Nissan Terrano accessories include audio controls for the steering and third row seats

Posted on: Oct 9, 2013 - 6:45pm IST

Here are the official accessories for the Nissan Terrano which were launched today alongside the car. Lets start with the exteriors.

Nissan Terrano door visor
Door visors and body graphics can be used to distinguish your Terrano from other Terranos and Dusters.

For the variants that do not feature alloy wheels as standard, the diamond-cut 16-inch rim will be available as an accessory. Nissan will also offer exterior accessories such as a side step, trunk finisher, exhaust finisher, roof spoiler, mudguards and door visors. Additionally, four different body graphics are also on offer.

Speaking about the seats, you can choose from two fabric covers, four artificial leather covers and one beige leather cover. Cushions, seat belt pads and neck pillows are also available. Other comfort-oriented accessories include carpet mats, rear window curtains, side window curtains and steering wheel covers.

Nissan Terrano multifunction steering wheel
An audio control remote with straps attaches on to the inside of the steering wheel. The visuals relayed on to the cabin mirror also has the tripmeter reading.

Surprisingly, Nissan will be offering a third row seat as part of the optional accessories. Though this is not an adult seat, it should suffice for small kids for short distances.

Coming to the gadgetry, the Terrano can be specced with a reverse parking sensor with an integrated display on the rear view mirror. From the image, it seems that this integrated display will also house the tripmeter and would come with an automatic day/night function.

Nissan Terrano third row seat
The third row seats are also part of the optional extras. For fitment, Nissan say the bolts have to be purchased additionally.

Nissan also offers audio controls that strap into the steering wheel. The controls are grouped on a remote and a strap attaches the remote to the inner circumference of the wheel. Parts such as door mirrors with blinkers and illuminated door sills have also been developed.

Nissan Terrano Accessories – Image Gallery

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6 thoughts on “Nissan Terrano accessories include audio controls for the steering and third row seats

  1. Shiba says:

    Hi Ravi,

    Kindly advise how feasible is the 3rd row seat, is it worth or just a make shift arrangement for short trips.

    will be glad to hear from you.



    1. Anjan Ravi says:


      The third row seat can be used for short distances by kids especially.

  2. fintsho Duke says:

    I have been wanting to buy the terrano and have asked the company to give me a proforma invoice. It has been a month now since I requested through the local dealer, Kolkata Chandrani. If the company is not able to even give an invoice in time, I wonder how long a delivery will take.
    A product is as good only as it’s dealers are and more so the ethics and principles associated with it. Toyota is a leader in this, a trusted company and we know that what they quote is the true price. I also had a bad experience with Renault, who tried to cheat me with 50K, Kolkata Cenrtal dealer, or as they say is the regional sales representative of Renault. Renault should check on him.

  3. Basu S says:

    One word… Nonsense! This will only take away customers from the donor car, and aptly so! There has been no attempt to distinguish itself from the Duster by adding a proper 3rd row like Ertiga – a big letdown. These could’ve taken the game to Ecosport, but I can bet now that the Terrano will hardly reach a 1000 per month.

  4. Ayyappan says:

    Good effort yet again on the accessories part by Nissan. Nissan seems to be well prepared for the potential wish list of the customer. Each of them well thought out (including the 3rd row seats).

    The Micra Active, the new Micra and now, the Terrano – Mind blogging effort from Nissan. Hats off to you folks. It’s been sometime since we saw a manufacturer coming up with really special stuff which could make others sit up and take notice. We’ve never seen a facelifted version of a car so radically different as a Terrano for a long time. Nobody thought Nissan could launch a cut price Micra Active which would put the original Micra owner to shame. The feminine looking Micra is made into a mature, bold and aggressive Micra. So, a facelift or rebadging is not about cushions, neck pillows, exterior badges or new logo’s anymore. Commendable stuff.

    Having said that, the Indian public may still blindly go and buy a Swift or Wagon R or Ecosport 🙂

    1. apn r says:

      well said, our people still goes for Maruthi and tata.. whose most of the products lack standard and quality.
      Hope Hyundai/nissan/mitsubishi/toyota can change the trend.


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