Spied – Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS sports new grille and bumper

Posted on: Mar 16, 2013 - 9:51am IST

The Tata Indigo CS (Compact Sedan) can be given credit for kick-starting the sub-4 meter segment (in sedans and SUV’s) in India. Tata made use of the taxation norms very well to make the compact Indigo, whilst still keeping the core values of the car, such as its roomy interior, intact.

Tata Indigo e-cS Facelift front spiedTata Indigo e-cS Facelift front spied

Since the original Indigo CS, Tata have made sure that the car remained fresh by updating its engine to the more modern CR4 that delivers phenomenal fuel efficiency. The front end of the car was mildly updated and the interior was upholstered using trims of different colors.

In today’s market scenario, the Indigo eCS has a lot of competition and the stakes are high as well. Offering direct competition to the Indigo eCS is the Maruti Swift Dzire. Within a month, you can add the Honda Amaze to that list as well. Within a year, you will find the Mahindra Verito Compact (be it a sedan or a hatch). Compact sedans from Ford (B Platform-based) and Hyundai (i10-based) are on their way the coming years to give the eCS company.

To make sure that the Indigo eCS remains fresh, Tata plans on refreshing it, as you can see from the spy shots here.

Tata Indigo e-cS Facelift rear spied

At first glance, it appears that the refreshed Indigo eCS will have a new front grille with a new design for the fog lamps. At the rear, a new two-tone bumper seems to take shape and rear parking sensors are visible as well.

The test mule also has some test equipment in place, citing that some mechanical changes are to be expected as well.

While there is no official confirmation, Tata should launch the refreshed Indigo eCS by the end of the year.

[Source – MotorBash.com]

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7 thoughts on “Spied – Refreshed Tata Indigo eCS sports new grille and bumper

  1. Mohammed says:

    Well, I think the point is that the new products are some time away and hence the facelift.

    Indigo eCS should have clocked much bigger numbers specially, in the Tier II & III cities. What I’ve heard from owners is that its a surprisingly niggle free product which is very practical and gives 23+ mileage on any given day.

    Howver, the eCS needs radical changes to get going BIG !

  2. Harsha says:

    TATA.. TATA.. WakeUp before people say TATA.. TATA..

  3. amala says:

    TATA take a bet and launch PIXEL at 5 lakhs.

  4. rajat says:

    A ‘Lead me somewhere’ attempt by Tata again. Why on earth would someone like to refurbish a 15 year old design again and again. Its not going anywhere. A common man will not be able to identify the changes.
    Tata should throw out their designers and poach some from M&M.

  5. Ramesh says:

    True while competitors bring out fresh models at frequent intervals, Tata continue to rehash this 15 year old car. At least they could have come up with the CS version of Manza. I Feel sad that a company with so much potential is so bankrupt in its thinking. They still think like a truck manufacturer

  6. Sushrut says:

    Bored to death by those looks!! But TATA does not have an options as new product launch is a good 2 years away.

  7. Vivek says:

    Refresh Indigo? Again?

    Sad, but looks like Tata is never going to learn from it’s blunders.


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