Skoda Superb facelift revealed, debuts in Shanghai this month

Posted on: Apr 3, 2013 - 5:45pm IST

The Skoda Superb facelift has been launched on the internet through a collection of photographs. The world premiere of the new Superb will be held on the eve of the Auto Shanghai 2013. The car will grace dealerships in Europe in late June.

2014 Skoda Superb and 2014 Skoda Superb Combi

In addition to cosmetic changes and the equipment list, the fuel economy of the new Superb has also witnessed an improvement.

2014 Skoda Superb facelift rear
The tail light is new, the location of the number plate enclosure is pushed up and the rear bumper is redesigned with reflectors on the edges.
2008 Skoda Superb rear
Current Skoda Superb’s rear angle provided for reference

Following Skoda’s new family design, the grille, logo, head and fog lamps, bumpers, front fenders and hood are redesigned. The grille is wider and the headlights are bi-xenon units with integrated LED lights, ala Skoda Octavia.

2014 Skoda Superb facelift
Skoda has not used rectangular headlamp units like the ones of the Rapid and Octavia as it’d look out of place on what is mostly a rounded design.
Skoda Superb
The current Skoda Superb’s front fascia for comparison

The rear profile of the car takes a drastically different direction. Rehashed tail lights with the signature C-Shaped element in the detailing give the rear a new identity. The number plate is relocated to the boot lid.

Two metallic finishes joining the exterior color options are metal grey and moon white. 16- to 18-inch alloy wheels can be ordered with new designs.

There’s a lot to speak about the interior of the Superb as well. The four-spoke steering wheel is new and is available in “a total of nine variations”. Nine new fabrics and patterns have been introduced and in the high-end L&K trim, the interior is upholstered in an brown-ivory color combo.

Skoda Superb dashboard2014 Skoda Superb Combi facelift dashboard

[Left – Current Superb’s dashboard; Right – Superb facelift retains the basic dash design but gets different color combination and a four-spoke steering wheel]

Skoda has brought updates to the engine range. Some of them deliver 19 per cent fuel better fuel economy compared to the current counterparts. Start-stop and kinetic energy regeneration technologies are standard on all diesel engines. The 2.0-liter TDI engine also features a manual transmission on the 4X4 version of the facelift.

2014 Skoda Superb Combi facelift rear

To improve the rear seat credentials of the Superb further, Skoda has added a mechanism for the rear occupant to electronically push the front seat ahead. The leg room and boot space remain untouched as the floor pan is the same.

Skoda describes the umbrella holder on the door as a feature cascading from top-end luxury vehicles. The Jumbo box in the centre console, storage areas in the doors and beneath the passenger seat, sunglass compartment and the storage area in the centre armrest of the backseat are “Simply Clever” features according to Skoda.

A feature that debuted in India on the new Passat – the Automatic Parking Assistant – is offered on the Superb facelift.

Skoda has not announced launch plans for markets outside Europe.

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One thought on “Skoda Superb facelift revealed, debuts in Shanghai this month

  1. sanjil says:

    I used to love the Skoda brand, but a series of unfortunate incidents over the last few months overshadowed my inclination towards this brand. Now I am regretting being associated with it. Infact, a friend of mine had warned me about the bad service reputation of the brand cum dealer, but I refused to believe him & now I am feel like a complete fool. For that  I am posting this grievance after writing a similar letter to Kalpit Vora, Service Manager, Torque Automotive Pvt Ltd.  Without receiving any response from the Service Manager, I am reluctantly re-iterating myself to this platform hoping someone actually pays attention to a customer’s grievances even after purchasing the car.   I bought a SKODA SUPERB (Petrol) on my marriage anniversary as my better half loved the car. My wife and I were very careful with the service and maintenance of the car. For some time there was no problem & everything was very good, till suddenly one day the gear box just gave it. On doing some research I discovered that this was a very common complaint with the SUPERB series. I had to speak the dealer and with lot of persuasion, the gear box was replaced by a new one considering the car was in warranty.   I thought that this is the end of my pain and problems, until recently, the car has suddenly stopped moving. So, I called the breakdown person and the card was picked up to the service station. I was informed that the person will verify the problem and will update the same. Then I have received the email stating that my car got gearbox problem. It’s shocking for me that SKODA car normally runs more than 1 lakh kms and mine has just crossed 40,000 kms. If the gearbox gets down that too at such a less kilometers , it must be some manufacturing defect. That’s not the end, to my utter surprise, he quote me 1.85 lacs for changing the gearbox.   What happened to using SKODA Genuine Body Parts? It is a manufacturing fault and company should be accountable for this. But Skoda is least bother by this whole aggravating situation and making its worse by its dealer. I now strongly believe that I have been sold a LEMON. If the gear box keeps on shutting down, the car manufacturer is totally not doing his work. I would really strongly suggest people never to be associated with the SKODA Brand in India atleast, coz they really do not know how to make their cars, how to keep their cars running for sure, their horrifying customer service gives an entire new dimension to the word. – Customer


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