IAB reader experiences the Honda Amaze and comes away impressed

Posted on: Mar 18, 2013 - 12:49pm IST

A regular reader who wished to be called A.S. today was invited this month in his city to experience the Honda Amaze. Through an email, A.S. gives us a fantastic first look into Honda’s first diesel car for India including information that previously was unavailable in the public domain.

Honda Brio Amaze rear

Here’s what A.S.’s note read –

Dear Shrawan,

I am regular follower of IAB.

Honda Brio Amaze

The purpose of writing this email to you is to share my amazing first hand experience with the Honda Amaze. I was unable to take pictures as the car was unveiled to me in a very confidential circumstance. The cars, both petrol and diesel will launch simultaneously.

Honda Brio Amaze dashboard view

I drove the car for a short distance and my god what a beauty it is! I drove the Earth Dreams oil burner, I was told that power will be around 90 PS giving the car a high power to weight ratio. Could not feel the torque fully but the VGT-equipped motor will easily produce 200 Nm. You cannot ask for any more grunt in this price range.

Honda Brio Amaze rear seat

I could check out both the base variant and the top-end VX model. The cabin space is quite astounding considering that it is a 3,990 mm long car. No complaints on the fixed headrests as they are luxurious and much better than some adjustable headrests of cars in the sub-10 lakh range.

Honda Brio Amaze music player

The top-end VX model is equipped with chrome tipped AC vents (manual aircon), chrome tipped inside door handles, standard music system from Brio, steering mounted audio controls, rear defogger, 14-spoke alloy wheels, fog lights, rear arm rests with cup holders, ORVM mounted indicators, ABS with EBD and dual airbags.

Honda Brio Amaze rear leg space/seat under-thigh cushion

Honda has created amazing space inside the vehicle that’s true to the ‘man maximum machine minimum’ concept. Fit and finish is almost like the Brio. However the rear seat experience is far more comfortable and cozy than Brio. The base model is devoid of bells and whistles except ABS and EBD. Even the ORVM’s and the door handles are black on the low-end trim level!

Next would you like to read more about the or more about Honda?

19 thoughts on “IAB reader experiences the Honda Amaze and comes away impressed

  1. A. S. says:

    Hi Jacob

    The ground clearance as could be guessed by me is around 165 mm which will be improvement over City.


  2. Aditya says:

    Hi A.S, please elaborate on the driving position also, as in do u sit quite low or the seat height and visibility is with moderate hight?

  3. mukesh rathod says:

    amazed with this car.thankgully good ridance with other vehicles in this category.

  4. Aditya says:

    Just not able to digest tonnes of chrome. They should tone it down a bit. Looks tacky. Otherwise amaze is abrilliant deal.

  5. Ramesh says:

    Great. Now I wish Honda would bring the diesel City fast.

    1. vij says:

      Better if they bring out kerosene engine…

      1. sri says:

        But where do you get the kerosene from?? plz mention the place even i can fill my tank 😛

  6. sandy says:

    I raise a question before hand; which 1.5 liter 90bhp diesel is superior: Fiesta’s, Sunny’s or Amaze’s?

    1. Sandeep says:

      Of Course, an engine by Honda will stand first. Second goes to Nissan. 🙂

    2. A. S. says:

      Dear Sandy

      Honda is coming up with it’s all Aluminium head Diesel engine with lightweight pistons. Thus it will be only 30 kg heavier than Brio. You will experience the highest power to weight ratio amongst the cars you mentioned. Obviously it will be peppy and more fun to drive!

      1. Mohammed says:

        Yes, completely with AS & Sandeep on this – Should be Honda, Nissan & Ford in that order.

      2. tjacob says:

        Hi A.S.,
        Did you get a chance to test the ground clearance of Amaze?. Honda claimed that they increased the ground clearance of the Honda City and my father bought the top end automatic (it cost him approx Rs 11.5 lakhs on road in Bangalore). But now he rarely uses it because the underside of the car gets scraped over the numerous road humps in Bangalore. You really need to be alert and on the look out for road humps so that you can somehow avoid them (if possible) or slow down and carefully guide the car over the hump praying that you wont hear the dreadful sound of the car’s underside getting scraped. This has been an issue with Honda cars all these years and it is shameful that they have not addressed it. I agree that the road humps in India are oversized and may have a flawed design. But it is upto the manufacturer to make the necessary modifications to their products to adapt to the local conditions. Honda has not done that so far and it is a shame.

    3. Yuvi says:

      Nissan doesn’t have a diesel engine. They use renault engine and powertrain unit. Renault engine has less turbo lag ( almost negligible) compared to other two engines.

      Honda’s diesel engine is a new baby. Not sure about the reliability. In real world it is yet to be tested.

      Similarly ford fiesta engine was jointly developed by Citreon and Ford and being used many ford and citreon models. The order should be Renault, Ford then Comes Honda…!

      1. car enthusiastic says:

        Spot on, Agree. But I think we can’t rate Honda’s yet to be launched Diesel engine. Lets not be judgemental. Thanks.

  7. Mohammed says:

    As expected, great news about the Amaze coming in from different quarters.

    Assuming, ABS is standard across all variants?

    It’s just amazing that we hardly had test mules spotted running across the length and breadth of the country and Honda is READY with the product for release. The Amaze has done wonderfully well on 2 aspects where the Ecosport failed big time -a) Go To Market plans and b) Product packaging.

    They need to price it aggressively though…

  8. guru says:

    Even I got a call from Honda informing the release of Amaze both petrol & diesel versions.. My details has been to sent to Capital Honda Chennai and I’ll be receiving invitation for the Amaze innaugration…. lets wait & seeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. VK says:

      Looks like you are waiting for the invitation only to go and eat free food there…

      1. car enthusiastic says:

        Oh boy, You think it’s funny!?

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