USB and Bluetooth connectivity options. The cabin receives rear aircon vents, 8 speakers, four power outlets (2 in the front and 2 at the back), sunroof, touch panel auto AC, one-push smart key entry system, cruise control and shark fin antenna.

High resolution images updated in the second story. Click here to see them.

Preliminary image gallery of the New Honda City

New Honda City front three quarters launch live imageNew Honda City launch live image from Delhi
New Honda City launch live imageNew Honda City rear three quarters view launch live image

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16 thoughts on “This is it! – All-new Honda City revealed, launches in January next year

  1. EK says:

    Yup…it’s a let down on the exterior looks, waiting for the interior pics. Hopefully it should be better. Feature list is impressive.

    1. Hemant says:

      Wait for the ‘introductory prices’ to complete your disappointment ..then the revised prices to add more disappointment and then watch and wonder why these cars sell so much even when they offer almost nothing substantial or usefully tangible but claim to offer an ‘all new ‘ product….well its something like an all new colgate gel…always the same gel in a different tube…..

  2. Saran S says:

    The Front facia is now more corollaish!!!!
    Expected a lot. Features additions is good but there would have been more substantial changes to the exterior.
    And those alloys are too bad – could have been better.

    Overall – Good move. This is definitely going to be a success but thanks to nearly-no exterior changes, other manufacturers need not worry much!!!

  3. SAKTHIVEL says:


  4. Balaji Babu says:

    Hey shrawan,
    Thanks for all the news.
    Did honda talk about anything in particular to the suspension setup or the steering , NVH on the whole? I am just trying to understand was there any specific mention to the on-road behaviour and dyanmics?

    Best regards

    1. Balaji Babu says:

      Also, to add to my questions.
      good to hear that there is an increase in wheel base, what about the wheel inches? Are they going for 15 or 16?
      How may air bags? do we get the side curtain air bags ? ESP, hill-hold and all those in top-end? I definitely believe its going to cost somewhere around 14L on road chennai!
      It looks like Honda wants to make the city to sit between city and the civic.

  5. Charan says:

    Also, Just wanted to add (some pun intended) The official launch of honda city 2014 was like Hype surrounded like BIG HINDI Movie but content was old Wine in new Bottle . The crowd also seems to have quietened down completely.I think Honda did not want to changed the Design since 3rd Generation Honda City was leaps ahead of its Generation. It will sure be segment leader. If Honda can manage the production constraints the car will sure sell 6000 Units a month which is very good. Hope they have increased Ground Clearance and Suspension at the Back.
    End Conclusion : Nightmare for Hyundai Verna and VW Vento

  6. Ranjith says:

    Does not look that good.Just my personal opinion.Back looks a bit bloated.Not a stunner like the previous version.side profile too seems resembling previous edition

  7. Ganesh says:

    Stunning is an understatement!

  8. Charan says:

    Just Saw the Launch of Honda City 2014. Initial Impressions was like Cosmetic changes to 3rd Generation Honda City. Hope Iam Wrong. Not Really Happy

    1. Jijin K says:

      Same here! The interiors and features set seems to be an improvement. But the exteriors are a total disappointment! At-least the Jazz looks fresh.


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