Isuzu launches MU-7 SUV and D-Max pickups in India

Posted on: Feb 13, 2013 - 12:04pm IST

Isuzu has discretely launched the two vehicles that were caught on test many times around the Pune area in the last few months – MU-7 and D-Max – in India.

Isuzu MU-7 SUVIsuzu D-Max pickup

A small dealership has been inaugurated in Hyderabad where the first set of products will be sold on a test basis.

The MU-7 is a pickup-based SUV, whereas the D-Max pickup (which underpins the MU-7) comes in two avatars – single cab and crew cab. These products are launched in India through the CBU route using the Thailand manufacturing plant (plans to sanction a manufacturing facility in India in the next few years are reportedly under discussion) and are to test the waters in the competitive Indian utility vehicle market, that is mostly constituted by products wearing either the Mahindra or the Tata badge.

The MU-7 has been priced at 23.75 lakh rupees, while the single cab and crew cab editions of the D-Max are priced at 6.87 lakh rupees and 8.09 lakh rupees (all prices are ex-showroom Hyderabad).

The Hindu Business Line reports that Isuzu’s second dealership will be inaugurated in Coimbatore shortly.

Even if it is only on a trial basis, we think Isuzu must hold a national press conference to announce its foray into India, conduct a press drive, and showcase these vehicles with its designers or engineers demonstrating some of the features, and the marketing team explaining the brand positioning in what is an ocean of automotive market. India is a very busy marketplace for automobiles, and a new launch, say even from a reputed brand, is forgotten in a matter of days.

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8 thoughts on “Isuzu launches MU-7 SUV and D-Max pickups in India

  1. Ramesh says:

    I just can’t understand. The base version of the crew cab costs around AUD 27,000 in Australia which is around Rs 15 lacs. How are they able to sell it in India for nearly half of that? Unbelievable!!!

    Are they selling a different vehicle with the same name?

  2. MRIDHUL says:

    r u seriously tellng dat 23 lakhs…wat d…. its looks like a force 1….and dis much price…?

  3. KP says:

    Welcome to the highly competitive SUV segment and
    the growing pickup truck segment -which lacks customers wanting to spend money for quality products, reflected by poor sales by the xenon and Scorpio getaway. and better sales by 207 & genio

    However, going by the picture, the pickup truck looks to be of supreme quality for the asking price. which other offering seem to lack, so i hope this succeeds in India and paves a way for a better quality builds for pickup with fair pricing.

    There seems to be a huge price difference between the SUV and pickup truck, hope there is some justice to the pricing.

  4. Kamal says:

    Is it true? MU-7 is “23.75 lakh rupees, while the single cab and crew cab editions of the D-Max are priced at 6.87 lakh rupees and 8.09 lakh rupees” !!!! This is way too much for the SUV based on the same UV which costs almost 1/3rd of it. How can they justify the price difference?

  5. Mohammed says:

    Absolutely shocking ! These are really capable machines and to do such a soft launch is disappointing.

  6. If CBU unit is priced at tempting 7-8 lakhs range, CKD and locally manufactured versions should be much much cheaper?

    1. Ramesh says:

      I am not sure but I think it may be CKD. Read somewhere that till their own factories get ready, Isuzu will be using HM (Chennai) and GM facilities. GM has 30% stake in Isuzu and HM has been using their diesel engines for a long time.

      1. Agree. Somehow the pricing info doesn’t seem correct.

        Even Xenon pickup costs that much, so not sure how Isuzu can price it that cheaper, unless they’re selling for a loss to gain market share

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