Tata Venture gets three new body colors

Posted on: Feb 9, 2013 - 4:58pm IST

Tata Motors’ people mover based on the Super Ace platform is now available in three new shades.

Tata Venture new colors

The new colors namely School Yellow, Castle Grey and Sardina Red, have been introduced in the hope of luring more prospective customers. The School Yellow, as the name implies, is earmarked for educational institutions while the other two color options are targeted at private buyers.

The Tata Venture is powered by a 1.4 litre turbocharged intercooled diesel engine which puts out 70 bhp. The vehicle has seating options of 7 or 8 passengers and has a reasonably well appointed and spacious cabin, thanks to parts sharing with the Vista and the Nano.

The Tata Venture is equipped with features seen in B segment cars such as power steering, air conditioner with roof mounted vents, keyless entry, rear washer, wiper and defogger, engine immobilizer, fog lamps, etc.

On the sidelines of launching the Tata Safari Storme in Chennai, Mr. Ashesh Dhar, Head of Tata’s UV division had told Indian Autos Blog that the company is working on a facelift for the Venture which will be launched soon.

We expect the Tata Venture facelift to carry the CR4 diesel engine which is powering the cars like Indigo eCS and Indica eV2. The diesel engine which is known for its frugality could improve the Venture’s appeal and ownership experience.

[Image: TataVenture.com]

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6 thoughts on “Tata Venture gets three new body colors

  1. sunil says:

    Yes the tatas are A Bit behind in quality & workmanship but when you compare with the verito/etios they Are superb and very economical. 60000km in a manza really great car, Strong sturdy & cheap maintenance

  2. Ramesh says:

    If Tata can address the realibility issues, improve the quality of the materials used (like plastics and parts) and provide a BS 4 Engine for this vehicle, sales can really take off from the present low numbers.

    With the new team at Tata Motors the chances of this happening are very bright indeed.

    1. B.C R says:

      Reply to Mr Ramesh’s comment dtd 9Th Feb 2013,

      Here is the real story Sir, in points 01 to 04 :-
      1) Established Motor Division i.e TATA MOTORS.

      2) Most us have grown up seeing cars with the TATA logo parked on the side of most Highways with the bonnet open.

      3). Premature water ingression, premature corrosion of fasteners i.e screw & bolts (in most cases a sore eye as they are exposed & can be seen during a basic visual inspection when their products are only 1 or 1 & 1/2 years since date of manufacture.

      4). There always a problem with the electricals on TATA cars…Hmmmm, Well in the age of satellite launching advanced satellites into space with precision “WHY THE HELL CANT YOU GUYS FIGURE OUT WHY YOUR CARS FAIL IN THE ELECTRICS”…Ask most TATA owners & you get Wiper’s not working at times, engine starter not working & critical electrical harnesses (electrical plastics connectors made of poor quality) collecting water leading to expensive repairs. The height of it is their warranties, “Trust me most owners have extended them, Ask most TATA passenger cars owners” because most of what’s mentioned above have been replaced within the normal basic warranty itself.

      So here is it is, my experience with TATA cars has been as you can see in my post “HAS BEEN CRAP” & when I finally had the finance to buy a “REAL CAR WHICH WORK WHEN YOU TURN THE KEY” had spent around Rs 8 lacks (of hard earned money) in 2010, I bought a Honda CITY, NO WORRIES since i bought the car & have clocked 35000Km’s since & Smiling away when I Take my baby for long drives with family on our highways, however a note to be mentioned “I do feel sad in my heart when I see TATA cars parked on the side of Highways with their bonnets open”.

      1. Ramesh says:

        I understand your feelings, having experienced a bit of it myself, but the present team in Tata seem to be making an honest effort.

        My perception has changed after TD of the new Safari Storme and hearing feedback from a friend who purchased it. Superb Ride quality, interior space and zero niggles so far. The Storme is an indication of what Tata is capable of.

        One hopes that Tata has done away with testing their vehicles at their customer’s expense.

      2. Mohammed says:

        I can tell you with conviction that the new generation Tata cars such as the Vista, Manza, Aria and the Storme are a different breed alltogether and have really high quality input materials, better than most of their competitors in their segments. I say this out of my experience with Vista and Manza offlate ; they were as reliable and niggle free as my Innova.

      3. brahma says:

        i agree with you but thats in the past now tata cars are more refined to the competitors and more over tata motors are the ones to desingn and develop indias indeginous car dont forget it due them we joined the countries which can develop cars and pakistan still now doesnt has the capability to develop an car so be proud of tata motors i think still now you didnt come across any problem with your honda when you have a problem there will a hole in your wallet where as not in an tata car eg. most of the fleet carries use tata cars due to their low maintainance and i personally using indica vista i have no niggles with it

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