Ford EcoSport to launch in 10 variants; Official specification sheet inside

Posted on: May 11, 2013 - 5:48pm IST

Ford India has revealed specifications of all variants of the EcoSport that will launch next month. Ford is going into the marketplace with four configurations – 1L petrol MT, 1.5L petrol MT, 1.5L petrol AT and 1.5L diesel MT. Customers will have ten variants to choose from, of which six are petrol and the remaining four are diesel.

The exact numbers of the 1.5L diesel variant were unknowns until today. As it turns out, the engine is the same unit used on the Fiesta.

The 1.5L Duratorq unit produces a peak power of 91 PS @ 3,750 RPM and a peak torque of 204 Nm @ 2,000-2,750 RPM.

The 1.5L Ti-VCT petrol engine is paired to either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. The peak power output stands at 112 PS @ 6,300 RPM and the peak torque is 140 Nm @ 4,400 RPM.

Ford EcoSport media drive Goa snapshot
The Ford EcoSport will launch in 10 variants (6 petrol + 4 diesel) next month.

All variants measure 3,999mm long (IAB readers know Ford India had to shave off a small part of the front bumper to reach there). The wheelbase is 2,520mm and all variants have 200mm ground clearance. Except for the three-cylinder Ecoboost engine, all other motors are four pots and are almost 100% localized at the Chennai plant. The Ecoboost engine is imported from Ford’s Romanian plant.

Bookings for the EcoSport open in June and deliveries would commence by the end of the month. Ford has localized 65% of the car and it is learned that their aim is to reach 85% in the coming years.

Ford EcoSport technical specifications and variants

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18 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport to launch in 10 variants; Official specification sheet inside

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Shrawan, i see that most ppl feel that d ecosport is not spacious. I want to know if d ES is lesser in width compared to figo which is spacious. If not then what is making d ES less spacious? Thanks n hoping for ur answer.

  2. vineet says:

    i have a ford figo zxi nov 2010 diesel model,is it worth exchanging the figo and buy the ecosport diesel?
    space is not a problem to me,i find the figo itself quite spacious,so ecosport will have more space than figo
    my daily commute is 50kms.the base version of ecosport diesel should be sufficient for my requirement,is it worth the upgrade?

  3. Hitin Suri says:

    Hi Shrawan, can you suggest automobile manufacturers that person who ready to spent extra amount on automatic transmission has comfort his first priority & ready to pay extra premium for that . He already knows that he will get less milage & compromise on resale too. Yet manufactures do not bring Top model in this segment. As Maruti only bring AT in VXI variants and they are not successful same mistake Ford has done by not introducing in titanium plus variant . They should learn from Hyundai & Honda how to market AT & get volume from segment .

  4. dr adarsh says:

    Hi, shravan
    Did.u get to drive the eco sport ? If.yes how was the experience.?

  5. Ayyappan says:

    Hi Shrawan,

    I’ve been following this car for months and was struck by its wonderful design. But after seeing the car during the mall display, I had decided not to consider the Ecosport. I wasn’t happy at all with the cabin space and boot space. My family was very disappointed too with the vehicle too. We tried using the rear seats and it was such a tight squeeze even for my kid, wife and myself together. I seriously don’t know why Ford is doing this ?

    Is there any clue at all from Ford officials during your interactions with them about launching a bigger, extended wheelbase Ecosport for India? Even if its not priced in the 5 lakh bracket, we just need a bigger cabin and bigger boot.

    1. Hi, there’s no long wheelbase EcoSport planned, here’s that story –

      I think you should consider options like the Maruti Ertiga or the Chevrolet Enjoy if you are looking for a spacious family utility vehicle for under 10 lakhs. Even the Duster’s rear seat isn’t very comfortable, but a test drive with the full family on-board should clarify any doubts about the space.

      1. Ayyappan says:

        Thanks Shrawan. I do not really require an MPV for my family size . I’ve driven and travelled in the Duster, its way too big compared to Ecosport, but beyond my budget 🙁 Infact, I’ve already booked the Amaze few weeks back considering its tremendous overall package. cabin space, mileage, power, boot space, ASS etc. Even if I want to take my friends out and chill with them once in a while, the Amaze seemed apt. Just wanted to keep an eye on Ecosport though 🙂

  6. Ronnie says:

    hi ShrawanJI

    I am planning to buy a diesel car within 8lakh. Do i want to wait for E_S

  7. Amardeep says:

    Hi, i want to buy a diesel one for my dad , i just wanted to know if and when automatic diesel would be available , and would that box be dual clutch or single clutch . Thanks

    1. Hi Amardeep, there certainly seems to be no plan to sell a diesel AT anywhere in the world.

  8. Rohit says:

    Hey shrawan … I’m waiting for this car from so many months.. Just give me any idea that diesel top model will cost me how much … Any idea because I want to buy fully loaded ecosport… And how much time is expected for deliveries … And kindly post daily on ur page

    1. Hi Rohit, there is no clue about the pricing from Ford. We are just weeks away from the launch today, we will have the numbers soon. Bookings and deliveries begin in June.


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