Auto Shanghai 2013 Live – Old Suzuki SX4 gets new lease of life

Posted on: Apr 20, 2013 - 5:26pm IST

The Suzuki SX4 has been facelifted for China and the cloak was lifted off at the Auto Shanghai 2013 event. It is a product of Chang’an-Suzuki joint venture. It’s a facelifted version of the older generation which would be sold alongside the new one.

Suzuki SX4 refresh at the 2013 Auto ShanghaiSuzuki SX4 refresh rear at the 2013 Auto Shanghai

It’s always perplexing to see two generations of the same model are being sold side-by-side in Chinese market but it’s just how the way it is. The front of the car gets the major changes which include new front bumper with re-profiled headlights, newly designed grille, air dam and fog lights.

Suzuki SX4 refresh front three quarter at the 2013 Auto ShanghaiSuzuki SX4 refresh front at the 2013 Auto Shanghai

As a result of that, the new front fascia looks more aggressive and aerodynamic to enhance performance. The new alloy wheels, roof rails and rear bumper further enhances the crossover’s appeal. But on the inside it all stays the same. The SX4 is a brisk seller in China and with these changes it would become even more popular.

Suzuki SX4 refresh rear three quarter at the 2013 Auto ShanghaiSuzuki SX4 refresh side at the 2013 Auto Shanghai

The engine options are carried forward from the outgoing model. It’s available with two petrol variants, 1.6L engine producing 109hp and 1.8L unit generating 131hp coupled with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. Price of the facelifted crossover will range from around 85,000 Yuan (INR 7.41 lakhs) to as high as 135.000 Yuan (INR 11.78 lakhs).

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3 thoughts on “Auto Shanghai 2013 Live – Old Suzuki SX4 gets new lease of life

  1. GURU says:

    i’v seen this car in carribean countries in huge nuumbers… good car i belive but y cant this ppl think of bringing it to india with out 4X4.. same car for swift price tag???

  2. shiv says:

    I always wondered why Maruti never thought of bring this to India.It will be
    a great hit in India

  3. Thomas Branson says:

    I live in the USA and have been keen on the SX4 since Day One. Sure wish Suzuki Automobiles had not decided to withdraw from the North American marketplace 🙁 Sadly now that it’s gone never to return to our shores, the stylists have given it an handsome and timely facelift. T’is a fantastic, well-built little car and the best alternative AWD (4×4) vehicle to come down the pike since Subaru’s classic 2002-2007 Impreza Sport Wagon.


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