Mahindra to launch mHawk engine on E4 and E8 Xylo variants tomorrow

Posted on: May 10, 2013 - 12:56pm IST

Mahindra is teasing its Facebook fans with an image of an incomplete mHawk badge on the Xylo. Well informed folks know already about the availability of this engine on the E9 variants since February 2012 when the Xylo was facelifted.

Mahindra mHawk engine Xylo E4 and E8 variants

Sources reveal to Indian Autos Blog that tomorrow Mahindra will introduce the Scorpio’s motor on the lower E4 and E8 variants. The 2.2-liter mHawk on the E9 variant develops 120bhp @ 4,000 rpm and 280 Nm @ 2,400-2,800 rpm and the same specification is likely to continue. Currently E4 and E8 variants are strapped with the 2.5-liter mEagle engine that makes 112bhp @ 3,800 rpm and 260Nm @ 1,800-2,200 rpm.

The E8 is the better spec-ed of the two changing trim levels with features such as foglamps, ABS & EBD, snack trays, parking assistant and digital vehicle information module. The E4 carries fewer features with highlights being dual AC and power windows.

Mahindra Xylo E9 engine
2.2L mHawk engine is currently available only on the Xylo E9 variant

Mahindra launched the Xylo in January 2009 and rolled out the E9 variant along with cosmetic improvements across the range in early 2012. The Xylo platform underpins three products today – Xylo, Genio pickups and the Quanto – and these launches have been fruitful.

Chevrolet enjoy MPV front
The launch of the Chevrolet Enjoy at such aggressive prices is not good news to Mahindra.

However Xylo sales have been flagging especially after the introduction of the Maruti Ertiga last year. With the entry of the Chevrolet Enjoy this week, there maybe further cannibalization in the short term. To protect its market share from being eaten away by new launches, Mahindra has to do refreshes, technology additions and special editions every year, which explains the philosophy behind tomorrow’s action.

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3 thoughts on “Mahindra to launch mHawk engine on E4 and E8 Xylo variants tomorrow

  1. Manish says:

    Why ? Why ? Why Mahindra have to take this step after Enjoy launched at aggressive pricing ? Why they did not do this before any Enjoy coming in ? I am sure if Enjoy might have not priced aggressively or had delay launched, Mahindra might have not done this. I disrespect such brands. When another company put’s gun to their head [ launching new, well designed and well priced product] then they do the improvement and not for bettering their own self or serving the people with good products, just to stand the competition.

    My friend, Mohammed well said, XUV was doing well and their sales figures are dropping with every passing day whereas Duster is picking up with every passing day. Why ? Because borrowing external beauty [ from Sanggyong ] but missing the most important element, the internal beauty [ the driving pleasure, on road grip, no back seat body role],don’t help in longer way. . Many comparison of XUV n Duster are done, and most of them clearly say Duster is the winner.

    There is a old saying ” The beauty of soul is more important then the outer beauty” ……How true it is today also.

  2. Fredy Web says:

    I agree. Mahindra should do away with the Xylo and its brother the Quanto and start working on improving their products quality. At the moment all they seem to be interested in is marketing.

    What they dont understand is that if they put the same amount of money into making a better vehicle, the vehicle would market itself.

  3. Mohammed says:

    The Enjoy effect !!! Chinese or Indian, I’m pretty positive that the Enjoy would be a much better engineered vehicle than Xylo and would eventually take the dying Xylo twins (Xylo n Quanto) to the funeral home. You can trust and safely put your money on the engineering skills of GM when compared to M&M.

    I think the Xylo has become a problem child for M&M, not just in terms of its engineering issues but also because of its consistently declining sales numbers (averaging around 1500+ for the last so many months). I had the opportunity to extensively test the Xylo when I was in the market to buy an MUV. Truck like bumpy ride, sloppy handling, poor high speed stability, heavy body roll, poor quality interiors . M&M did try to address some of these issues, they even added EST (Extra Stability Technology) across all variants ; but nothing much has changed though. Finally, I bought an Innova and am mighty happy with the decision.

    I always felt that M&M investments in terms of inflated and mostly unethical sales and marketing efforts should be replaced by solid investments in technology and engineering. There’s no substitute for a well engineered car. Look at the XUV500, its no surprise that the good looking XUV sales are consistently declining, down to 2000+ last month from the high 5k last October. The car is seriously affected by the poor user feedback, long list of quality issues, faulty electronics, recall news etc. reinforcing the unreliable engineering side of a 15+ lac car. On the other hand, though overpriced, Duster cruises at 5000 units every single month ! That’s sheer engineering skills on play.


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