Spied – Is this the actual interior of the 2014 Mercedes S Class?

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013 - 4:52pm IST

The soon to be launched Mercedes S Class has been (and continues to be) the talk of the town. We’ve brought you numerous images of camouflaged S Class’ from the streets of Europe.

2014 Mercedes S Class cockpit2014 Mercedes S Class dashboard2014 Mercedes S Class steering wheel

In fact, not too long ago, we got you a set of pictures that exposed the cabin of the new flagship offering from Mercedes Benz.

However, we could only see the seats of the car in that image. Now though, there are a new set of spy shots which actually reveal the dashboard of the car.

Before we go deeper, we should tell you that what you’re seeing here could as well be ‘dummy’ pieces of plastic and wood the engineers installed and this interior may not be the real deal.

The first surprise comes in the form of a 2-spoke steering wheel. The steering wheel has deep accents of wood in it and the central horn is surrounded by various buttons presumably controlling the central screen, navigation, etc.

Another surprise comes in the form of a standard key slot just beneath the steering wheel. In the current scenario where small hatches and sedans are offered with keyless entry and go, we doubt Mercedes would want its most prestigious customers to slot ‘a key’ (key fob) in a rather conventional way.

The central cluster is finished in wood and does not have an overload of buttons (we’re used to seeing that a lot nowadays). However, we understand that Mercedes may want to continue the tradition of the S Class’ elegant and timeless interior and being minimalistic is key here.

The all new Mercedes S Class is expected to debut either at the Geneva Motor Show (March) or at the Frankfurt Motor Show (September) this year. Mercedes say that it will offer a state-of-the-art driverless system among many other never before seen features. As said before, the S Class will be a range of cars (coupe, cabriolet, long wheelbase variants) rather than just one or two cars.

[Source – Autospies.com]

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8 thoughts on “Spied – Is this the actual interior of the 2014 Mercedes S Class?

  1. Vivek says:

    Terrible, to say the least.

    I think, honestly, the Jag XJ is THE premium sedan now. Leap years ahead of all three (S Class, 7 Series and A8). And finally, its a Jaaaagg 😀

  2. S Pani says:

    It may not be final, but it does seem pretty close.

    And it doesnt look like its going to be very good. It’s sort of trying to leave behind the German understatedness in the dashboard.

    The steering wheel is very very odd. The two screens, sided by side, also dont seem to gel well with the rather retro wood dash with circular chromed air vents.

    I think the Merc people have taken some inspiration from the Jag XJ and incorporated a lot of wood, leather and chrome into the dash and bits of retro styling.

    But while the Jag’s interiors have turned out to be “Wowwww!!!That is unbeleivable.”, I fear this may turn out to be an “Oh my Goddd!! That is hideous.”

    1. Nikhil says:

      Agree with everything you just said.

      I dont think this is the final or even close to final interior. Noways!!

  3. Laddu says:

    They forgot the 3 pointed star from the centre of steering wheel.

    Surely a mule can hide styling but why the badge absent?

  4. sidd says:

    these interiors look fake as you can see a exposed screw in the third pic near the air vent

    1. Dr. Nayak says:

      The key fob slot and the floor mats are exactly similar to that of the new GL450.


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