Nissan Terrano pre-bookings begin on September 1, sub-10 lakh starting price assured

Posted on: Aug 20, 2013 - 3:04pm IST

Nissan India announced today that pre-bookings of the Terrano would commence on the 1st of September, and that its starting price would undercut 10 lakh rupees. The Terrano is a key model in boosting sales of the Japanese brand and very importantly marks its entry into the compact SUV segment.

Nissan Terrano
Though based on the Duster, Nissan has changed a lot in the Terrano.

The Terrano nameplate isn’t a fresh face as it has been around since 1986 through three generations. The design heritage of the fourth generation comes from established models such as the Patrol and Pathfinder. Though the car is based on the Duster platform, Nissan have redone the exterior with newly cast plastic and sheet metal components.

Nissan Terrano rear fascia
Nissan say they have made design references to the Pathfinder and Patrol on the Terrano’s exterior.

Nissan say that the front-end highlights the company’s ‘V-Motion’ design signature and the headlamps follow a four-pod design. The muscular fenders and sharp creases on the side of the car are inherited from the Duster. The wheels are new 16-inch chrome-coated pieces. Out at the rear, the taillights have been designed to make the car distinctively different from competitors.

Nissan Terrano side
The Terrano will reach dealer showrooms shortly. Bookings open on the 1st of September.

Colored roof rails, silver-finished skid plates and a chrome embellished band at the rear set the Terrano completely apart from the Duster.

Nissan Terrano dashboard
Chrome aircon vents, light beige color and steering wheel are new.

The interior has more in common with the Duster but differences are plenty. The two-tone dashboard gets aircon vents with chrome surrounds, and a glossy piano black center console. The door handles meanwhile feature dark faux wood inserts. The interior is presented in a light-colored beige.

Nissan Terrano headight
Nissan have also announced a sub-10 lakh rupee starting price for the vehicle.

Nissan have nothing on the powertrain options in the press release, but expect the Duster’s mechanical kit to be carried over.

Nissan Terrano official images

Nissan Terrano Image Gallery

Press release attached on Page 2.

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8 thoughts on “Nissan Terrano pre-bookings begin on September 1, sub-10 lakh starting price assured

  1. Prabhu says:

    Nissan had the opportunity to make the right amendments to the Duster, but I think they missed out on some of the vital aspects:
    1. Split Rear seats
    2. Steering mounted audio controls,
    3. Auto folding rear view mirrors
    4. Climate control
    6. Six airbag option in high end variants
    7. Better quality interiors
    8. Reverse cam etc.,

    All these features are available in cars which are a lot more cheaper than the Duster such as the Hyundai Verna, which is tremendous value for money. the terrano, if priced higher than the duster, would meet the same fate as the Nissan Evalia.

  2. Puneet Sharma says:

    1. Where are audio controls i.e. as available in all new cars,
    around steering ?
    2. How about Air conditioner performance of Terrano, Maruti
    800’s AC is better than Duster’s
    3. Can rear seat be fold like Eco Sport i.e. 2 fold or single fold
    4. Driver seat height adjustment is there?
    5. Steering adjustment is available?
    6. Driver seat left arm rest?
    7.Tablet or mobile charging points for rear seat?

  3. abdul nasser says:

    Let’s wait & watch

  4. “Nissan say they have made design references to the Pathfinder and Patrol on the Terrano’s exterior.” – It’s so evident!!! Now looks so “nissan-ish”!!!

  5. khatib says:

    Shrawardine Bro,
    only 1 question WHERE IS THE “WING MIRROR” CONTROL SWITCH.?????

    1. khatib says:

      oops!!!!!!!!! That’s Shrawan

  6. Ayyappan says:

    Have to admit Nissan has done a TERRIFIC JOB here. The Terrano looks intimidating and has proper SUV looks and size unlike the Ecosport, which is more of a hatch. Interiors look upmarket and the alloys scream for attention. Duster appears like a cheap cousin now.

    Nissan has done some unbelievable stuff with the Micra Active and the Terrano. Even the new Micra is one hell of a car. Nissan is getting into the mood now, really admirable stuff.


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