Suzuki Swift facelift launched in Japan with “DJE” technology and many new changes

Posted on: Jul 25, 2013 - 4:43pm IST

Suzuki has introduced the Swift facelift (“minor model change” in auto industry lingo) in the Japanese market and after much difficulty, we’ve decoded technologies and new additions that have climbed on-board the JDM model from the press release printed in Japanese.

Suzuki Swift JDM

The Swift facelift marketed in Europe changed very little (the exterior color option and the LED light work on the foglight surrounds were the only notable inclusions) but for the Japanese market, there’s a bit more to talk about.

Suzuki Swift JDM paddle shifters
The JDM model is fitted with paddle shifters even on the everyday variants.

The Suzuki Swift facelift comes with a “dual jet engine” (DJE) which has nothing to do with valve timing or direct injection. What this technology essentially is, is combining regenerative braking mechanism and an idling stop system to the 1.2-liter K Series engine.

These inclusions cause an improvement to the fuel efficiency which now stands at 26.4km/liter of gasoline in the Japanese driving cycle, exempting the car from all taxes. Three variants with DJE have been introduced.

Suzuki Swift facelift JDM interior
The speedo backlight color depends on your driving attitude. Scores are awarded through the display of leafs for your eco-driving skills.

Suzuki has designed a dedicated display to judge the degree of your eco-friendliness behind the wheel. It also encourages eco-driving in a very unique method described in the image above.

Suzuki Swift JDM speedo background lighting
The background illumination and the power transfer graphic are in action on this image.

Suzuki Swift facelift ‘ene-Charge’ TVC

[Can’t view the video here? Head to Youtube]

Suzuki Swift RS JDM front
Suzuki Swift RS has also been launched for the Japanese market

For Japan, all Swift variants sport ESP as standard. The design of the front bumper and grill have changed. The ‘Swift RS’ variant gets exclusive body skirts to get a more aggressive appearance.

Suzuki Swift RS JDM rear
The RS variants gets different bumpers and adds body skirting.

The Suzuki Swift facelift comes in a total of seven variants – XG-DJE, XL-DJE, XS-DJE, XG, XL, special edition Swift RS, and XS. You can choose variants with a 5-speed MT, CVT, 2WD and 4WD. The updated car’s price ranges from 1,279,950 yen (7.54 lakh rupees) to 1,787,100 yen (10.54 lakh rupees).

[Images are from the official Suzuki Japan website]

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9 thoughts on “Suzuki Swift facelift launched in Japan with “DJE” technology and many new changes

  1. Shaday Gallimore says:

    Would this technology be considered hybrid?? also, does anyone know what the different dashboard colours mean? and I read somewhere it may not be good for the battery to jump start this vehicle?

  2. sandy says:

    DJE system is need of an hour in our market; really appreciable system to be welcomed. 26.4 kmpl in Japanese cycle could be 22 -23 kmpl in our cycle. But, I doubt if it could make it to India; I won’t be blaming Maruti Suzuki but our diesel addicted market. If we had given preference to petrol, then bringing this technology could have been more economical to Suzuki over buying MJD from Fiat or building their own diesel engine plant.

  3. Sushrut says:

    Maruti will never bring these changes to Indian swift. In Japan, they are kind of forced to bring these changes as they are not no.1 there. They have to fight it out. In India, swift is selling as it is , so why change?

  4. Dr. Nayak says:

    The standard Suzuki lingo is “It is too complicated/technologically sophisticated to produce such systems in India” Remember the Ex Suzuki GM once said “the 4 speed transmission of the 800 is very technologically sophisticated and difficult to make it in India” and hence has they have to import it from Japan!!! Thank god, now we have few other auto companies that are ready to take the challenges, and make sophisticated products in India.

  5. is there any possibility that the Swift with same above features will be introduced in India?

    1. That’s a good question, but will the Indian customer appreciate these features?

      1. Jay Termkar says:

        @Shrawan: I really doubt…Indians would have appreciated it, if it had any any visible value addition for Ex. in comfort, Space, Performance of Gadgets..etc. Here in this case only PeddleShifter is the visible value addition….and as far as hybridization and technology is concerned, Indians doesn’t give any S**t to that thing…

      2. Harry says:

        Yes, if it returns 26 km/l.

      3. Probably not all the features but the “dual jet engine” (DJE), combining regenerative braking mechanism and an idling stop system to the 1.2-liter K Series engine would garner better mileage and Indians love a car with a great mileage.

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