Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Limited Edition launched at INR 24.26 lakhs

Posted on: Oct 21, 2013 - 1:24pm IST

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has launched a limited edition version of the Fortuner TRD Sportivo today. This edition is limited to only 400 units and two color options are available – Super White and Silver Mica Metallic.

Based on the TRD Sportivo 4×4 manual transmission variant, the limited edition adds features such as a dual tone front and rear bumper spoiler, TRD engraved side body stripe, rear roof spoiler, radiator grille with TRD emblem and a TRD Sportivo emblem at the rear.

Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Limited Edition
Only 400 units of the Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Limited Edition will be made.

The Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Limited Edition has been priced at INR 24,26,247 (ex-Showroom, New Delhi). Mechanically, there are no changes or upgrades to justify the ‘Toyota Racing Development’ (TRD) logos.

Mr. Sandeep Singh, DMD & COO, TKM said –

Fortuner has been the leader in its segment since launch and has sold more than 54,000 units. With an aim to provide newness, we have introduced the Fortuner Limited edition for the festive season. Sought after for both off-roading and city driving, the limited edition with its sporty image will provide exclusivity to our customers. We have recently launched the New Innova and the limited editions of Etios and Liva to make this festive season a very special one for all our customers and further reiterate Toyota’s efforts to provide our customers new and advanced vehicles every time we refresh our products.

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19 thoughts on “Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Limited Edition launched at INR 24.26 lakhs

  1. ank says:

    Yes , toyota is literally selling crap in india , in other markets they take care of vfm soo much because its brand image is seen as boring. Just because we feel that you are a bit reliable than others you cant take us for granted toyota , in Arab the same fortuner at 10 -15 l (equivalent money) is so vfm but in india if its priced at 20 odd lakhs rs its definitely not good for your future , and specially when there is internet wuth which one can verify costs etc …
    Dont cheat my home country toyota….

  2. Hemant says:

    4 Lakhs for Santro 6 Lakhs for an i10 8 Lakhs for a Swift 10 Lakhs for an Ecosport 12 Lakhs for a Duster 16 Lakhs for an XUV 17 Lakhs for an Innova 24 Lakhs for a Fortuner 50 Lakhs for a Prado 1 Crore for a LandCruiser
    Toyota can because IT CAN!! Every automobile company in india is doing the same but in their own sweet little way.Everyone is in on the game and they know very well that there is a dumass willing to pay whatever they ask for
    just as long as it strikes the right chord in his heart.There is an idiot in every income bracket who goes to the car showroom with a price in mind and usually ends up
    buying something close to top end variants.Thats marketing right!! Thats how you make money right!!
    I mean why sell good cars at VFM prices when you can sell us outdated crap at premium prices in the land of rajas and snake charmers..its like buying flowers during dusshera or a
    sacrificial goat during eid…they know you HAVE TO HAVE IT!! AND WILL PAY BECAUSE YOU NEED IT!!
    And if the shit doesnt sell put some stickers on it or paint it blue or put a spoiler on it or best of all change the headlights and taillights and also increase the price of the ‘limited’ edition model.
    Hey.. whats wrong in selling outdated cars for double the price in a third world country.

    Im very happy to see that we are atleast setting a trend through these forums to inform others how every car company is taking us for a ride.

    1. sashi says:

      Well said..Hemant!

  3. Dr. Nayak says:

    Why anyone would think this outdated, unsafe SUV as a premium vehicle is anybody’s guess! It looks like Indians are taken for a ride from this Japanese company. It is time for Indians to sing Sayonara, Sayonara!!!

  4. sashi says:

    @ Joseph : Just becasue of our income doubles or trible, do we to pay excess amount? Indians look for VFM products! Honda and Hyundai also having development costs not just TKM is developing cars! Quality wise also they are not that bad.

    If everything is getting costlier year after year, why honda/hundai/GM able to sell their car much lesser than TKM?

    We are expressing our views in this forum. That doesnt mean we expect a price cut from TKM just because of our opinion.But such noise from the prospective buyers/users may influence the pricing/selling strategy of the manufacturers, today or tomorrow for sure.

    As a company I like Toyota. I used two of their popular cars Camry & Corolla in the past.Only the price factor pulling me back to own a toyota in india. I strongly believe, a vehile like innova must sell less than 10 lakhs ( full options ) May be die hard fans/ex employees/employees like you dream the Z varient will sell like hot cakes for 17.5 lakhs !

    There should be some kind of etiquette we have to maintain while commenting forums like IAB! So in this case I must say better you grow up 😉

  5. Bansee Pandey says:

    I em lyking vary match. I will gurantyd by it. Thanking you toyeta

  6. atul says:

    It works in indian psychology. Once one established a product as a premium one then he can keep it overpriced and keep customers in waiting. All these tactics further boost the ‘premium’ image.

