Bajaj Auto defends the RE60, says the Nano offers nothing but a lower price

Posted on: Apr 29, 2013 - 10:49am IST

Bajaj Auto is set to pioneer a new segment called the quadricycle in India with its RE60 but not everyone seems to be welcoming it.

Bajaj RE60 front three quarters leftBajaj RE60 front three quarters right

Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym had recently criticized the government’s move to form a new policy for quadricycle segment deeming it as a step backwards in terms of safety and pollution concerns. As per UK based TRL, the Quadricycle fatalities are 14 times higher when compared to a car.

Meanwhile, Bajaj Auto has responded to Slym’s comments claiming that its RE60 has been developed to adhere to European quadricyle regulations. Bajaj claim that the RE60 is an improved version of three-wheeler and could be a safer alternative to an auto rickshaw.

In its response, Bajaj also takes a potshot at the Nano, saying “the cheaper car, Nano, offers nothing but a lower price; the sales data appear to tell us quite clearly how deep that strategy runs with customers”.

Amidst the cynicism shown by TVS and Tata, Bajaj Auto sees no reason why the quadricycle norms shouldn’t be implemented in India. Interests have come in from countries like Singapore, some African and Latin American nations to import the RE60 already. Companies such as Eicher, Mahindra and Piaggio have also evinced interest in the creation of this new class of four wheelers.

One thing is for certain – not everyone in the auto industry is upbeat about the formation of this new segment.

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8 thoughts on “Bajaj Auto defends the RE60, says the Nano offers nothing but a lower price

  1. sandy says:

    TopGear team crashed Z-Wiz(old Reva) into pieces with a table, called Nano as a Pokemon, criticized City Rover(Indica) etc. If Bajaj believes Europeans love for Quadricycle, then we would like them to launch RE60 in UK and face TopGear team. Pulsarmania vs madness; Who will win?

    1. Raghuvansh.R says:

      They didn’t crash the reva into a table; they just put it in a race with a table. And you can guess who won.

  2. krish says:

    Bajaj develops a prototype. Now it lobbies the government to urgently create a new class “quadricycle”(sic)to fit this prototype. The govt works overtime to fulfill this wish! Only in India this will happen

  3. jatin says:

    Shutup Mr Bajaj

  4. Joseph Tana says:

    Mr. Bajaj,

    Please do not abase yourself any further with empty expressions.

    The first prototype was showcased alongside the Nano launch, perhaps to cash in on the buzz. So far we ´have seen nothing of it.

    And now this prepped up three wheeler only shows why Renault distanced itself.

    Give India a car, and not some lame excuse for it.

    And if you cannot achieve it, no problem, but at least do not bad-mouth those who have (read Nano).

  5. Aravind Anand says:

    Its silly to wage wars with words, and especially so, when you come up with a silly looking quadricycle and take a dig at cars! The Nano, despite it not managing to top the numbers game, is a way better product than this RE60.

    I distinctly remember Rajiv Bajaj promising that their new car would be a four wheeled Pulsar! Look at the RE60 now… Bajaj, please stop fighting and defending and pull your socks up! We know you can..

  6. Jigar Joy says:

    Thanks to Bajaj for increasing the rate of vehicle accident fatalities. Now your customers will not only die of head injuries by falling off their motorcycles, but also of internal body injuries as they are crushed inside this joke of a personal transport vehicle.


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