KTM Duke 390 launched in Chennai at Rs. 1,83,837

Posted on: Jul 4, 2013 - 11:52am IST

The KTM Duke 390 has been launched in Chennai at Rs. 1,83,837 (ex-showroom Chennai).

KTM Duke 390 in Chennai

With the pricing of the Duke 390, KTM swept the riders off their feet and no wonder that the customers keep thronging the showrooms. The Chennai outlet, being ranked second in terms of sales behind the Bengaluru outlet, is raking up huge foot falls.

KTM Duke 390 Chennai launch

In addition to the Duke 390, its off road sibling 350 SX-F and the RC8 superbike were also on display, however only as brandshapers and not for sale. Here are the images from our ardent reader Mr. Sree Ganesh.

KTM RC8 in Chennai outlet

The Duke 390 has the ability to outrun many bikes that are far more expensive with its 44PS 373cc single cylinder liquid cooled motor. Paired to a 6-speed gearbox, the brutal naked sportsbike is capable of doing 0-100kph in about 7 seconds, thanks to its power-to-weight ratio of 300PS per tonne. The bike manages an impressive top speed of 160kph.

KTM RC8 on display at Chennai outlet

In spite of offering the motorcycle with a killer introductory price tag, KTM doesn’t skimp on the equipment. The Duke 390 comes with a Bosch fuel injection system, ABS (again from Bosch), suspension system from WP and sticky Metzeler tires.

KTM 350 SX-F

The initial waiting period of the KTM Duke 390 is about 90 days but the dealership promises to deliver the bike earlier than that. Buoyed by the response, KTM has announced that it will open a second outlet in Chennai which would be larger than the current outlet.

The OTR price of the KTM Duke 390 in Chennai stands at Rs. 2,04,970.

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12 thoughts on “KTM Duke 390 launched in Chennai at Rs. 1,83,837

  1. Amar says:

    I think KTM 390 is a perfect bike for Chennai short distance hauls . I have KTM 200 and it is very agile on the road and I am sure 390 will take the ride to the next levels though bike fundamentals are similar between 200 and 390. Anything beyond 390 in Indian roads may not fetch lots of dividend. Our crappy roads are perfect recipe for Bajaj Scooters and Royal Enfield but these light weighted engineering is something new for Indian consumers.

    Yes, it is indeed consumerism caught up with Indians but it will take sometime before they understand they need to create something instead just be consumers at some point.

  2. Ravikiran Rao says:

    @Madhav & Ayyappan,

    Greetings folks!

    Well I agree with both of you and both have valid issues raised. Ayyappan you are matter of fact realistic and I do agree with reality bites! but at the same time can’t help but agree with Madhav as well. After all its your money and your life..

    Lets face it as mentioned in Allan’s earlier post here.. I am too 45 with kids and I too can not ride like a madman, but I too crave to ride a distant tour once in a while. I think its not about capabilities of super bikes but sanctity and responsibility of its rider. while one can still own a super bike or a large and heavy one for day to day commute, we still need to remember safety of self and our fellow citizens.

    As far as biking goes, India is still young and learning. We still lack in providing proper race tracks to youngsters. Where should we expect them to spend their adrenalin? We keep watching news of biker menace and young lives wasted on road. Youngsters need to be given bikes at the right age (now this is very controversial again!) but most importantly what they need is proper guidance on riding skills and dos and do not. Unfortunately what I have observed is that its not kids who really want larger and faster bike, but cos they feel that their parents can afford one!

  3. Allan Dias says:

    People against higher capacity motorbikes (and I say this from the Indian perspective- in the West 250ccs are considered starter bikes) forget a very basic point. Bikes generate a lot of drag. Consequently, around 60 km/h acceleration is pretty poor. A larger capacity engine with more torque is actually a safer bike (up to a point of course).

