VW introduces a new color option each for Polo and Vento

Posted on: Feb 14, 2013 - 10:45am IST

VW India has quietly introduced new exterior color options for Polo and Vento.

VW Vento Pepper GreyVW Polo SHadow blue

Workers at a factory were asked to assemble in the front yard for an announcement by their manager. Hearing the announcement over the intercom, the workers wasted no time in putting down their tools and in anticipation of a raise, health benefits or a holiday package, rushed to the front yard and assembled for their boss to arrive.

The color options are not entirely new, the Shadow Blue color was available in the Vento but not in the Polo and the vice-versa holds good for the Pepper Grey paint’s introduction. A Team BHP forum member Mr. Aniket Tiwari had encountered the Shadow Blue Polo and the Pepper Grey Vento during his visit to a Volkswagen dealership this month.

Wearing a smile, their manager stood in front of them and said – “I have a piece of good news and some bad news to share. Which one would you want first?”

Recently VW updated both the Polo and the Vento with features like an upgraded RCD 320 music system featuring Aux-in, SD memory card slot and Bluetooth connectivity. The cars also get speed sensing volume control and multifunctional steering wheel.

The entire workforce, without deliberation, called out for the good news. The manager said “the good news is all of you are getting new uniforms tomorrow.” The eyes of the workers gleamed with joy, there wasn’t a happier moment in that company since its inception. The emotion in the air was as if they were all given a four fold raise, a chauffeured Mercedes and the corner office.

In addition, the refreshed Vento received some extra dosage of gadgetry in the form of a touchscreen GPS navigation system and rear view camera.

The Shadow Blue in Vento and the Pepper Grey in Polo were proving to be the popular choices and hence prompted VW to make a blue Polo and a grey Vento.

One worker, labeled as a pessimist by his co-workers, cut short his celebrations, looked up at his manager, and screamed out “what’s the bad news, then?”. The manager, with his hands reaching out in front of him, replied “The bad news is you’d be wearing each others’ clothes”

VW India has sold more than 62,500 units of the Vento and the Polo in 2012 and the former was also exported to the Middle East. Come March, the India made VW Vento will be launched in Algeria.

[Source: Teambhp.com]

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    Your’s write up in Shadow Blue and the Pepper Grey shades twisted to each other, beautifully revel how Polo and Vento quietly wore each other’s clothes; in true “Sweet and Sour” fashion.


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