Ford EcoSport outsells Renault Duster by almost two folds in Brazil

Posted on: Feb 6, 2013 - 3:00pm IST

In Brazil, the Renault Duster has started feeling the pinch from the Ford EcoSport as the latter outsold the former in January by almost two folds.

Ford EcoSport editedRenault Duster front

By clocking 6,367 units, Ford EcoSport sits at the top of the passenger SUV segment in Brazil while its main rival Renault Duster could manage only a distant second at 3,695 units. The rivalry is expected to boil down to India as well when the Ford EcoSport is launched here.

The Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster are evenly matched in terms of engine specifications in Brazil. Both the SUVs come with a choice of 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre flex fuel motors which have almost similar specifications. The second generation Ford EcoSport being a fresh launch naturally has an upper hand over the Renault Duster which has been there since mid-2011, but come second half of 2013, this advantage will recede.

In India, in the absence of the EcoSport, the Duster is having a phenomenal run as the monthly sales average over 4,000 units and the compact SUV has a long waiting list. Prospective EcoSport customers who have been waiting for several months for the launch of the eluding SUV are slowly ending up shopping the Duster.

While Ford India is yet to announce the launch date for the Ford EcoSport, Ford has apparently started sending demo cars to dealerships across the country for training its sales and service staff. We hope the wait is not for long.

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15 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport outsells Renault Duster by almost two folds in Brazil

  1. Yuvi says:

    Ford Ecosport Price expected..

    1.5 Petrol – low : 5.50 Lac
    1.5 Petrol – Mid : 6.00 Lac
    1.0 Petrol – High : 6.50 Lac

    1.5 Diesel – Low : 6.50 Lac
    1.5 Deisel – Mid : 7.00 Lac
    1.5 Diesel – High : 7.50 Lac

    Honda Amaze also will be in this price bracket..

  2. Nimesh Balakrishnan says:

    I personally feel Duster has that manly stout look compared to Ecosport. Moreover Ecosport is a smaller size vehicle compared to Duster. Duster gives a decent mileage of 19.7 km/ltr in Diesel, whereas Ecosport is planning to enter the market with petrol engine delivering a mileage of 16 km/ltr. I feel Duster is going to have an upper hand in this competition in India

  3. Nikhil says:

    I drove the ecosport 1.5L spec in brazil while at onsite. I own duster RXL (O) in India. it is my personal feel that ecosport is smaller vehicle. Legspace is betterin duster. boot is far bigger in duster. Riding confort, handeling is better in Duster. Interiors are better in Ecosport. Looks wise both are different catagory. I like Duster mean classy look (just personal choice). ground clearance is better in Duster. finally i believe both vehicles are good. all the best for your new purchase.

    1. Mohammed says:

      Good comments Nikhil. I’ve seen the Ecosport in flesh and felt that Duster was way too big(relatively) and Suv like. The boot space is just massive and it’s a well packaged product with good ride and handling, mileage, space etc like the Ertiga in its segment. However, I firmly believe the Duster is overpriced in India by atleast 1.5 lacs considering the pricing for Duster across the world.

      The Ecosport is stylish product ; but being a sub 4 metre car, its a very small car for a family. But the positive news is that per Autocar, Ford is planning to launch the Ecosport in the 5 lac start range, which is good value for money !!

      1. Nikhil says:

        Thanks man. yes even i think is bit overpriced. but lets see once ecosport comes in market and then we can compare for the same features like ABS+EBD-Brake assist, SRP Airbags (SRP is advanced than SRS), alloy wheels with MRF Wanderer tires (which is expensive) etc. but now after riding it for 4k kms i have forgotton about that extra price. thanks again

  4. Anil wadhwa says:

    Seems to be a killer compact suv for our city like gurgaon where the roads are like offroading. I am eagrly awaiting the lauch & i want the first one to buy this red color automatic beast on road.

  5. sandy says:

    Ecosports is a hit in Brazil maybe due to its emotional appeal, something like Swift which enjoys the same status in our market. Lets see, how it tackles in our market.

  6. Mohammed says:

    I feel the Duster is overpriced by atleast 1.5 lakhs in India, considering the pricing adopted all over the world by Duster.

    The Ecosport will hit the right chord with the masses provided it can be priced from 6.5 lakhs onwards. Being a sub 4 metre car, with most of its components shared with Fiesta and others and with a heavy localisation, Ford should be able to start at 6.5 lakhs. Also seriously improve on the ASS.

    1. Thameem says:

      Personally I feel 6.5 lakhs is unrealistic expectation. Ford would price it’s base variant somewhere around 7.5 lakhs and it might go all the way to 11 lakhs for top variant(of course diesel)

      1. sri says:

        FYI its a sub -4 meter car with excise exclusion and its a petrol base variant and also remember its said to be aggressively priced and useless over priced duster is starting at 7.19lac so ecosport will be from 6.8 lac i.e 40 k cheaper !

      2. Ramish says:

        If FORD wants to survive in Indian Market it must price EcoSport around 6.5L (which may be possible considering the excise benefits for sub 4 m cars), else it may end up like new fiesta. and Quanto could attract more buyers. Please do not forget Maruti is also gearing up with its Alpha and Skoda/ VW too have plans for this segment.

      3. vishal says:

        I feel 6.5L is definitely possible but Ford may not have the production setup to deal with the demand at that price for the Ecosport. Even at 7L you could have fairly long waiting periods. That being the case it would not make sense for them to cut margins.

      4. Thameem says:

        Renault Duster’s price as per their website is 782,700(Chennai). Please see the So don’t expect Ecosport to be in priced 1Lakh lesser than Duster!

        I wish the price you mentioned is true when they launch Ecosport.

  7. manpreet says:

    ford should at least announce the date of launch let it be in feb or march….so that the people may plan their buy accordingly. By making wait for so long without any clue ford is seriously dissipating their goodwill.

    1. sri says:

      If you are really a potential buyer then keep your account ready to get holed up during the month of March just 10-15 more days you will get to know the launch date !! and as said its March the sentimental month of FORD after Figo’s success during 2010 🙂


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