Spied – Datsun Go spotted again

Posted on: Nov 26, 2013 - 5:17pm IST

The Datsun Go hatchback, the retail of which begins early next year under the complete purview of Nissan, has been spotted testing out yet again in Chennai.

Datsun Go spied in Chennai by Mr.Shiva
Though a budget car aimed at the upcoming middle-class, the Go looks more adventurous than the Micra Active and should inspire people to take a closer look.

Based on the Nissan V-Platform, the car’s looks and space appear superior to the Maruti Alto 800, its foremost rival.

Designed and developed at the Renault-Nissan technology center in Chennai, the Datsun Go uses the same powertrain as the Nissan Micra, reconfigured for better fuel efficiency.

The interior of the car has some clever bits such as adjoined front seats and a dash-mounted gear lever for maximizing space utilization, and soft components like the door handle and aircon vents sourced from the Micra’s parts inventory for cost benefit.

From the pictures it is as if the car can offer comfortable seating for five adults (it retains the Micra’s wheelbase of 2,450 mm), a first-in-segment feature, it must be said.

Datsun Go spotted in Chennai by Mr.Shiva
The Go would be more fuel efficient than the Micra, though it shares the same powertrain and is similar in dimension.

The family hatchback will be targeted towards first time car buyers, and as an alternative to much older vehicles in the entry-level segment. Datsun promises a starting price of under 4 lakh rupees, and exports to South Africa has also been confirmed next year. The vehicle will be manufactured at Nissan’s Oragadam plant in Chennai.

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[Spyshots courtesy of Mr.Shiva from Motorbash.com]

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4 thoughts on “Spied – Datsun Go spotted again

  1. Nikhil says:

    The whole under 4 lakh rupees has been advertised as a low cost car. It seems to me that its not really a low cost then. If you are trying to compete with alto 800, it starts at 2.5 lakhs. How is the under 4 lakh advertising helping Nissan in that case? Wagon R which offers more space and better engine starts at just above 3.2 lakhs.

    Even micra active now starts at a lot below 4 lakhs. That means it will only end up cannibalising its own sister company sales. I have a feeling that if its an alto competitior, it should be priced about 2.5 lakhs in order to avoid cannibalizing as well as for being competitive in the segment. I hope this is a better alternative for people who want to step up from 2 wheelers as a safer alternative to the tin foil alto

    Can anyone make sense of this under 4 lakh thing?

    1. Aravind says:

      you are correct.. under 4 lakhs is Wagon R segment.. and this car’s size also seems to be in Wagon R segment rather than Alto 800 segment. It looks wider than Wagon R and just not a tall-boy..

      I am willing to buy this instead of Waggy …

  2. Dhananjayan says:

    Looks good on road…especially in light colors!

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    Great news for the Indian auto industry in terms of design and manufacturing, considering the almost 100% negative help (hindrance) from the Indian government.


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