Video – Ford EcoSport walkaround, rear seat space and interiors

Posted on: Mar 7, 2013 - 6:54pm IST

Almost all of us at Team IAB have seen a Ford EcoSport test mule plying on the roads and we are well versed with the proportions of the car, exterior wise.

[Can’t watch the video? Head to Youtube]

At the Geneva Motor Show, however, we had a very good opportunity to touch the car, feel the general build quality, feel how the door shuts and opens, quality of materials used on the inside, check out the boot space and of course, sit at the rear seats and experience the sort of legroom this sub 4 meter mini SUV is proposing.

[Can’t watch the video? Head to Youtube]

The car on display had the ‘EcoBoost’ badging. However, the display car did not have an engine underneath its hood. It was purely meant for unveiling purposes only and Ford’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine was located separately for viewing purposes. In fact, Ford told us that this was one of the first EcoSports made from the Chennai plant.

[Can’t watch the video? Head to Youtube]

Ford EcoSport Geneva Motor Show dashboardFord EcoSport Geneva Motor Show center console

The way the doors open and close feels pretty good. It feels just the way the new Fiesta does in terms of overall build. Doors opened, we moved in to the drivers seats. The seating position feels fine and if you adjust the seats and the steering, the visibility outside is quite good as well.

Ford EcoSport Geneva Motor Show start buttonFord EcoSport Geneva Motor Show head lamp knob

In terms of interior plastic quality, it is certainly short of Volkswagen levels. Some bits and pieces like the interior door handle feel well executed in design, but fall short on quality.

Ford EcoSport Geneva Motoacer Show boot spaceFord EcoSport Geneva Motor Show boot space

The instrument cluster and the dashboard is identical to the Fiesta. This EcoSport features the manual transmission.

Ford EcoSport rear legroom maxFord EcoSport Geneva Motor Show Rear legroom

Moving on to the rear seats, the legroom can only be termed as ‘decent’ – it isn’t all that great, neither is it all that bad either for a sub 4 meter vehicle. If we were to give you a comparison for the rear legroom, the Swift Dzire seems to be the ideal match.

Ford EcoSport Geneva Motor Show alloy wheelsFord EcoSport Geneva Motor Show ecoboost badge

The boot is pretty big and the lateral door employs hydraulic arms to open and shut.

Ford EcoSport door handle interiorFord EcoSport Geneva Motor Show boot opener

Now, the only thing left for us to do is to experience the engine and the driving dynamics of the EcoSport!

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17 thoughts on “Video – Ford EcoSport walkaround, rear seat space and interiors

  1. Pourus says:

    Reading the reviews and the posts .. all i can say is that this still is the best car… if you cannot decide between a sedan and a suv.. its just the wrong frame of mind in which you are hoping this car satisfies every need..boot space.. rear leg room.. i mean come on guys before posting atleast research enough.. watch the autocar video review… look at the brazilian micro site for eco sport… and u will have a better idea of the car we are being offered.. patience is not one of my virtues but still i have waited for almost a year and after test driving all the sub 10l cars i still feel and am almost convinced that nothing will come close to the eco sport and please i am talking about A car with these looks…/ the ride quality and height.. so please dont go comparing it with sedans and hatch backs…

  2. Sunny says:

    The built quality seems excellent as the New Fiesta , interiors pretty impressive , rear leg room in the video the front seats are pushed behind thats why the rear leg room seems missing

    Its a beefed up hatch back true , but i am sure its gonna be a real drivers car

    Comparing ECOSPORT to QUANTO doesnt do justice to any, today a Swift Dzire Zdi Variant Mumbai on road comes to 902,449
    EcoSport definitely deserves to be on a higher price than that of DZIRE

    Talking about the DUSTER it is over priced in INDIA and the service centers are hard to find , ECOSPORT is surely a game changer for FORD , provided they treat the customers right and dont target a premium margin for the baby SUV

    I am sure there are gonna be many takers for the ECOSPORT

    Just keeping my fingers crossed , and hope there is no long waiting period for it

    ( also got a call from the dealer about the pre launch happening next weekend at popular Mall in Mumbai , looking forward to go and see the car there, though i have made up mind on purchasing the ECOSPORT)

    1. Eswaran says:

      Yeah… it is going to be displayed at major malls in chennai too. The date is 15th March at Express Avenue Mall, Chennai

  3. sandy says:

    The product is right to my expectation. Ecosports is nothing but a Fiesta hatch with increased ground clearance and redesigned interior and exterior; expected to be priced from Rs 6Lakhs on-wards(if reports other then Autocarindia is to be believed). Not bad for those who want alternate model to CS type vehicle to deal with bad city roads daily.
    I believe, the overall experience on Ecosports could be best compared to the Ritz with Fiesta like ride:dynamic yet punchy.

