Report – Hybrid vehicles for public transport will start trial runs next month in India

Posted on: Jul 11, 2013 - 1:59pm IST

This is still India and you read the title right. The capital will host the trials for hybrid powered three-wheelers, mini busses and busses from August, reports the Times Of India.

The government apparently, wants to explore the use of alternative fuel based transportation which is expected to come with certain subsidies.

Tata CNG hybrid bus
A Tata Starbus variant that uses a very unique CNG Hybrid powertrain.

A review conducted by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Tuesday has approved pilot projects for use of electric and hybrid vehicles for public transportation. The implementation of this project would be worked out within the next four weeks.

Pilot projects would also follow in other cities and the results would help the government in tweaking the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) which aims to put about 17% of the vehicles on sale in India as electrics/hybrids by the year 2020.

Toyota would be looking to launch the Camry hybrid while Mahindra has confirmed that a Verito EV would be seen next year.

Another initiative agreed on (which sounds ambitious) is a 70-100 seater commercial aircraft. India says that China has already commenced work on such an aircraft and that we shouldn’t be left behind.

Mahindra Verito EV
Mahindra Verito EV showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo last year.

If India firms up its plans for electric/hybrid vehicles, the world of possibilities is endless: A Bajaj RE60 EV, a Tata Nano EV..if we were to brainstorm, we can also imagine a Renault Twizy competitor from Tata or Mahindra. Participants in the quadricycle program can spin out battery-powered variants to suit the financials and application of Indian customers.

A PMO press release said –

India has the potential to emerge as a global manufacturing hub for electric and hybrid vehicles.

[Source – Times Of India]

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3 thoughts on “Report – Hybrid vehicles for public transport will start trial runs next month in India

  1. Deepak Chablani says:

    Great step indeed by the Govt !

  2. Hybrids are much cleaner and require less fossil fuel to run them, they ultimately help to reduce the dependence on foreign oil and do their part to lower prices domestically.

  3. sandy says:

    Finally, another good news for environment friendly activity happening in our country, though late but better then never. This step if followed by extensive use of renewal energy could arrest the slipping value of Rupees. Wish this happens nation wide. Though Mahindra-Reva E2O may not have kicked off well, but it has managed to give deep impact on our thinking on personal transportation in new horizon.


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