Video – Filming footage from TopGear Series 20 reveals McLaren P1, Rolls Royce Wraith among others

Posted on: Jun 24, 2013 - 1:45pm IST

Top Gear is back and the first episode of series 20 is scheduled to go on air from June 30th. We had revealed in an earlier story about the lunacy you can expect in the latest season. Today, we come across a video taken by YouTube channel World Super Cars that shows us the crew while filming for an episode.

[Head to YouTube if you cannot view the video above.]

The episode in question will certainly feature the Jaguar F-Type. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond seem to be in possession of an F-Type each, complete with a British Union Jack flag. They seem to be celebrating ‘Everything British’ in this episode. The lineup of cars seen in the background is testimony to this.

We clearly see the most dynamic and powerful Rolls Royce ever made, a.k.a the RR Wraith. Standing on the other side of the Wraith is a black McLaren P1! The P1 is yet to commence deliveries, yet could be the most powerful British car ever made packing in over 903bhp of firepower.

A long queue of Minis can be seen somewhere in the video. For a split second, you also see the rear of the Aston Martin One-77. The lineup also includes the Jaguar E-Type, the spiritual predecessor of the F-Type.

This is a must watch for the Top Gear enthusiast. Although, if you’re Indian, you would like to see more of the HM Ambassador drifting!

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2 thoughts on “Video – Filming footage from TopGear Series 20 reveals McLaren P1, Rolls Royce Wraith among others

  1. irfaan says:

    I irfaan have top gear in my mind for long now is amazing keeps me updated and clearly see the best of vehicles which is stunning.I give my full attention for top gear and by now know the famous peaple.I don’t mind taking a drive in the bucatti veyron and ferrari f12.I’m keeping updated and waiting for the 2Oth season to begin!

  2. sandy says:

    O dear, they are getting old; need to see whether they still retain their rude and wickedness on testing the cars or not. What are those small single seater red vehicles lined up during the first 27 sec or more, tractor or lawn mower?


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