Spied – Bajaj RE60’s taillamp detailing comes to light

Posted on: Jul 18, 2013 - 5:17pm IST

The controversial Bajaj RE60 has managed to dodge its initial hurdles and is waiting for the final go ahead from the government.

Bajaj RE60 spied testing

The RE60 creates a new segment in the Indian auto market called the quadricycles. A quadricycle fills up the gap between a three wheeled rickshaw and an entry level car.

To be marketed as an urban transportation solution, the quadricycle will mainly target the commercial operators. The government has also announced saying that quadricycles cannot be used as private transportation.

Of course Bajaj has officially unveiled the production version but here is an interesting spyshot from Motorbash.com. For the first time, we are able to see the taillight detailing of the RE60 when the lights are on.

Bajaj RE60 taillight detailing
Bajaj designers did a commendable job with the taillight detailing of the RE60.

Despite being built to a strict cost target, Bajaj designers have managed to incorporate trendy brake light elements. The C-shaped lighting patten immediately reminds us of that of the Skoda Fabia.

Bajaj continues to test the RE60 as evident from these spyshots. The vehicle is powered by a 200cc DTS-i engine whose power output is yet to be made public. The quadricycle weighs 450kg and has a claimed mileage of 35+ kpl. The top speed stands at 70kph and it emits only 60g/km of CO2 (hence the name RE60).

The Bajaj RE60 is expected to go on sale by the end of 2013.

[Source: Motorbash.com]

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5 thoughts on “Spied – Bajaj RE60’s taillamp detailing comes to light

  1. Jay Termkar says:

    To be frank..I don’t care what others say about Quadracycles …I will buy it for commute to office…as I cannot afford car and quadracycle is much safer then Bike as it has 4 wheels, stability, protection from Rain, Dust, Sun, Cold etc.

  2. B+ says:

    Hope for the best.certainly it will be more stylish,packaged,protected,user friendly,economic,Less poluted.My best wishesh with this kind of vehicles which can emmit less with more millage & save the world.Now the world is full of foolish those who criticise this type of environment friendly vehicle but posses a Car for their comfort which pollute & harm the environment in larger scale.just for their knowledge many cars which are running on Indian road does not pass Crash & offset crash (I believe people know the difference of these two)

  3. Nagaraj.P.N says:

    Your arrivals are very nice.

  4. Dr. Nayak says:

    This may not be the final product, but you can see the poor built quality synonymous with Bajaj three wheelers. Quadra cycles need to be stylish and ultra-modern to get any kind of acceptance among the public as seen in the Euro land. This is like going backwards under the pretext of fuel economy and safety. Why the so called rural populations that are going to use such product, are not protected by the government with crash test and safety norms? Why their life is not worth as much as the people who drive cars in the city? In fact all the public transport vehicles must have higher standards, as several people’s lives are at stake in case of an accident!

  5. sandy says:

    One thing I don’t understand; Bajaj RE60 is 200cc DTSi petrol engine and is for commercial operators i.e. replacing 3 wheeler auto rickshaws. But in most cities, diesel auto rickshaw has taken at large, so how they are going to address them in diesel world.


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