TopGear India claims the Ford EcoSport will launch on March 4th [Update]

Posted on: Feb 28, 2013 - 9:05am IST

Update – Ford will unveil a special edition of the Figo on the 4th of March and has sent out media invitations for the same.

The Ford EcoSport till now has been a distant dot on the horizon and finally it seems to be approaching towards us!

Ford EcoSport reports that the patiently awaited mini SUV is set to be launched on the 4th of March in Delhi. The publication also reports that the delay in the launch of the EcoSport, which is ready long back, is because the management of Ford India wanted to wait till the union budget to see whether there any benefits for auto industry.

It is safe to decide on the pricing of the car after the union budget is announced, so that the manufacturer won’t be caught off guard if the budget decides to throw in some nasty surprises regarding the excise duties.

Ford India hasn’t issued press conference invitations or date block requests to the media (or at least to!).

It is imperative for Ford India to get the pricing of the EcoSport right on the sweet spot as they want it to replicate the success of the Figo rather than re-act the Fiesta’s fiasco. Another reason why the pricing should be tight – Nissan’s version of Duster which could undercut the Duster’s pricing is in the pipeline for Diwali 2013.

We expect the Ford EcoSport to be priced between Rs. 7-10 lakhs making most variants very tempting to prospective customers of premium hatchbacks and mid-size sedans.

Update – Ford will unveil a special edition of the Figo on the 4th of March and has sent out media invitations for the same.


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14 thoughts on “TopGear India claims the Ford EcoSport will launch on March 4th [Update]

  1. Yuvi says:

    Now Union budget is over.Ford Would have decided the price of Ecosport. Expected price considering competing vehicles like Quanto,Duster & Ertiga…!

    1.5 petrol(low)- 5.75 Lac
    1.5 Petrol(Mid)- 6.25 Lac
    1.0 Petrol(High)- 6.75 Lac
    1.5 Diesel(Low)- 6.5 Lac
    1.5 Diesel(Mid)- 7.25 Lac
    1.5 Diesel(High)-7.75 lac

    1. Mohammed says:

      Completely agree with your comments, this is pretty much like it (though I feel they would start from 5.60 range) and appropriate pricing too.

      The Ecosport is just a bulked up hatch and it doesn’t have the underlying hardware of an SUV. It is not costly to produce and being sub 4 metre, it should enjoy the tax benefits immensely and pass on the benefits to the customers.

      At this price point, the Ecosport is value for money and would pose serious threat to the Duster, which is highly overpriced considering the price model adopted across the globe.

  2. Karthik says:

    No . This is not true . It will Launched only this month end. Vehicle shall be kept for display in mantri mall Bangalore on 28 March

  3. sunny says:

    Hope finally the wait is over and it would be worth it , but contacted a Local FORD Dealer in Mumbai they are not yet aware about the launch date and they said , they haven’t received any intimation from FORD on the launch yet, hope ford makes the official announcement soon
    I must say potential buyers would really have to battle through the long waiting period
    Cant wait to own an ECOSPORT now waited enough

    Now that DUSTER would again have a price hike as per the new budget and ECOSPORT still to enjoy the excise benefit, it remains an ideal choice for many buyers

  4. sandy says:

    car may be displayed or launched on 4 Mar or within Mar. however, from a frnd who works with ford, understand that Ford is fixing some issues on the ES (there are some global issues with ecosport as per the words i got) and hence car may be available for delivery only from May.

    1. Karthik says:

      If its available for delivery from May really that sucks.

  5. Santosh Kinagi says:

    Great News….. 🙂

  6. Mohammed says:


    Autocar India had published an article sometime ago that the Ecosport would be launced with a start variant pricing in the 5 lac bracket ; ofcourse that would be for the base petrol variant. It also stated the aggressive pricing is made possible by heavy localisation. Any inputs on this ???

    1. Varun says:

      Well, that would cannibalise the sales of the top end models of figo n even the sales of fiesta classic. I’m not so sure of Ford India would price our so low.

      1. Ganesh says:

        This is a tall hatch perceived as a mini SUV after-all and this price makes really sense. Anything like Fiesta and Ford will be down the drain!

      2. Mohammed says:

        Well, if they price it in the 5 lac bracket, they can realistically be a mass player in the Indian auto segment.

        Ecosport with a 5 lac bracket pricing will/ can hit the 1 lac sales vol in approx 10 to 11 months whereas, Ecosport with a 7 lac+ will/can take close to 2.3 years to reach the 1 lac mark.

    2. Nithyanandh K says:

      HI Mohammed, a 5 lakh price bracket for EcoSport is difficult to achieve even with heavy localization given the equipment it offers and the cost of the EcoBoost technology. Also such a low pricing would cannibalize Ford’s existing products like the Figo and the Classic.

      1. Asif says:

        Bro the ecoboost engine can also get a waiver because its a 1000 cc and fits in the small car description. Plus they can sell the non ecoboost engine petrol ecosprt really cheap and charge extra for the ecoboost

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