Its official now – Ford EcoSport launches on June 26

Posted on: Jun 19, 2013 - 9:58pm IST

Ford India has invited to the launch of the Ford EcoSport on the 26th of June (Wednesday) in New Delhi shutting down any further speculations about the launch. Ford finally brings the year long wait to an end, and inside sources have told IAB that introductory prices would be aggressive.

Ford EcoSport Press Launch Invite clipping

Across India, Ford dealers are receiving vehicles for demo and test drive activities as we write this, and a booking can be made by depositing 50,000 rupees.

As we’ve laid down three telephone directories worth of content on Ford EcoSport over the last year and a half, we request you to go to our Ford EcoSport tag page to know everything about the car.

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14 thoughts on “Its official now – Ford EcoSport launches on June 26

  1. $@! says:

    Finally Finally Finally….

    FORD pissed off many ppl with the launch date (Hahaha) + Many prospective buyers went for the DUSTER or an XUV.

    Missed Opportunity for Ford & hope they price it sensibly. The Petrol variants are goofed up with the ECOBOOST engine offered only on the Top variant. Diesel variant gets the Fiesta’s engine & hope atleast they price this with-in the acceptable limit or else this will be another Dud.

    Lets see the pricing strategy FORD adopts.


    1. Swadhin says:

      Cheap Publicity stunt by Ford India and the Ford EcoSport: The #UrbanDiscoveries #EcoSportDiscoveries were all a set thing like all other reality shows. We should have listened to people who asked us to refrain from participating. But we trusted Ford and that was our biggest mistake. Well now that we are not bound by their terms and conditions, here is the real review of the car (Sorry for promoting it earlier – as directed by Ford). NEVER BUY THE #EcoSport – — at Ford India.

  2. Manoj says:

    I heared, there are many problom on this vehicle.
    And still those problem are not solved.
    I am initially intrested to buy but one Ford employee told many problem on this vehicle.

    1. a says:

      Manoj, I know you are from a competitive dealer of another manufacturer!

  3. Achyuth says:

    Hi Guys, There is already a White EcoSport Titanium near my house. It’s a diesel. Then I need to know what is the meaning of this launch?

      1. Achyuth says:

        So is he paying (presumably) EMI?

  4. Kashif says:

    Hi Shrawan,

    Good to see first official announcement about Ford Ecosport launch on your website. May I know the location of this launch in Delhi? Are general public or aspirant customers able to get the entry in this event on 26th June. If so, then what are the modalities. Thanks Kashif

    1. Hi Kashif, this is a media invitation. We aren’t sure about how the general public or customer can get in, you may want to speak to your dealership about this. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help to you here.

  5. dr adarsh says:

    Any on pricing ?

  6. Ganesh says:

    Good to see this ‘tall-hatch’ getting launched finally! Better they dont’ screw it as they did with Fiesta’s pricing!!

    1. $@! says:

      Hahaha lol

  7. mm says:



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