  7. sashi says:

    I guess toyota vehicles are heavily over priced. Be it fortunuer,corolla or innova its not giving VFM.17.5 lakhs for a full option innova ! Ridiculous 🙁

    The same fortuner full option automatic is available in gulf for 12 lakhs,where as corolla available for 10 lakhs.

    Honda city is available in gulf for less than 10 lakhs where as in India its coming for the same price. That means toyota is just over priced for the brand image?

    They cant say due to the import of parts as the major parts are manufactured in India only. So where the difference of 12 lakhs going? Taxes? no way!

    1. joseph says:

      check how many times over has your income risen in the past three years, and then compare it with the rise in price of cars.

      people who make cars also need to earn enough to offset inflation, currency and development costs.

      prices of cars cannot be the same over years if everything gets costlier (including labour like yourself).

      give the car makers a fair chance. think rational.

      1. Sandeep says:

        That’s understandable. But compare the products from Toyota to similar products of other manufactueurers. Toyota cars are simply over priced, and the brand value is not that great. Also the built quality. Toyota Prado is a car slightly better than Mitsubishi Montero. But Prado costs 75 lakhs ex showroom and Montero is 45 Lakhs. With 75 Lakh you could buy a Porsche Cayenne base model. Do you think Toyota and Porsche has the same brand value? Take the Land Cruiser. It costs. 1.1 crore now. With that price we could buy a Range Rover, which is the ultimate SUV. Or even look at the 17.5 lakhs Innova. It just looks like a 10 Lakh car with cheap interior and features. I’m sure, Toyota will find it difficult to run like this.

  8. Chip Planter says:

    Toyota must think we Indians are stupid else why is Toyota resorting to these cheap tricks of selling a TRD variant when mechanically there are no difference with the existing model. These kind of malpractice should be penalized by the government. Indian customers should be more savvy and demand a right answer from Toyota management.

    1. joseph says:

      toyota aint forcing anyone to buy their cars – including you.

      they can charge what they want and how they want it.

      so if you do not like it – or cannot aford it – then stay away.

      stop crying, please.

      1. MVK says:

        Based on the replies – fanboyism at its best or a toyota employee!

      2. Sandeep says:

        Seems like you are a Toyota employee. No body will buy this crap if you put some stupid tags and a super high price. And nobody is crying here to reduce the price of Toyota cars. We have better manufacturers like Honda and Nissan which offer reliable cars with reasonable price. Because of this insane pricing only Toyota lost it’s better position in the sales statistics.

      3. joseph says:

        hi sandeep and MVK,

        toyota sells cars at a Premium, so what. why should everybody be value or economy?

        well can it justify it? its sales do speak something for it.

        can you afford it. perhaps not, and hence you grumble.

        just because you cannot think of something more substantiative or objective, do you get down to personal allegation?!? – employee, fan…

        said enough.

        grow up folks.

      4. Ayyappan says:

        Hey Joseph, No one seems to cry here and we just have grown up adults on this blog just expressing their views. They have their right to express their opinion and so do you. But don’t get too hyper, emotional and personal…stay calm and cool, it does help your nerves 🙂

      5. Sandeep says:

        Dude, I own a Honda City in India and a BMW Z4 in the US, along with a Ford Escape. It’s not that I can’t afford a crap from Toyota and it’s just because it’s my hard earned money and I won’t let anyone to grab it from me without a reason. And don’t call Toyota cars as a premium vehicles. I know how many recalls Toyota had made world wide. Even their Lexus brand is having a tough time. Where you aware of the mass recall of LExus and Toyota due to an accident in the US. No other brands had such a bad experience in the history. I’m sure, with these kinda pricing in India, Toyota is digging its own grave. Good luck for that. And one thing more Joseph, we the readers and buyers are not fools like you. We know how to judge a product. So stop these kinda cheap games.

      6. Chip Planter says:

        @Joseph congrats if you do own a Toyota, no one is crying here and yes the Indian market has matured over the years from the 90s and auto enthusiasts here are more liberal to choose any vehicle that fancies them, our only problem is that the manufacturers are not selling the complete ranges that you regularly see in the US/Europe?Middle East It is more like we have become the dumping ground for obsolete and end of the cycle models. It is high time the Indian market puts an end to the step motherly treatment. I have traveled globally and can say that countries worse of than India have a better eco systems for Auto Sales and Manufacturing. The only reason Toyota pricing is so high is that with all these global recalls it has effected their bottom line, some body has to pay for all the lawsuits/fixes and Toyota has found the perfect suckers in the Indian market to fleece money for a TRD decal costing not more than INR10000, just check online@ If you are talking about affordability and owning a vehicle I wont fit in your agenda as over the 30 years of driving I have owned and driven all possible models for the stables of Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Isuzu, Holden, Porsche, VW, BMW, Merc, Volvo,Ford, Jeep, GM, Accura, Infiniti

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