Indonesia – Datsun Go+ announced at a sub-100 million rupiah price point

Posted on: Sep 17, 2013 - 7:41pm IST

The Datsun Go+ was announced today in Indonesia to go on sale in 2014. The Go+ is a low cost MPV (or more like a station wagon) with three rows of seats, based on the Go platform. Datsun have announced that the car will be priced at under 100 million Indonesian rupiah (roughly equates to 5.52 lakh rupees) in Indonesia.

The Go+ is the only three-row vehicle in its category and would roll out of Nissan’s plant in Purwakarta, Indonesia.

Datsun Go+

Datsun have also confirmed that the Go hatchback, unveiled in India in mid-July, is the second model for the Indonesian market next year.

The Go+ is a 5+2 MPV developed to accommodate all family members in the same car. The space behind the second row can either be used to install two extra seats or for cargo space.

The Go+ would have the same mechanicals and interiors as the Go, featuring the ‘Datsun Mobile Docking Station’ and a 1.2L petrol engine paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Despite the extra length, the car can qualify for small car excise benefits (if Datsun launches it in India) as it measures 3,995 mm long, 1,635 mm wide and 1,485 mm tall. The Go’s wheelbase of 2,450 mm is retained on the three-row derivative.

Datsun Go+ interior

The name ‘Go+’ signifies the extended capabilities of the Go. The Go was the first Datsun car to be launched over a hundred years ago, and was recalled to serve on the car that revives the brand that retrieved from all auto markets in the 1980s.

Nissan expects the Datsun brand to make up 50% of the total Nissan sales in 2016 in Indonesia.

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