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Posted on: May 11, 2013 - 10:02pm IST

The Audi A6 has been a very significant contributor to the brand’s impressive sales numbers in India. Audi India has managed to sell 6,000 of them in six years and to mark this achievement, a special edition model has been launched.

Audi A6 Special Edition front three quarters right

We got an opportunity to sample the Audi A6 Special Edition and operate the nine additional features that have come aboard. Unlike most special edition models, there are absolutely no visual differentiators, not even a single special edition badge on the body.

Audi A6 Special Edition front three quarters

So what does the Audi A6 Special Edition car offer?

Step inside and the special edition features slowly come to your attention if not immediately.

Audi A6 Special Edition interior
The dashboard is same as the regular Audi A6

The first thing that comes to your notice is the touch pad for the MMI (Multi Media Interface) which is inherited from the Audi A8. The touch pad reduces driver distractions by being handy while selecting a sound track, making a phone call or using the navigation system.

Audi A6 Special Edition MMI touch pad
The MMI touch pad is standard on the A6 Special Edition

The next and the biggest feature is the Adaptive Air Suspension system with the Audi Drive Select (ADS). The ADS offers four drive modes – Dynamic, Comfort, Automatic and Individual. Dynamic sharpens up the steering, lowers the ride height and also maps the engine and gearbox for a sporty driving experience.

Comfort setting mellows the car for a relaxed drive. The Automatic mode adjusts the car’s parameters according to the road and the driving style while the Individual mode lets you select every single performance settings. The ADS can be accessed via the MMI system.

Audi A6 Special Edition Bose speakers
The 14-speaker Bose Audi offers terrific sound quality

The 14-speaker Bose audio system delivered supreme music quality and the four zone climate control system is another useful feature that the A6 Special Edition comes loaded with to tackle the rising heat. In addition, there are rear side airbags for enhanced safety.

Audi A6 Special Edition front co-driver seat adjustment from rear
The rear left seat occupant can move the co-driver seat to avail extra legroom

Audi has offered two more features that would keep the rear seat occupants happy. First is the front co-passenger seat adjustment from the rear. The feature is filtered down from the Audi A6L sold in China and on the A8. India is the only market apart from China to get this feature in an A6. At a press of a button, the front passenger seat can be slid to and fro.

Audi A6 Special Edition Rear MMI remote
Rear MMI remote can adjust everything except the driver specific settings

Rear seat occupants also get to access the MMI via a remote that sits on the centre armrest. The remote can be used to adjust everything except the driver specific settings. A special comfort key which can adjust the car’s settings (seat position, drive mode and audio preferences) according to the person approaching the car (by recognizing the different key fob), rounds up the special edition’s features.

Audi A6 Special Edition 4 Zone climate control
4-Zone Climate control is yet another noteworthy feature

What powers the Audi A6 Special Edition and how does it feel to drive?

The Audi A6 Special Edition is available with the 2.0L TDI and 3.0LV6 TDI engines and is based on the Premium Plus trim level. The 2.0L TDI four cylinder diesel engine produces 175 bhp and 380 Nm of torque while the 3.0 litre TDI pumps out 245 bhp and a surplus torque of 500 Nm. The engines are paired to a 7-speed S Tronic DSG gearbox with paddle shifters.

Audi A6 Special Edition Engine bay
The 3.0 TDI V6 has loads of torque to play with

Fortunately I got to drive the more powerful 3.0 litre TDI version. The saloon covers ground real fast and is very stable while doing so. Put your foot down, and a surge of torque induces a grin on your face! If you are not alert, within seconds you reach serious highway speeds.

Needless to say, I spent most of my time behind the wheel on the Dynamic mode but there is a noticeable difference when the car is switched to the Comfort mode which makes the ride quality suppler and the steering lighter.

The ride quality is impressive even on the Dynamic mode and the steering had adequate weight at high speeds. The car didn’t complain while changing directions at high speeds while the braking system is setup to provide a confidence-inspiring stopping power. Overall, the Audi A6 3.0 TDI offered a very rewarding driving experience.

Audi A6 Special Edition Image Gallery

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  1. Bhagwan Das says:

    Mr. Nithyanandhji,

    You give product story. Nice.

    You do not give help with query. Not so nice.

    Best regards,

    1. Nithyanandh K says:

      HI Mr. Bhagwan, apologies for the delay. The Audi A6 Special Edition has an introductory price of Rs. 46.33 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the 2.0 litre TDI variant. And Audi India hasn’t mentioned about the number of special edition models to be sold. Have a nice day!

      1. Bhagwan Das says:

        Thank you sir.

        It is surprising the company is not clear on its volume planning for this ‘special edition’ ).

  2. Bhagwan Das says:

    Dear sir,

    Nice product review, but i would like to know some important aspects of this car that will help buying decision but not covered in your article.

    What is the price?

    How much is the price premium over the model it is based on?

    How many units will be produced – i.e. will it be a limited edition or part of the normal model series?

    Finally, what is your verdict on the overall packagae vis a vis competitors?

    Many thanks,


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