Toyota Innova Chrome Edition launched to celebrate sales of 4 lakh units

Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 - 6:17pm IST

The Toyota Innova has successfully crossed the 4 lakh mark in terms of sales in India. That’s right, Toyota Kirloskar has sold 400,000 Innovas since its launch in the country in 2005.

To celebrate the occasion, Toyota has introduced the Innova Chrome Edition. This will be sold as an accessory pack at the Toyota dealerships.

One thing that has been going in favor of the Innova is its premium-ness. Even though it is used in the Taxi market, the Toyota Innova is considered a luxury car by many. And if you are in India, nothing speaks the language of ‘luxury’ or ‘premium’ better than a material called ‘Chrome’.

Toyota Innova Chrome Edition launched in india

At the front, you get a chrome garnish on the grill while the bumper corner protector gets chrome inserts. The wing mirrors of the car also feature chrome inserts.

At the sides, the wheel arches get a splash of chrome while the door handles are made in chrome (just like in the top-end VX model). The turn indicators located in the front fenders get a chrome surround.

A hatch lid with a chrome tipping and a chrome tipped muffler cutter are the add ons at the rear.

The Chrome Edition will be available on the GX Edition of the Innova only. The Innova Chrome Edition accessory pack costs INR 31,000.

And if you’re wondering, the word ‘Chrome’ was used in this article 13 times!

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5 thoughts on “Toyota Innova Chrome Edition launched to celebrate sales of 4 lakh units

  1. achint says:

    Any idea what % of Innova are for personal use vs commercial use ?

  2. Just wondering.. if everyone is so crazy about chrome, why not make the whole car out of it?

    1. Ayyappan says:

      Well said mate 🙂 Yahooooooooo !

    2. madhav says:

      rust free Chrome body will be very costly… . seen pics of Mercs in UAE custom built with full Chrome body.

  3. Ganesh says:

    Yikes, that looks like a aftermarket kit. Looks ugly!!


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