Spied – Tata Sumo Grande Facelift begins testing

Posted on: Sep 4, 2013 - 1:32pm IST

Tata is working on a facelift for the Sumo Grande and the first set of spy images revealing a prototype have just emerged. Thanks to Team BHP, we are able to show you exactly how the Tata Sumo Grande facelift would look like. The car was spotted at Pimpri, near the Tata Motors plant.

Tata Sumo Grande facelift spied
Bull-bar up-front looks like an accessory.

Indian Autos Blog informed you back in June about a Sumo Grande facelift being in the works. Inside sources told us that we could expect to see a facelift being rolled out in the next six months.¬†Our source mentioned that “specific consumer segments are identified for which the Grande will be made and marketed to”.

Tata Sumo Grande facelift spied side
Tata has blackened-out all the pillars and added a matte-black sticker surrounding the windows.

The Grande refresh gets a darker grille and an additional bull-bar. We don’t observe changes to the headlights or the front bumper. Tata has blackened out the pillars and used what we think are matte-black stickers surrounding the windows.

Tata Sumo Grande facelift spied rear
Rear gets an additional set of reflectors above the taillights.

At the rear, the Grande gets an additional set of reflectors above the taillights. There are bound to be a few interior revisions, while the engine is expected to continue unchanged.

Tata Sumo Grande facelift spied rear three quarter

With the Sumo Gold facelift (launched in June at the Horizonext), we saw certain feature additions to the cabin such as a mobile phone holder and plastic covers for a more complete look. Alongside these changes, could the more premium Sumo receive the Vista-platform LCD infotainment touchscreen to complement navigation and Bluetooth audio functions?

[Images from – Team BHP]

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12 thoughts on “Spied – Tata Sumo Grande Facelift begins testing

  1. Sarin Sarang says:

    anything from tata is bullshit….never buy this f**king vehicle. the people there in TATA are sleeping..i think they dont even look into our roads where all the international brands are here. the attitude is like taken for granted..

    I had one grande which clocked 68000 km and have to overhaul the massy s**t. And to the surprise from the Tatas, I am having the extended warranty for 4 yrs or 150000 km and they were not willing to repair my engine under warranty. if you hear the reason you people will laugh for sure… I didnt change the brake fluid at 45000 km so i cant claim… what absurd things were there people trying to convey to public…must be blown with some bomb

    1. Milo says:

      It looks like people of India love to criticize TATA.

  2. Saniel D almeida says:

    There was a rumour that TATA is extensively banking on JLR designers to design next SUMO. is this TATA’s horizon next??

  3. yuck…….TATA SUCKS!!
    Expected a new grille and some good looking extra bits…
    nothing this is crap…looks like Force One…Chinese crap!!

  4. naman says:

    Every time Tata does a facelift for its cars it makes me think
    — “Why was this not done earlier?. It is too late now…”

  5. Ramesh says:

    Absurd!! Tata seems to be living in an era of Old Ambassodors where the only facelift used to be the Grill design. Here Tata has added a cheap looking Bullbar in front and calling it a facelift. Tata remember, customers are not fools.

  6. Sanjay says:

    Totally wasted

    Please change the Squary Head Lamps
    Add side cladding
    Roof Rails
    and Bumper

    TATA really need a design team like Hyundai’s Fluidic

  7. Milo says:

    Nice move by TATA Motors

  8. Sunny says:

    oh my god !!!!! what are they doing , please outsource designers

    Such an excellent hardware , why not make it more stylish, tough & rugged instead of jazzing it up and make it look more ugly

    1. raj shumi says:

      absolutely right.

      they have discarded muscle for mascara ).


    2. vishal says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Terrible use of masking. A high shoulder line is a very desirable styling cue on an SUV. The masking gives the illusion of a much lower shoulder line. Black glossy roof would have been a better option. The tail light design looks out of place but I know the Indian market has a preference for larger lamps.


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