Mr. Eberhard Kern, Mercedes India’s CEO, reveals 2013 model plans to IAB

Posted on: Jan 19, 2013 - 10:21pm IST

Earlier this week, we got a chance to interact with Mr. Eberhard Kern the newly appointed MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India at the inauguration of T&T Motors, Mercedes Benz’ newest dealership in South Delhi.

T&T Motors new showroom New DelhiT&T Motors Mathura Road inauguration

The reason why our story is concise is because Mr. Kern likes his replies simple, short and straight. Scroll down and enjoy the answers to the question you might have been keen to know answers for.

When will the A Class be launched in India?

We haven’t set the date yet but roughly in summer 2013 (CBU).

You introduced the B Class only with a petrol powertrain. Are you going to do something similar with the A Class?

No, the A Class comes with both petrol and diesel engines. I have to explain a bit as to why the B Class was launched with a petrol engine last year. India is a Euro 4 diesel market and we decided not to just bring in a Euro 5 and use trial and error method. We knew it will take months of time in order to adjust the engine for the Euro 4 diesel but we have finished the trials and we will launch it soon.

How many cars have you planned to assemble at your Chakan plant?

We are assembling 5 cars in India namely the C Class, E Class, S Class and the ML Class..and starting in March (2013), the GL.

When will the facelifted E Class launch in India?

This year.

What are your views about the all-new S Class?

It’s a great car. You know the S Class always was and still is today in the last year of its lifecycle the undisputed market leader worldwide in the luxury segment and the new S-Class am sure will continue the story.

When is it coming to India?

It “will” come to India. I cannot comment as to when!

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7 thoughts on “Mr. Eberhard Kern, Mercedes India’s CEO, reveals 2013 model plans to IAB

  1. Gaurav says:

    You guys should seriously stop ruining the online community’s name by asking non-stop questions during press conference and acting like jerks!

    1. Thank you for your comment Gaurav, we will continue ruining the online community’s name (in your terms) in every press conference that is to follow from here on as we’ve done all along. When a company or a CEO has a problem with it, we will stop. However until then, whoever you are, we will continue, so be ready!

      1. pradeep says:

        hell with him shrawan…it is because of your wonderful job we, automotive enthusiast are kept uptodate on the latest developments…if he has a problem with it … he shld mind his own effin business

  2. Zehmel says:

    no questions about the CLA,SL,E63/CLS63 AMG S ??

    1. Hi, we will have these questions also answered shortly, due to certain limitations, we could only get these replies. Please stay tuned!

    2. Hi

      We did ask about the CLA but Mr. Eberhard clearly notified us that it “might” come to India but they don’t have any crude plans as of now.

      About the E63, its very obvious that it will come in after the facelifted E-Class which will be launched this year.

      Rest stay tuned.


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