Auto Shanghai 2013 Live – Exclusive chat with Christian von Koenigsegg

Posted on: Apr 20, 2013 - 4:37pm IST

We are bringing our readers exclusive live updates from the floors of the Auto Shanghai 2013. Adding to the gala is an exclusive chat with Mr. Christian von Koenigsegg, the founder of the high performance Scandinavian supercar manufacturer, Koenigsegg. The company based in Ängelholm, Sweden surprised the auto show with their presence and exhibited its awe-inspiring supercars.

Koenigsegg Agera at the 2013 Auto ShanghaiKoenigsegg Agera without roof at the 2013 Auto Shanghai

Mr. Koenigsegg, who started the company in 1994, spoke about the special edition Hundra, which was present at the hall, marking the milestone of producing 100 cars by the maker. The car involves 24 carat gold leaf piping with hand pump finish, a combination of old craftsmanship technology and high tech carbon fibres.

Koenigsegg Agera interior driver at the 2013 Auto ShanghaiKoenigsegg Agera interior at the 2013 Auto Shanghai

There were two other cars too – Agera R and the Hundra, which is basically the Agera S. Both are bio-fuel and top of the line models and are owned by customers already! Mr. Koenigsegg said that they are uniquely designed on demand of the customers who know each other based on their choices, which is why those two models boast a similar color theme in contrasting colors. They are christened as “Ching” ( the Chinese name is represented on the car ) and “King”, which is to be delivered very soon to their respective buyers.

Koenigsegg Agera rear at the 2013 Auto ShanghaiKoenigsegg Agera engine at the 2013 Auto Shanghai

Asked about their plans for the next biggest automotive mela, he said that his company usually misses Frankfurt motor show and attends the Pebble Beach fiesta at California. IAB was so zealous to know about the marque’s next all new model as you are. Mr. Koenigsegg said that we need to wait another 3-4 years for an all new supercar, but hinted that until then many new versions and evolutions of the Agera theme is awaiting.

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