Here’s an IAB reader’s perspective of the Ford EcoSport

Posted on: Mar 20, 2013 - 11:54am IST

Our reader Sunny Tolani visited the Infinity Mall in Mumbai where the Ford EcoSport was on display over the weekend to get a sense of the hype.

Ford EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview frontFord EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview front

Immediately after, Sunny composed an email to Indian Autos Blog sharing thoughts on what is India’s next sensation in the auto market. This is what he had to say:

Hi Indian Autos Blog,

The model on display at Infinity Mall was the EcoBoost Titanium variant. On first look I was like “wow what a beauty!”, everyone present around me couldn’t stop talking about the styling.

Ford EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview centre consoleFord EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview rear seat

The best thing about the car is the driver’s seat, the position was unlike other small cars though the feel of plushness is lacking. Among mini SUV’s, I am sure this is going to be a driver’s car and not a passenger’s car! The boot space was pretty impressive, even the way the boot would open with just a touch was interesting.

What I expected out of the Titanium variant was the engine start-stop button, which was missing.

The seat covers were too dull, the premium feel wasn’t just there. The finish of the dashboard and the door trims for a high end variant was disappointing. We also overheard a Ford official talk about a variant placed above which will have added features (Titanium+).

Chrome finish could have looked better on the inner part of the door handles, the dash looks like the Fiesta’s but there are visible signs of cost cutting.

Ford EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview boot spaceFord EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview door panel

The rear seat has been projected as a drawback. The leg room is decent and will be accepted but the seating space is too cramped. It is not meant for five adults. Four adults and a child can be seated well.

After this pre-launch I am sure about 15 % of the genuine buyers would look for an alternative in this segment. However the EcoSport will enjoy great success if priced well as the closest competitor is the Duster. If priced well below the Duster, sales numbers will be good.

It’s all in Ford India’s hands, whether they want the EcoSport to follow the footsteps of the Figo or replay the Fiesta’s fiasco through over-pricing it.

The final disappointing aspect is the launch date. We expected the car to launch in February, then March, they say its not before June! Ford shouldn’t test the patience of the genuine buyer this way.

If Maruti Suzuki begins testing the XA Alpha, and promises better rear seat comfort, the EcoSport will feel the jitters. But since there’s no news from them today, I don’t think anything will trouble the EcoSport for 2013. Till then the EcoSport is surely going to enjoy attention from all buyers.

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22 thoughts on “Here’s an IAB reader’s perspective of the Ford EcoSport

  1. jj says:

    By going through all the feed backs and reviews all I could infer is that the disappointment is actually mounting for FORD ES. I guess FORD should cut their urban discovery and get the ES out. If not a dead end is not too far for ES.

  2. What has happened to Maruti ??

    Why arent they lauching the Maruti XA Alpha.. this segment is heating up… there are so many buyers waiting for the xa alpha..

  3. Yuvi says:

    Sources confirmed that this car was made in 2012 and it is not the production intent car. This is not even a promotional event. It is just to get customer feedback and ensure atleast correct those which are possible before launch.

    No point in looking at this car and reviewing it.I think we need to wait till june(2013) ๐Ÿ™‚ to get the actual feel of it.

  4. Jishnu S V says:

    I think the delay in the launch and the promotional campaign is just a cover-up by Ford India to get more time in sourcing better interior and exterior quality. To get the pricing right they will have to localize the SUV to the max and this means finding a good supplier in India, which might be tough. Example VW Polo had lot of quality related issues which forced VW to reject a big load of the plastic components made in India. I think at launch time the quality will be better.

  5. sandy says:

    precisely – I was also waiting for a compact/mini SUV. Duster in my view is over priced – with on road base petrol model just under Rs 10 lacs – thats a lot and in terms of features, there is nothing that we get except the standard power windows & power steering.

    Ford Ecosport – the interiors was anti-climax. I am not so worried about the cramped space, but what turned me off was the interiors. For last 4 months, I have been googling about it and bloody Ford morons came up with this…I think all car manufactures should learn from Hyundai & Honda – they are superb in car design, aesthetics and interiors. For this cost, one will get a fully loaded i20 full of features – of course one wouldn’t get the feel of driving a pseudo SUV….

    Quanto – seems some one has bumped its backside real hard…

    Leaves me with no option – either go for a higher version of Scorpio or Dicor (Dicor will have no resale value I think). So I am back to square one – look for a sedan all over again….

    1. Vikrant says:

      @ Sandy – check out XUV 500. It’s an awesome SUV, completely loaded at the right price. You won’t regret it.
      Why haven’t you consider it as an option yet ?!

  6. Aditya says:

    Saw the car in Delhi. Even in the exteriors, one of the chrome strip of the front grill opened up from one side. The body fibre used near the fog light section and ORVM was below average. The overall build quality(ext+ int) of the production ready model is not upto the popular expectations.

  7. Mohammed says:

    Reminds me of the saying – ” The most beautiful girl don’t make the best wife ” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reaffirmation of the fact that –

    a) Its a good looking externally
    b) Its a cheap looking car when it comes to interiors
    c) It has a cramped cabin, cannot sit 5 adults.
    d) Launch is still uncertain..projected launch month -Aug 2013

    High ground clearance doesnโ€™t make a car an SUV and it also doesnt imply that you can take the ES out for offroading or to tackle tough jungle trails. The underlying hardware is still that of a sedan or hatchback in case of a mini SUV.
    Since the ES wouldn’t serve me as an offroader and would be used in the mode of a sedan or hatchback, personally, this is a Huge Compromise Buy.

    If I want to take my family out on a long drive,I’d be forced to hire a taxi since I cant even have 5 people sit comfortably in my car. Therefore it becomes an impractical good looking car in my garage. I’d rather buy a spacious hatch or a spacious sedan for that money. Or even spend a bit more and buy a proper SUV like the Storme.

    Not all sub 4 metre cars are cramped matchboxes. Take the Indigo eCS, Quanto or even the upcoming Amaze ; they all are spacious and have done better packaging overall. I hope Ford could do away with the one Ford global strategy for India and tweak ES.

  8. sandy says:

    i agree with all the views here. from outside, it attracts you. and once you step inside, you wonder why you googled about this car for so long. The interiors are not appealing at all. But a titanium variant at abt 8 lacs is going to fetch this much only.

    On a different note, wonder what Ford is upto given that they are still testing out a better enhanced version – titanium+. understand it will have start/stop, sync etc. Also, there could be a diesel AT. One dealer earlier told me cruise function as well.

    To be honest, i have already asked for test drive and quotations for safari dicor & scorpio. I was too disappointed with the interiors.

    1. Sunny says:

      even i test drove the storme , safari dicor , duster …. they all dont have great interiors well … scorpio and safari are good but they badly need an upgrade
      i think the next closest match to the ecosport only could me the MAHINDRA S101 / XA Alpha , i am sure XA Alpha is really gonna be more practical MS does understand the Indian needs well , but cant wait anymore to get a new vehicle and to hard to settle down on a sedan when i had zeroed down and expected a MINI SUV

      1. Swapnil R says:

        Even I know of a friend who’s hunting for a mini/compact SUV but is well short of the budget for a Yeti!
        Any idea about the tentative launch dates for VW Taigun and Chevy Trax in India?
        Are they even going to be launched here in India?

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