Kawasaki J300, the company’s first maxi scooter, to be unveiled at the EICMA

Posted on: Oct 10, 2013 - 11:05am IST

Kawasaki has released teaser images of their first-ever maxi scooter J300 (where ‘J’ stands for ‘Jyonetsu’ which is ‘Passion’ in Japanese) which would be unveiled at the EICMA 2013, alongside the next generation Z1000. The production-bound Kawasaki J300 is a reworked Downtown 300i by Kymco, a Taiwanese two-wheeler manufacturer which specializes in scooters and ATVs.

Kawasaki J300 Maxiscooter teaser front three quarters
The J300 will be unveiled at the EICMA which is taking place in Milan, Italy, from November 5th.

Thanks to Kawasaki’s European R&D, the J300 has been restyled to meet the expectations of the European market.

Kawasaki J300 Maxiscooter teaser front

Kawasaki has confirmed that the J300 scooter will sit on a dual cradle chassis, sporting 120/80 14″ tyres at the front and 150/70 13″ tyres at the rear. Disc brakes will be fitted to both, front and rear wheels.

Telescopic forks at the front and 5-way adjustable rear shocks make up the J300’s suspension. Halogen headlights with dual beam functionality, under seat storage with illumination and a 12v charging port are the other features.

Kawasaki J300 Maxiscooter teaser side

The Kawasaki J300 is powered by a 0.3L four-stroke engine which is expected with similar levels of performance found in the Kymco Downtown J300i – 22bhp with a top speed of 140kph. The scooter will appear in the European markets by the end of the year and will ideally suit city commuters and long distance tourers.

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3 thoughts on “Kawasaki J300, the company’s first maxi scooter, to be unveiled at the EICMA

  1. Ponnambalam says:

    Could you let me know about any geared scooters/ high mileage scooter launches in India in the near future.

  2. Anand says:

    Wow .. will they launch in India?

    1. jay says:

      No they will not…I am quite sure that it may have very low mileage approx 15 -20 kmpl…so not a good idea in India..


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