Govt approves Quadricycles; Bajaj RE60 to enter production very soon

Posted on: May 23, 2013 - 10:28am IST

The Government of India has finally approved a new type of four-wheelers today, the Quadricycle. As you may have read previously, the Government and the auto industry were divided over the creation of Quadricycles with some manufacturers and CEO’s taking stands against it.

The move comes after a meeting under the chairmanship of Road Secretary, Mr. Vijay Chhibber.

Quadricycles approved only for commercial use though.

So how does one identify a Quadricycle plying on the road? An identification symbol ‘Q’ will be displayed on the Quadricycles, just like how trailer buses and lorries carry the ‘T’ symbol.

Quadricycles will have to be commercially registered as the Govt. has not approved private ownership yet. The driver has to have a specific license to be legally eligible to use it.

Bajaj RE60 front three quarters left
Bajaj made minor changes to the body work in the final production model. The first public outing for the “four wheeler” was at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo.

Quadricycles will be permitted to run on intra-city roads within municipal limits (city and rural roads).

“A separate category has been proposed for notification to include quadricyle with specifications adopting present norms notified in the 3-wheeler category of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) or the European Union quadricycle, whichever is more stringent,” a Road Ministry statement said.

Mr. R C Maheswari, President and Mr. Rajiv Bajaj MD, with the Bajaj RE60
Mr. Bajaj says the RE60 will enter production very soon.

The statement goes further to say that the Quadricycles will be considered as a step up from the three-wheelers.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, says that the production of the RE60 will commence “very soon”.

When asked if the ‘commercial only’ tag of the RE60 was a half-victory of sorts, Mr. Bajaj said that eventually a four-wheeler would have to be permitted to be owned and driven in a manner similar to the two and three-wheelers.

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3 thoughts on “Govt approves Quadricycles; Bajaj RE60 to enter production very soon

  1. Joginder Balwan says:

    Hi Yogesh,

    If you expect an autorickshaw owner to change to an RE60 then most likely you are correct.

    However, I see the odds stacked against this scenario. An autorichshaw will be cheaper – in acquisition, running and repair costs. Plus it is more maneouverable and will stay relevant to the commericla segment as upgrades continue.

    Bajaj, knows this too, and is in fact hoping that the doors to private registration open, as this will give it better commercial prospects. I see this as eventially happening as Bajaj buys time.

    In such a case, this would definitely be many steps back in vehicle safety.

    Bajaj is being opportunistic. It keeps changin its stance to suit its incompetences. I remember clearly that they showcased a car at the Auto Expo 2010 when the Nano was launched. Their lack of competencies has led them to this new contraption that even Renault has expressed its doubts about and hence bailed out. Bajaj wants to put this out on the roads asap to recover the costs it has sunk into it.


  2. Joginder Balwan says:

    It is a bad decision to allow quadricycles as passenger carriers.

    It is indeed then a regressive step in passenger safety when such vehicles do not comply with norms applicable to other passenger vehicles – namely cars.

    Are lives less valuable in quadricycles than in cars?

    1. Yogesh Udkar says:

      I am guessing what safety does an Autorikshwa offer to you.
      These vehicles will at least have lower emissions which is a must for all major cities.
      I think its progressive. .


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