    I’m 45 with kids, and don’t intend racing around like a madman, but I plan to buy this (or probably the Bajaj 375 if it is more relaxed than the Duke). I was contemplating the CBR250 but if the Bajaj 375 comes in at about 1.5l, it is a no brainer.

  4. Deepak Chablani says:

    These kinda bikes are generally picked up by rich kids to show off. Most of them use it for city commute to attract public attention. Yes, these are dangerously fast, require great skills and training to ride safe. And not to forget the gear.

    I’ve read about so many accident cases involving these in India. Cricketer Md.Azharuddin’s son, recent death of a 19 year old in Bangalore…so many. Pretty risky business indeed !

  5. Kuki says:


    I will book this one right away….. I was waiting and now it looks like it was worth to wait.

    I love this commuter for my city…

  6. Ayyappan says:

    Ride safe folks, we don’t really have the roads for these kinda cars/ bikes in India.

    Companies just want to sell their products and improve their bottom line and Indians are easy targets since we’re so badly slaves to the western culture.

    Again, ride safe. Ensure your safety and others safety too. Its just one life !

    1. madhav says:

      Did you buy grinder and mixie for your home or still using mortars? grow up! You can even have a fatal fall while riding a bicycle. why do you think express ways have started coming up in india? living std improves with increase in public demand. wats ur point in blaming companies here? its funny.

      1. Ayyappan says:

        > Did you buy grinder and mixie for your home or still using mortars? > I do use grinder and mixie because it eases my workload tremendously and there are no safety hazards.

        > You can even have a fatal fall while riding a bicycle > Yes and that’s why we encourage kids to wear one while cycling. But bicycles don’t travel 0-100kph in under 7 seconds and has a top speed of 160kmph. There’s tremendous risk involved while riding power bikes unlike cycles, needless to state.

        > why do you think express ways have started coming up in india? > Express highways have only started to come up and no express highway would be good enough for the Indian population, which is increasing at such a frenetic pace. Cities are becoming crowded like never before and Tier I & II cities are becoming equally worse. If you’ve travelled abroad extensively, you’d know what I’m talking about !

        > living std improves with increase in public demand > Living standard doesn’t improve with public demand. It depends on right governance, financial capability and the people you vote to power. Anyways, India is still one of the poorest countries in the world with very poor infrastructure and we’re trying to live like developed nations without the basic infrastructure ! 95% of riders don’t even follow the basic safety gear while using those bikes !

        > wats ur point in blaming companies here? its funny. > Buying an SUV is not a requirement for 99% of the people, its a show off. Buying a power bike may not be a requirement for most but its a show off. We’re in a complex web of consumerism which ensures that we’re all spending on goods to keep up with each another in society. The marketing machinery of companies will ensure that you feel inferior if you don’t possess that particular product. In most developed markets like Europe and US, the demand for cars/ bikes are declining rapidly. With the new middle class in India (trying to be a cheap show off chap) spending like crazy thanks to the software/ bpo and general boom in economy, all manufacturers are eyeing India in a big way. It doesn’t matter whether their products will suit our market’s real requirements, their marketing machinery will ensure that you buy them.

        Note: 2 of my friends got killed in a race accident involving their power bikes 6 years ago. They were young and ignorant too and wanted to show off ! And growing up is not about buying a KTM or a Ninja ; its knowing yourself and knowing to differentiate between real progress and self pity !

  7. Bharath says:

    Well, there are some ppl who take biking seriously and they are not buyimg a KTM to commute in chennai’s traffic… 150 cc bikes are not worth it when it comes to travelling long distances..

  8. sri says:

    waste of money, 150 cc bikes are more than enough for chennai Traffic an automatic bike similar to automatic scooters should be launched instead of these beasts which can just do their job in race courts !

    1. Bharath says:

      Well, there are some ppl who take biking seriously and they are not buyimg a KTM to commute in chennai’s traffic… 150 cc bikes are not worth it when it comes to travelling long distances..

    2. $@! says:

      ECR Road is the place to ride this Beauty.


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