Tata Motors commissions Big Daddy Customs on a modernized Tata Grande

Posted on: Jan 25, 2013 - 1:09pm IST

Since the time the Evoque-inspired Tata Moonrover spread across auto blogs, enthusiast pages and forums like a new meme, we’ve had one eye on the projects that Big Daddy Customs are working on.

Big Daddy Customs Tata GrandeBig Daddy Customs Tata Grande front fascia

Their Facebook page updates with a gallery after every project is finished, and it was updated this week with a very interesting piece of work.

Tata Motors awarded Big Daddy Customs an opportunity to work on modernizing the Sumo Grande. The objective of the project was to transform the image of the Grande from a very utilitarian, MUVish vehicle to an urban, sophisticated and modern SUV.

Big Daddy Customs Tata Grande front three quartersBig Daddy Customs Tata Grande rear three quarters

According to Big Daddy Customs, Tata had strict guidelines to not touch the sheet metal parts. The softer exterior organs like the bumpers and lights could be remade as if the final product gets the green light, it would not cost Tata a fortune to manufacture.

Big Daddy have redesigned the front bumper and grille combo, put on floating side steps, reworked the rear bumper and infused LED lights into the stop light cluster. Ultramarine blue-matt grey finish was chosen throughout the body work and the wheels to lend it a very unique look.

Big Daddy Customs Tata Grande side viewBig Daddy Customs Tata Grande wheels

Big Daddy has also modified the branding – they are calling their version a Xenon variant as it shares many common parts with it.

What part of this customization project would you like to see go into the facelift of the Tata Grande?

[Source – Facebook.com]

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12 thoughts on “Tata Motors commissions Big Daddy Customs on a modernized Tata Grande

  1. Sridhar says:

    Yuk..yuk..yuk, is this the best they came up with?

  2. Xover@TAI says:

    Until Tata move the Grande body on the X2 platform,bring Storme like front/rear suspension and brakes and a new elegant dashboasrd,the future of Grande will remain dark.

    Apart from all the changes,they should also give it a new monicker something like “Tata Thunder” lol.

    About this customization,except rear tail lights,nothing is that special,IMO.

  3. sri says:

    The alloys center hub caps seems to be missing!! is it still under customization ? I dont think so !!

  4. sandy says:

    This Grande Big Daddy Sumo looks like a Bulldozer ready to pull down M&M showrooms.

  5. Milo Cruise says:

    Its good from rear and OK from front

  6. Mohit says:

    The customization looks horrible. Instead of removing bulk from the car, Big Daddy has added more bulk – making the Grande look even worse than it is! I don’t think much of the finish either and believe there are other aftermarket modding guys who do a better job – design wise and execution wise. Just my two cents and personal opinion. Tata should just kill the Grande and move on in life…

    1. sri says:

      😀 exactly it resembles a milk van !! Tata should scrap this out and move on further , anyways this remodel was not from Tata Thanks to tata engineers that they arent wasting time in bringing any celebration editions even !!

  7. W110 says:

    Quote: According to Big Daddy Customs, Tata had strict guidelines to not touch the sheet metal parts. Quote

    This says it all. Its not going to go anywhere unless they work on the sheet metal to correct the awkward angles.

    Tata should learn a thing or two from Mahindra on how they changed Armada to Bolero and look how strong it has become in its segment.

    This custom in fact does not look that great IMO while the rear is ok.

    1. Refueji says:

      Looks like the trojan that was presented to Troy by guile to protect the fort…

      There is a hole in the rear hub cap…

      I leave it to you so Please fill it up so this can whole the Tata fort…:-)

      Just kidding brother, like the teaser previews…

      No take it serious…just pulling the leg or shall we say the faulty wheel…

  8. darkblack says:

    Just one word to describe the customization “SUCKS”


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