First images and details roll in from the Ford EcoSport unveiling [update]

Posted on: Mar 15, 2013 - 12:40pm IST

Ford is unveiling the production model of the EcoSport for the first time in India at the Select City Walk Atrium in New Delhi.

Ford EcoSport Delhi unveil coveredFord EcoSport unveil Delhi

Here are the first images sent in by Indian Autos Blog’s local representative who is streaming more information and images as we write this. We expect to hear more about the car today. Stay tuned for more info.

Ford EcoSport Delhi unveil featuresFord EcoSport Delhi unveil salient features

Features of the Ford EcoSport

  • 60:40 split seats which when folded down can ingest a 560 liter washing machine

Ford EcoSport Unveil delhi front quarter leftFord EcoSport Unveil delhi front quarter left closeup

  • 200mm ground clearance
  • 550mm water wading ability
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Dual front airbags and curtain airbags

Ford EcoSport Unveil delhi rearFord EcoSport Unveil delhi boot space

  • ABS and EBD
  • SYNC
  • Keyless entry
  • Push-button start

Ford EcoSport Indian production model RHD dashboard

  • Ecoboost engine – 20% more fuel economical than the 1.6L petrol but with same performance
  • Three engine options with manual and automatic transmissions (AT will come only in 1.5L petrol, the other two engines are 1L petrol and 1.5L diesel)
  • 4 variants and eight colors

Ford EcoSport for India - cockpit

As we said, stay tuned for more information.

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18 thoughts on “First images and details roll in from the Ford EcoSport unveiling [update]

  1. harsha says:

    Ecosport will not launch till june or july , so expect delivery s from August, its no use waiting that long for a cramped back seats …Bye bye ecosport

  2. Sunny says:

    I saw the vehicle at the pre launch in Mumbai

    it was the ECOSPORT ecoboost titanium variant on display

    The exterior is very attractive and will have a great road presence

    The boot is also decent enough

    Once you enter inside it looks very attractive but the feel of the material used was not great cost cutting was visible , the interiors are Jet Black with silver trim on the ac vents and the center console

    The climate control had a glossy black finish

    Surprisingly the TITANIUM Variant displayed at Mumbai dint have chrome finish on the door opening handles nor did it have the PUSH start stop button

    The seat covers used in the TITANIUM variant were too dull

    The rear seat leg room is ok and will be acceptable but it is definitely not a 5 seater the rear seat has place to accommodate 2 elders and 1 kid

    The min i got a chance to sit in the drivers seat the feel was just amazing

    Lets hope the launch happens asap and the pricing is bang on and FORD should not kill the feel of the ecosport just to bring down the price

  3. Mohammed says:

    Ha ! They’re gonna do this exercise all over India for the next 24 months 🙂

    No pics showing the space available at the rear …:(

    1. Jais says:

      I guess we would get next generation ford ecosport as first generation would just be used for tesing purpose…looks like ford is too much inspired by s\w industry where Beta product is launched first followed by final release

    2. ashwin says:

      I had an opportunity to have a live look and even experience the SUV today at Mumbai Infinity Mall at 1400 hrs. WOW was the FIRST reaction from the second floor and when I reached on first floor standing in front of the suppose to be FORD SUV. I felt WOW what a car. Later on, after a few minutes we had the opportunity to have a feel of it. Second experience was shit what a dashboard. Too bulky and also the front view was not angular, means I could see the ground away from the SUV about 6 feet. That means if a obstacle is there right if front of the car you wont be able to judge it specially, problems will arise when you are driving on Ghat section. But as we all started to sit in it and experience the SUPPOSED TO BE SUV, more than half of the people present over there said that the back seat is equivalent to Alto 800, some said it is almost Beat specifications and so on. No one was satisfied with the space provided. There were murmurs that this is for Ham do hamare do Family. Lastly if this is for “we two our two” then at the price of over 8 Lakhs base variant who will go for it? But, for me it was a BIG **** OF AN ELEPHANT, after all the hype generated for over a year. The front driver seats were cramp. The rear seat could hardly accommodation two Adults around 80-90 kg size. Over all it was a POSH Wagon R from Maurti . GOSH what a waste of time and hype. I personally am disappointed as I left Duster and Quanto from my hand. Had I earlier booked either of those I would have been a proud owner of one of those. Anyways, ALL THE BEST FORD.

      1. Mohammed says:

        Appreciate your inputs Ashwin, thanks a ton.

        ” more than half of the people present over there said that the back seat is equivalent to Alto 800, some said it is almost Beat specifications and so on. No one was satisfied with the space provided. The front driver seats were cramp. The rear seat could hardly accommodation two Adults ”

        Really worrying aspect and as expected, after seeing the pics. Even a 2 lac Nano can provide amazingly spacious cabin for 5 adults, Ford cannot do it on a so called urban SUV ? Feel sorry for them, their one Ford global strategy might require a major tweak.

        We’re not a “live alone” Western society, we need a spacious rear cabin to take our family members, friends, relatives etc on our long drives. Or may be hire autorickshaws.. Seriously unsure about the future of this product now.

    3. sanju says:

      I am 6ft. 2 Inches tall and I had a chance to sit in the rear seat of ecosport displayed at Delhi Mall. I had to admit that rear seat is really cramp and no way 3 adults can accommodate here like in Duster. I do agree that exterior look are far more better than duster but leg space in rear seats are for kids only. I don’t think this vehicle will do any justice by calling an SUV b’coz it doesn;t even have leg space of Ford FIGO.

    1. Mohammed says:

      You’re right. June is most probably the launch month. Another 3 months in the waiting and most potential customers may not find that a practical idea and would move to Amaze, Manza, Duster, Storme etc.

      Ford’s strategising amazes me -Per the brochure, are they saying you need an SUV to travel through Indian cities? To tackle challenges such as potholes, busted water pipes, rough roads etc ?

      Well, its like having non drinking water stored in a nice looking bottle labelled as drinking water, which you cannot use for drinking. The Ecosport is considered to be an SUV..but can you use it for offroading or to tackle tough trails…? Absolutely not, it is just a nice looking bulked up hatch.

      So..when I’m buying an Ecosport, I’m just buying a good looking cramped hatch funtionally 🙂

      1. Yuvi says:


    2. ashwin says:

      Dear Friend
      What I was told that the drive will be for a months time in Mumbai and after that Delhi and so on, lastly he confirmed that the pricing will be decided on the feedback of these drives and then by June or July they will launch. In no way he confirmed that in July you will be a owner or just a booking start.

  4. sandy says:

    Yawnn…! enough! No more photos please!
    Video review. I want to see how much the reviewer/tester enjoys this stuff, so that some thrill could be passed to us.

  5. venu says:

    They should release it quick, in order not to loose temper of its Fans & take away money from Quanto and duster.

  6. Awesome car, It will outsell the duster for sure.

    1. sanju says:

      no way space is the concern. Duster has better space than ecosport.

  7. vins says:

    the colors are
    1 white
    2 silver
    3 sea grey
    4 black
    5 orange
    6 sports red
    7 blue
    8 yellow


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