Auto Shanghai 2013 – Innovative Volkswagen iBeetle debuts

Posted on: Apr 22, 2013 - 1:06pm IST

Volkswagen appeared at the Auto Shanghai 2013 show with the VW iBeetle.  Two famed outfits, Volkswagen and Apple join hands in developing a new iphone interface for the Beetle through a specially developed app and a docking station.

VW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 frontVW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 rear

The iBeetle will be the first VW model to have an integrated iPhone component. The interface can be acquired through a couple of distinctive ways: as an integrated feature or as an application on iBeetle. The convertible and the regular version will get the feature in the early parts of 2014.

VW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 front quarterVW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 front quarter right

The docking station is located in the middle of the dashboard and can be used to perform all iPhone functions on the go. Meanwhile, the innovative app can either wirelessly connect the phone to the Beetle or with the docking station.

VW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 rear quarter rightVW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 rear quarter left

For instance, the app consists of different modes to access G-Meter for measuring lateral forces; assess driving times, distances, and fuel economy; post via social networking sites; stream music and so on. It will also be comprised of other customized features in addition to the standard iPhone interface while getting launched.

VW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 rear sideVW iBeetle auto shanghai 2013 rear side

The exterior will get 18-inch alloy wheels painted in Galvano Grey with chrome wheel covers as standard. Steering wheel accents and the dash pad on the inside will get the same Galvano Grey color scheme with black sport seats. Black door sill plates with the “iBeetle” signature and chrome badges on the front fender will also come as common aspects of the car. The new iBeetle can be ordered with iPhone color schemes as well!

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