Fastest Fifty – Mahindra XUV500 races to 50,000 units in just 16 months

Posted on: Jan 24, 2013 - 2:55pm IST

The Mahindra XUV500 races to 50,000 units in just 16 months of its launch, making it the ‘fastest fifty’ for any Indian SUV. Yes, the Duster is almost definitely shattering that record, and by some margin this year, but for now, its the XUV500 all the way.

Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra’s marketing machinery just refuses to move away from the XUV500. Every now and then we receive emails about the XUV500’s feats.

This time the XUV500 has sold 50,000 units in 16 months of its launch making it the fastest selling Indian SUV on the market.

It is no surprise that the XUV500 has transformed Mahindra’s image from a utility car marker to an automaker that is ready to compete globally. The purchase of Ssangyong Motor company further strengthened Mahindra’s position in the global automotive scenario.

The foundation of this change was laid by the XUV500. Of course, Mahindra took its sweet time to develop this ‘Global SUV’ because they knew that in-roads in export markets cannot be made with its older cars.

Now, rumors suggest Mahindra is working on an improved version of the XUV500 which will try to overcome the existing product flaws.

Mahindra plans to endow the XUV500 with a better braking package which will feature updated brakes on the existing all disc+ABS set up. On board electronics are also expected to be revisited – an upgraded and more reliable infotainment & along with a new voice command system are also on cards.

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6 thoughts on “Fastest Fifty – Mahindra XUV500 races to 50,000 units in just 16 months

  1. Mohammed says:

    Well, the Scorpio took more than 4.5 years to reach an acceptable level of refinement, while the Xylo is still struggling with poor ride and handling issues and heavy body roll even after installing the EST kit in the latest versions.

    The XUV list of issues is already extensively documented on various Auto forums on Net.Current owners are not really delighted users and there are second hand XUV’s available in the market already. Issues pertaining to Brakes, Clutch, ABS, S/w updates,Cruise control, Music player, GPS etc are reported to be worked upon currently. Per reports coming out, the upgraded vehicles would come out post Feb 2013.
    Pls read through the below link or google out more.

    The statement that M&M is the largest tractor maker in the world seems highly irrelevant .We’re not talking about a XUV tractor, but a car worth 15+ lacs (with serious niggles),which is seriously big money for an Indian customer.

    Another pointer, pls don’t compare Storme with XUV. While the XUV is a Softroader (car like to drive, good highway vehicles with very limited off roading capabilities built in), the Storme is an Offroader(designed to tackle the roughest trails in the world). Pajero, Fortuner, Endeavor and Safari Storme are built as full blown Offroaders whereas Captiva, CRV, Aria and XUV 500 can be slotted into the Softroaders/ Cross overs segment.

  2. Ramesh says:

    The new Tata Safari Storme is a better product. Though it may be having less gizmos (most of which people dont use anyway) it is much better and solidly built car. The ride comfort, handling and turning radius of the car is amazing. Compared to that the XUV500 is like a Chinese mobile -with lot of features but poor quality. Even the design is very Chinese/Korean. Personally I prefer the more European styling of the Storme.

  3. transz says:

    I agree with your last line that mahindra has to profoundly step up its design robustness without which success will be impossible in the global arena.
    But just becozz you have had unpleasant experiences doesnt imply to turn into M&M basher (i personally know many who shower ‘accolades’ on Sumo & Indica….no comments on Aria – it was too sincere to fool even Indians , rite ?
    It doesnt go unnoticed that many Tata loyalists here always bashing M&M, Maruti & ruthlessly defending Tata & JLR. Hopes one ting to be a fan & other to be knowingly blind..

  4. Mohammed says:

    Well, let me be frank here. While the XUV500 has clocked decent numbers in India, it has failed miserably in all the export markets.

    In India, they might be able to fool customers but in mature markets, knowledgeable customers will very clearly understand that the XUV is a Softroader and a typical Mahindra vehicle -overdone exteriors, cheap quality interiors, bumpy ride, sloppy handling, pathetic breaking, poor high speed stability and a long list of features which never work as intended & prove to be dangerous additions than value add. All this for a 15+ lac vehicle, which is proclaimed to be a value for money by auto experts ; a joke really 🙂

    I’m not a brand loyalist and have owned and experiemented with different makes so far. I’ve owned a Scorpio for a while and can tell you, the experience was scary, with me travelling ong distances to remote villages with my family. The vehicle used to throw up nasty surprises almost every single time leaving us in shock situations in strange places. It was easily the least Reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned (from the list of Alto, Safari, Scorpio, Vista, Manza & Innova).

    M&M has no credibility in the global auto scene currently and wouldn’t be in a position to compete globally, if it doesn’t pay attention to the engineering side of their vehicles. Good luck.

    1. Nikhil says:

      Very true!! Safari Storme is a much better engineered vehicle than XUV even if with less features

    2. Dr. Nayak says:

      It looks like this guy is talking about ML350. I had Mercedes SUV from ML 350 to GL450 and most of the people who owned them can say similar things, after paying 4 times more than XUV5oo. Get real guy! Mahindra is the world’s largest Tractor maker (only one to get Deming prize), and they didn’t get there listening to guys like you!!!


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