Ford Everest Concept (Endeavour Concept) previewing next gen model leaks?

Posted on: Aug 13, 2013 - 8:26am IST

A couple of images suspected to be of a concept car that would serve as a precursor for the next generation Ford Everest/Ford Endeavour, have emerged this morning on some corners of the web.

Believed to be premature leaks, the Ford Everest Concept previews the styling of the next generation Everest/Endeavour which was last seen testing in Australia sporting donor parts from the Ranger pickup. The Endeavour is an SUV constructed on the Ranger pickup’s ladder frame chassis and has extended its stay with the assistance of cosmetic surgeries.

Ford Everest Concept front
We can see a bit of Fortuner in the headlamps and some Santa Fe in the foglight container.

Launched in 2003, the Endeavour is positioned as an alternative to the Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu MU-7 in Asia. However the current model isn’t a global Ford and is not sold to every market where the pickup variant is available.

The Everest Concept features muscular wheel arches, angular headlamps like the Fortuner, the signature Aston-inspired grille and Santa Fe like connected foglight enclosures. The concept also features an identical fender vent with the model’s name inscribed on it.

The profile of the car is nothing like the current Endeavour with a more aerodynamic form complete with a flick on the window line and a sharp crease across the doors. The wraparound rear windshield is reminiscent of the Ford EcoSport and the nameplate stretching into the combination lights bodes well with the neatly styled rear.

Ford Everest Concept rear
Rear windshield hints at the EcoSport while the rest of the body is a drastic redo when compared to the current Endeavour.

If previous generations are referred, the interior of the incoming model would be almost identical to the current Ranger to contain cost. It should launch with three rows of seating with capacity to seat seven.

The engine range is usually also shared with the Ranger, so currently available options which are the 2.2 TDCI with 150 hp and 3.0 TDCI wit 200hp, are likely to be carried over.

Will Ford show the Everest Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month? We hope so!

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3 thoughts on “Ford Everest Concept (Endeavour Concept) previewing next gen model leaks?

  1. Sunny says:

    This is really great , the one spied testing in Australia, looks just like a minor tweaked version of the current Everest / Endeavour .

    The way the concept / rendering appears to be , it seems a fantastic, if this model launches by mid 2014 will be great Fortuner not expecting major upgrades , Pajero Sport nothing new can be expected , the santa fe is expected to launch in the 5 seater version in India which will do well considering the features if priced well at the end of if its a soft roader , the real suv category wont have much happening in this price range,,,it will be great to see Ford Compete back in the Indian Market…………… for now i think what we can do is wait n watch

  2. sri says:

    Wonderful ! hope this comes before 2015 to our Indian market !

    1. Hello Sri! We’re told that this is Ford India’s next launch, it should come much before 2015.


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