  4. disappointed says:

    The whole idea of sub-4m sounds misplaced for this category of car – all it is going to save is around 60K to 1L in excise duty.
    Does Ford think people who are willing to spend around 10L on a car would compromise on space.

    Wish them wisdom. Wasted opportunity.

    I’m back to choose between the sub-quality Duster or spend more on Skoda Yeti (XUV and Storme are too bulky for daily rides)

    1. ashwin says:

      Dear friend. Whatever U said is perfectly alright, BUT there are people who like a feel of SUV in their car ( some what Wagon R) But other than that waht I personally feel is the space management. To my mind sedan is a perfect car BUT when U say sub 4 sedan then I would like to go in for models like Quanto or ecosport. WHY? the Boot space cannot be used fully but in eco or Quanto U can utilise the whole of the space. R U getting what I am upto. I personally like any SUV which utilizes its space at its utmost even if it is Venture from TATA’s. Now comes the price I feel ecosport SHOULD price it 6 Lakhs for petrol, 7 Lakhs for 1L petrol and 7.5 Lakhs for Diesel all the prices should be ON ROAD else ecosport wont make it high as Quanto is priced below 7 Lakhs that too Diesel.

  5. Govind says:

    To be honest, I had very high hopes about Ecosport. And, after seeing the pics close, I’ve to say that I’m upset. I agree with my fellow readers, the rear legroom is a major let down. They could have cut down on the boot space a bit and increased the cabin space. The interiors lools like they’re of cheap quality plastics, the same we see in Figo.

    I’ve reworked my options list yesterday night and I’m currently planning to check out the Amaze (just right for my family) and the Manza Club Class (with its new discounted offer and Buy back scheme is a damn good package).

    If the Ecosport is the 5 lac range, I will give it a look. If the Diesel pricing is in the 8 to 9 range, I will rather wait for some more time, save bit more money and buy the Storme instead. Why should I pay 9 lakhs for a mini SUV or a big hatch, whatever you want to call it? These vehicles will not stand abuse of any nature and are built for city driving conditions. I would rather wait and buy a proper SUV.I do not want to spend 8 to 9 lakhs on a big hatch.

    Also, I personally do not like the dual tone dashboard of Ecosport (shown on their website) ; hope its either black/ grey or biege. I do wonder how many people would go for the petrol engine in India? It just doesnt make sense for us.

    1. ashwin says:

      Govindji WELL SAID. I am of the same view. That’s why I said 6 – 7 – 7.5 Lakhs on road price for Petrol – 1l petrol – Diesel. Hope Mr Joginder Ford Singh is reading all these mails.

  6. 1989rs500 says:

    this information is wrong, it has more rear legroom than swift dzire, swift dzire dosent even have the legroom Figo has, in the picture u c that the front seats are pushed fully backward so is the rear legroom less, the ecosport has 1 inches more legroom than a Ford Classic sedan ie nearly 2.5 cm more legroom than ford classic and for a sub 10 lak car with this much style features and the best engine in the world(1.0 ecoboost 125ps,170NM @1500 rpm)there is no way this car s gonna be a flop, if priced well it cud even destroy sales party of etios,classic,dzire,duster,polo,fabia,i20,etc as

    1. Kannan says:

      i am curious to know how many persons can sit comfortably in ecosport rear seat? 2 adult + 1 kid (or) 3 adults? Is the rear seat like Dzine’s rear seat size or Ford classic rear seat size (classic rear seat is bigger that dezire)? reply plz

  7. chirag says:

    POOR SPACE. I am disappointed with it……. Ford should provide movable rear seats or increase the SPACE.

  8. Mohammed says:

    Oh man ! This post is quite a relevation.

    The rear seats are meant for kids ??? PATHETIC. Never expected this ! Not ideal car for families with more than 2 people, which might be a rare thing in India. Highly disappointed with the rear legroom !

    Interior plastics are of poor quality and finish ; more in the Figo mode. Cost cutting signs visible all over.

    Now, I’ve all the more reason to believe the Autocar report about the Ecosport to be priced in the 5 lac range. Now, we know why !!!


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